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Ford Motor Company is a multinational automaker of American origin with its headquarters based in Dearborn. Dearborn is in Michigan, a Detroit suburb. Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company, and it involves in selling of automobiles and commercial vehicles. The activities of this company are undertaken under the Ford brand, and most luxury cars are sold under Lincoln brand. Ford Company is mentioned to be a stakeholder of Troller, Mazda, Aston Martin and Jiangling. The company also has a number of joint ventures in China, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. The Ford Motor Company has involved itself in large-scale manufacturing of cars together with large scale managing of its industrial workforce by use of elaborately engineered sequences that are manufactured by assembly lines. This essay paper aims at identifying major mission, vision, goals and objectives of Ford Motor Company. It will further state whether the Ford Company is in line with needs of major stakeholders involved.
I picked Ford Motor Company because it is a multinational company and is known by many. Besides, it has existed for a long time now and deals in producing a product that not anyone could produce (automobiles). Manufacturing operations for Ford are worldwide and has also involved in several cooperative agreements that make it famous. Getting information about the company would thus be easy and would come from several sources. I would get information about Ford Motor Company from its website including the latest changes that have been involved.
The mission statement of Ford Motor Company is to continually improve its products and services to meet its customers’ needs, allowing the company to prosper as a business and to provide a reasonable return for stockholders and owners of the business. The mission is clearly business-oriented and aims at prospering to greater heights. The vision statement of Ford Motor Company is to become the world’s leading consumer company for both automotive products and services. It is competitive, and the company just wants to be best and on the lead above others. The company’s major goal is always to come up with new brands and sell them to the whole world. As each year passes by, Ford Motor Company has been in a position to make more hybrids that it sells to the whole world (Holsapple, 2003). Its share in the market thus increases the time to time as it is a competitor of other automotive companies and is successful. Objectives of the Ford Motor Company include creating a democratic and accountable leadership in the automotive industry, promote economic fairness when it comes to selling of its products, and improve technology in its production, stabilizing sales revenue and ensuring positive competition with competitors like Toyota, Honda and Chrysler.
In concluding, the needs of major stakeholders involved gets to match the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the Ford Motor Company. Customers, employees and stakeholders all agree with the statements of Ford Motor Company and its practices. The mission of the company that allows the company to improve its products and services continually is real and is in action. Customers are satisfied with the company’s improvements especially on the products whereby several brands of modification have been produced. The services of these products are selling worldwide, and most individuals who possess Ford Automotives are happy about it. Employees at the company also get to be part of the leading automotive seller as per the vision and get reasonable returns as per the mission. A goal of always coming up with new brands satisfies stakeholders and consumers, and it is evident that the new brands always get better than previous ones. Most goals have vividly been met including stability of sales revenue.


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