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Introduction to My Professional Development Portfolio

A Personal Description
I am among the few individuals who are conscientious, reliable and hope to do what others are not willingly to do. This is because I am inspired to make changes in whatever I do in terms of improving on the already existing plans. I always attempt to think and do what is expected despite not being told anything. This is because I am self-motivated and passionate about everything that I am involved with. It is through commitment that anything can be achieved, and I believe in self-efficiency (Baker, & Wiseman, 2009). For instance, when I stayed at Homestay in Germany, the host’s mother told us that we did not have to do anything. However, I made an effort in helping her since I wanted to show her that I appreciate her and she told me that I was a thoughtful and reliable person. I feel satisfied and contented when people are happy due to the efforts that I show towards what I do. I know the relevance of helping out others even when not required to; this is because such efforts tell a lot about an individual. It is through abiding by good societal norms that I hope to relate positively with other individuals in the society.
I am more individualistic than others to a certain extent. This is due to the constant efforts that I put in ensuring that I achieve the best results possible. I have also constantly showed a lot of interest in whatever that I do which helps me achieve the best results possible. My efforts have been appreciated by many individuals who have noticed the commitment that I have towards my work and studies. I believe that I am individualistic since despite Japanese and some Asians having a very strong collective sense, I prefer going with my instincts and curiosity to do something different rather than what others do (Heikkinen, & Lindgren, 2004). My individualism is evident through the selection that I made in my school where I took German rather than English that many students had chosen. Despite the norm that is in existence where most students select English as a second language, my individualism becomes evident where I select German. I selected German since I wanted to learn a language that that was unique, leaning German has been quite an experience since most people in Japan are not willing to study a language such as German. My desire to study German is also attributed to the many challenges that I wish to overcome in order to prove people wrong.
Another characteristic about me is that I am a pessimist. While some people claim that people who are pessimists should change their mind, I take this point of view as a challenge. I believe that it is through trying that I will achieve whatever it that I want (Levitt, & Harwood, 2008). This is because I am not satisfied with the current scenario. My ambitions have been quite evident throughout my and are made clear through the life choices that I have made. I have constantly refused to be average since I am willing to challenge the ordinary and emerge successful.

My learning Experience until Now

My learning experience has been quite interesting due to the effort that I have put on ensuring that I am at a unique character. I had previously stated that I did not study English as a second language, and I however opted for German. Among the things that I have improved in my studies is my English, before I came to Switzerland I could speak German but not English due to the reasons that I had earlier stated in my personal description. I studied my English for a duration of about3 months at IMI. In attempts to advance and work on my English, I listened to English radio stations while keeping kept a diary every day. All this I did in attempt to improve my English. My efforts in my English class were quite evident since in did not neglect my class through the remarks that I was constantly required to submit. In retrospect, the reports that I received in English class were a source of motivation to write more English.
It is through the efforts that I made in my English classes that I have been able to diversify on the spoken languages that I am currently conversant. I have also received a lot of positive remarks regarding the effort that I have made in learning my studies. It is through this motivation and self-interest that I am currently conversant with English as one of my spoken languages. My interest in English was developed by self-interest and also the need for diversification. English has also become a worldwide language, and this challenged me to study English (Manchala, 2007). Through learning English, I will know be able to attend to a wide range of individuals who are not conversant with German. Through learning English, I will know be more eligible for more opportunities since I will not be limited to German only. My qualifications are, therefore, more diverse making me more qualified.

Personal Vision

My individualistic character is due to the passion that I have to become a successful person. It is through self-discipline that I hope to achieve my goals that include getting an internship at Switzerland. Switzerland is a unique country that has a wide range of common spoke languages with German being a wide spoken language in the country. It is through acquiring an internship in Switzerland that I hope to improve my German skills while at the same time giving me an experience that suits what my interests. Through improving on my German skills and acquiring the experience that I need, I will be capable of handling diverse issues that I may encounter (Miller, Thrasher, & Annesi, 2010). German is my key area of interest and an internship in Switzerland would be quite relevant in helping me achieve my objectives. Having had a brief experience in Switzerland while I was studying English there, I was able to note that Switzerland has a rich German culture that I hope to learn.
Among my visions is acquiring another internship in the United States of America. This is because America has a mixed culture and will give me an opportunity to improve my English. America is known to be quite diverse; I tend to use the opportunity that I will acquire to sharpen on my English speaking skills, as well as service delivery. This is because I will be challenged to ensure that I deliver the best services possible (Miron, 2005). Constant interaction with different cultures will also open me up to be more qualified for employment since I will be eligible to handle diversification.
I am also looking forward to working at the Japanese Hotel; this is in efforts to introduce our culture to foreign people in 2020 Olympics. This will give me an opportunity to interact with a wide range of people who will help me improve on my experience. This will be an ideal working experience since I will be in a position to put my skills to play. Through this I will be in a better position to know whether I will I have acquired the skills that are required to deal with the kind of challenges and pressure that will be associated with the clients that I will handle. Working in such a hotel will also open up more opportunities since working at the Japanese Hotel while such an event is taking place will improve on my credibility.
In spite of the numerous opportunities that I have stated which I wish to explore, I also intend on opening up my own business. It is through opening up my own business that I will introduce my culture to foreign people such as Japanese Style Hotel. It is evident that I intend to work with a lot of passion; it is through this that I will acquire my objectives (Northeast Editing, Inc, 2011). I intend to introduce the Japanese culture to the diverse cultures that are in the world. Through this, people will appreciate the Japanese culture since I will provide the best services possible. Acquiring my own business will be the peak of my objectives, since I will be able to provide the services that I feel fit to promote the Japanese culture.

