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Business operations are based on effective policies and operational statements that focus towards ensuring profitable outcomes within an organization. Kraft food company exudes a highly performance centric organization whose market leadership has been as a result of effective strategy formulation and implementation. Through the evident vision, goals and mission statement, the organization has maintained a dominant role within its industry of operation. The company exudes the need for effective policy formulation and inculcation towards dominance within the industry. Thus, this paper focuses on the analysis of Kraft Food Company and the operational statements as per the case study.

Company’s mission statement and analysis

The daily operational mandate of an organization denotes proper mission statement towards successful outcomes (Bradley 2011). Thus, from the evaluation of Kraft foods group, it has been incorporating effective mission statement that denotes laying forth effective mandate of operation. As such, the mission statement entails a clear framework on the daily operational facet within the business. Hence, from the analysis of Kraft foods group, the mission statement aims to:

Accelerate or increase the growth of their most imperative brands

Expand their product and service awareness in both the developed and developing economies
Enhance their portfolio of brands
Enhancement of their quality product and service delivery
Consistently enhance their value statement
Company’s vision and analysis
The vision statement within a business denotes clarity in laying forth where an organization wants to be and how it expects the public to perceive it (Bradley 2011). Thus, from the analysis of Kraft foods group, it has been investing into a plausible vision statement that is based on:

Ensuring that it becomes the first or priority choice for its customers

Domination of the consumer market denotes the investment into proper marketing and provision of proper goods and services to suit the consumer market. Thus, from the evaluation of Kraft foods group, the investment into proper branding of its products and targeted advertising forms the operational excellence within the business (Hit & Hokinson 2013). Thus, marketing and proper branding form the core competency in accomplishment of the above vision statement.

Ensuring that retailers and its stakeholders view the organisation as an indispensable partner

Investment into effective stakeholder relationships emanates from the investment into quality and ethically based relationship with the evident partners. Thus, from the examination of Kraft foods group, it has been steadfast in incorporating ethics in its operational policy statement. Ethical approach in operations emanates from the appreciation of its partners and ensuring transparency in operations.

It is viewed and appraised as a quality centric organisation within its sector of operation

Effective sourcing of materials or goods and services is critical within the operational mandate of Kraft foods group. Thus, the organization encompasses a proper code of ethics in its sourcing of suppliers. Its suppliers have to ensure quality in product delivery to ensure quality products and services are availed to its customers (Hit & Hokinson 2013).

Company’s values and analysis

The operational mandate of an organization emanates from the inculcation of proper tactical approaches that aim towards sustenance of profitability and performance. Thus, from the analysis of Kraft foods group, the diverse values that denote their operational blueprint include:

A formidable belief in maintenance of focus in operations

Focus within the operational framework of Kraft foods group denotes the investment into an open communication mandate. The notion of open communication denotes the employees possessing an open informational access in regards to the performance prospects of the organization. Investing into open communication leads to a highly motivated employee environment that participate within the decision making prospect of the organization.

Inculcation of a comprehensive approach in the implementation of decisions

Decision making at Kraft foods group entails involving the diverse employees within the organization despite their departmental roles. As such, the decision making at the organization denotes the internalization of a more in-depth and intensive consultations among the employees within the business are bound to ensure proper performance among the employees.

Implementation of teamwork

Teamwork entails harmonization of individuals from diverse departments towards a common accomplishment of given targets or goals. Thus, from the analysis of Kraft foods group, their investment into team work is a more customer centric mandate. Customer centric denotes the inculcation of customer based products and services (Nigel 2012). Through emphasis on teamwork, the evident groups of employees innovate new products and service delivery approaches that ensure profitable outcomes within the organization. Teamwork as per the value statement at Kraft foods group denotes the implementation of customer centric performance mandate towards heightening of profitability.

Investment into trust and confidence among their employees

Investing into an environment in which trust and confidence emanates from the employees is critical towards profitable outcomes. As such, an organization that invests into an employee environment of trust and confidence invests into diverse strategies. Hence, from the analysis of Kraft foods group, a more welfare based approach in regards to employee analysis and policy implementation is evident. The employee welfare approach denotes cultivation of an environment in which employees acknowledge trust and fairness is evident in the business (Nigel 2012). Thus, an open remuneration and reward environment is evident within Kraft foods group.

Reward system that focuses on performance among their employees

A reward statement denotes the inculcation of a performance policy that appreciates the efforts of the employees within a uniform and fare mandate. Thus, from the evaluation of Kraft foods group, it has incorporated a proper remuneration system with an annual bonus for the whole employees within the organization (Nigel 2012).

Alignment of company’s mission, vision, values and goals with stakeholder interests

An organizational operational framework entails the incorporation of effective mission, vision goals and value statement that conform to the stakeholder interests. Admittedly, the organizational operational environment entails the diver’s stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders have diverse expectations from the organization (Plunkett 2010). Hence, it is imperative that an organization implements a plausible operational statement. Thus, from the analysis of Kraft foods group, it has aligned its mission, vision, values and goals to its stakeholders through:

Transparency in communication to its diverse stakeholders

Participative decision making in formulation of goals, vision and mission statement
Encompassing fairness and parity in remuneration
Investing into an enabling internal environment
Recommended changes
Kraft’s food group exudes a performance approach is highly customer and employee centric. Admittedly, the organization focuses towards ensuring proper product and service delivery to opts customers within a plausible and effective mandate (Chary 2009). However, as a major change within the organization, it is imperative that it invests highly into internationalization. The internationalization approach entails the inculcation of an expansionary approach to developing countries. As a leader within US and European market, it is highly advisable that Kraft foods group invests into the emerging and growing markets in Brazil, China and so forth (Plunkett 2010). Secondly, the organization should invest into intensive distribution approach. Intensive distribution approach should entail ensuring that the evident goods and services are available to the customers across the large retail stores, local groceries and so forth.


Business operations are dependent on effective vision, mission and value statement. The investment into the three operational mandate results into a more performance centric organization as evident from Kraft foods group. Nonetheless, it is imperative for Kraft foods group to invest into expansionary and intensive distribution process towards sustenance of heightened profitability.


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