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Classification of the society into classes is an ethical matter perturbing in the entire globe. Prevalently, families have been divided into two major social classes; the rich and the poor. America is among the countries that have been dominated by the two classes. The said country has three categories of population, the working class, the middle class and the farm families (Landbeck 251). For a better and explicit understanding of the contrast and similarity between the lifestyle of the two social classes, then let us reduce our discussion to two categories of families, wealthy and low-class farmers in the traditional US. Wealthy farmers used sophisticated technology during farming. The mentioned class lived in well-constructed houses, most of which were built on stones. The dressing code of the rich population was expensive and admirable. The wealthy farmers lived in a luxurious lifestyle coupled with valuation of the materialistic property. On the other hand, the low-class farmers used traditional and outdated technology, wooden hand tools, in the production. Most of the houses of the low-class farmers were simple and built of mud. The dressing code for the said farmers was simple. Interesting to mention is that the poor population valued happiness rather than material things. The only similarity, they shared was that both had families, and both appreciated the lifestyle that they were living.
The poor own meager property coupled with miniature income which is not enough to cater for their daily basic expenses. The discussed class some college education which can only attract less income. The said group is semi-professionals a factor that has curtailed the group to low and poor paying jobs. Surprisingly, both the classes are proud of the lifestyle that they are living. Secondly, both the social classes are happy and not worried by the kind of life they are living. All the said groups have families who are proud of their lifestyle. There is a clear distinct between the farm families and the wealthy “10” of the working urban families. The farm families lived as simple and a modest lifestyle with low standard of living (Landbeck 251). On the other hand, the working class family lived a luxurious lifestyle coupled with high standard of living.
Individualism arises when an individual in the society only cares for his/her interest and goals. Such individuals are selfish and put the interest of the society behind. The mentioned group cannot give a hand to the suffering neighbor who is in need. It is worth pointing out that the individual is a clear character of the rich or rather the working class. On the other hand, mutualism is an economic theory that asserts that income should be generated when labor or its product is sold for exchange of goods and services (Prichard & Sasha 46). The adherents of mutualism are totally against the idea of receiving income from loans, investments, and rents. The said supporters of mutualism insist that income should be received only through the provision of labor. Evidently, mutualism is a clear trait of the low-class population who only receive their income through the provision of labor.

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