Personal Motivation

My personal motivation is when people appreciate and thank me for the work that I have done to them, this is because I put a lot of effort into everything that I do. Every person is proud and feels motivated when their work is recognized. This will make them feel that everything they do is appreciated and has made a difference. Self-motivation is a key element in any form of work since it helps achieve the best results possible in any encounter. Through this I am able to put more effort into my work and deliver the best.
I also have a sense of motivation in attempting to do the things that other people have failed to do (Shepard, 2013). Through this, I am challenged to ensure that I do it and achieve the best results. This is because I have a unique personality whereby I refuse to be average. It is from this perspective that I have achieved a lot and aim at doing much more.

My Professional Development Plan

I intend to use my strengths to maximize the available opportunities. Being thoughtful and reliable are among the strengths that I intend to use to take advantage of the available opportunities. Through these character traits, I will be able to acquire dormitory in my area of specialization whereby I will gain a lot of recognition in relation to the reputation that this character traits will help me achieve. Honesty is also part of me, and I tend to use my honesty to earn the trust of my employers and future associates in order to improve my career. Through my individualistic character, I will achieve a significant amount of recognition where I will fit into the international environment. This is an opportunity that I intend to explore to its maximum capacity. Making thorough preparation is also a trait that is part of me, through this I will be opened up to opportunities such as working in a lot of hotels (Stronge, 2007). This is because a lot of people are looking for individuals who are committed to their work and know what they are doing. Thorough preparations are essential when it comes to my career, having such strength, therefore, opens me up to a wide range of opportunities. This is unlike individuals who are not good in thorough preparations making them limited to certain things. I, therefore, intend to maximize this advantage that I have to gain access to work in a lot of hotels. I am also quite friendly and unique; this is because I am aware of the opportunities that are associated with such a character (Landrum, Edwards, & Business Expert Press, 2009). Through this is I will be able to handle a wide range of individuals since being friendly is quite essential when dealing with diverse clients. I am also creative and a challenger, through these traits I intend to gain a good salary since I will be more qualified compared to people who are limited to a particular procedure.
Despite being a challenger, I lack enough confidence, I am aware what this might do to my career, and I intend to changes this attitude through improving my confidence. This is because it may affect my success, since confidence is essential as I will be challenged on a daily basis at my place of work. In order to achieve the best results possible and to minimize on my weakness, I am working on building up on my confidence. I also intend not to be over thinking things since this has proven to be among my weakness. Through this I intend to minimize the threats that may arise due to over thinking things. I also seek to improve on my decision-making skills, through this I will be able to make decisions at the most appropriate time. This will also equip me with the skills to handle different kinds of people. This is because handling different kinds of people comes with the need to make quick decisions that best suits their needs. I also intend to maintain a positive attitude that will be effective in handling people with different cultures. Not having a positive attitude may be a threat to me since I will be in constant interaction with different people from different cultures yet I am required to be positive. Through this I will acquire a good reputation since I will maintain good relations with my clients. I also intend on improving on my interpretation, this is because through this I will be able to avoid the risk of not meeting the needs of clients from the diverse languages (Weinreich, 2011). Through this, I hope to reduce the limitations and threats that may affect my career.

Professional Development Plan

I intend to involve myself in more advanced learning activities, through this, I will be able to improve my skills (Pandey, 2008). This is because advanced activities are key to gaining skills that I do not have while improving on my skills. Such skills will be quite relevant to my work since I will be more qualified compared to other individuals who are only conversant with the basic skills that are required. Through such skills, I will be eligible for more opportunities since many employers are looking for individuals who are willing to explore things that most have failed or neglected. This will put me in a position that will make a unique employee and student.
I intend to achieve and participate in this activity through my school. This is because my school offers advanced activities in the form of groups to individuals who are interested. This will be quite productive since there will be the help of other students who will support me in areas that I may be having difficulties. Support from other learners has proven to be quite helpful since I have previously been involved in groups and I happened to gain a lot of skills.
I would also like to work at the Japanese Hotel where I would like to work as the Head Chef. This would be recommendable for me as would be able to utilize my skills to maximum capacity. In such a position, I would be able to explore things that have not been attempted in order to ensure that I diversify the existing menu. Through this, I will attract a wide range of individuals to the Hotel and acquire a good reputation. I aim at putting the required effort into my work. I also aim at participating in teamwork where I will be able to learn how to maintain good relations with colleagues. Such experiences will also help me pick new skills that I may not have been conversant with from other students.

My Achievements

Through the learning experience that I have acquired, I have been acquired skills relevant to providing services to guest. This is because I have been a keen student whereby I have been passionate about my studies. My passion has enabled me to be quite effective in my studies making me good in my work. I have also shown a lot of interest in hospitality; interest is also significant when it comes to service provision in any form of work. It is through interest that skills are well developed to meet the desired needs (Feinberg, Ruyter, & Bennington, 2004). Throughout my studies I have been in constant interactions with different individuals making me work on my team work skills. Teamwork is essential, and I know its relevance to my career. This is because I will be working with different individuals and will be required to work effectively with each other. So far, I have achieved a good sense of how to work with teams. Despite not being in any form of work that is directly involved with hospitality, I am working on my skills. This is through learning how to deal with dealt people especially on etiquette that I am practicing on the streets and the bus. I am also getting used to teamwork that will be required for my future employment.


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