Riverine Warfare From 1821-1866 Essay

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Published: 2020/11/13

This was a war that took place in the US during the year 1821. A war usually happens between two or more parties and there must be reasons behind every war that may occur between the parties. In this war there was the use of gunboats and steamboats, this were the aids of the war as they enabled the solders to fight against their enemies. There was also the use of the guerilla warfare and the cavalry methods in the war. The soldiers in the army were fighting in the Mississippi river. Due to the frustrations that some of the army members faced led to their assault to the public. Their atrocities were condemned because they were against the human rights of the people. As usual when an army goes for a war the people are always in fear as they are aware of the things that are going to befall them as a result of the army assault.
In this war there was the involvement in the battle wars between the army and the rebels who went against the army and chose to stay away. The rebels who had taken the Mississippi river were overwhelmed by the army and they were unable to control the river that was very important and essential for means of transport, trade and also on communication purposes. But in 1863 the war was worse as the army took an offensive posture as they attacked the enemies with much energy and the rebels on the other hand the rebels were also fighting back strongly as they knew what they would face as a result if the surrendered to the army. The army was determined to fight as they wanted to save their country and thus they came up with strategies that would enable them win the war.
The army felt that their enemies were punching harder blows to them and this forced them to come up with a strategy in order to avoid losing the war and their enemies would take control of the country thus they came up with a strategy to destroy the transport way of their enemies. Their navy yards and sores. This would destabilize their enemies as without this they would be unable to go on with the war as transport was the aid of the war between the two parties. The army also burnt down the vessels of their enemies and did not tolerate any action by the enemies this would demoralize the enemies collaboration and the coordination that they had build and hence this would weaken their enemies hence they would have victory of the war. The army did not think on the repetition that they will portray to the society and thus they were ready to give their best in the war in order to avoid losing to their enemies.
The war was named as the war of gunboats and steamboats as it was characterized by these vessels that were used by the armies to attack their enemies in the war. This was the only means that was used in the war as it facilitated both the army and the other troops to reach their enemies in the battles. The boats were able to sail in the waters well but others sunk as a result of the war when the troops were fighting. The war was mainly between the US and their enemies. The use of the guerilla welfare was also the best strategy in the war as it was a method that was used by the army as their enemies were not aware and well informed about the tactics in the war. The army also used the forest where they hid and as well they understood well the terrain which made them weaken their enemies easily thus winning the war against them.
The war also brought about the deaths of many people in the war. As the army was fighting with the enemies there was loss of lives as many people were drowning in the river as some of the ships and the vessels that they were using in the war got to sink in the water. Both the soldiers, men and even children and innocent women died as a result of this war. The war was a loss to many especially those who lost their loved ones in the war and this was a bad picture as wars were to bring deaths to even the innocent people in the country. The war was mainly concentrated on the use of steamboats and gun boats as they were the main vessels that were used in the war.
The US took victory over their enemies because they well prepared and they had also studied on the weakness of the rebels and their enemies and they also knew that if the burn down their vessels it was a technique that will even weaken the more. Thus this were the strategies that were used by the army in order to conquer their enemies. Although many people lost their lives the war had an impact in the US as a country as the army protected the majority of the people against the enemies and the intruders. And this is why they had to fight with the zeal in order to win the war. The steam boats and the gunboats helped the army a lot in order to fight the war as they enhanced on the communication.


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