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Question #1

What were the causes of the war? First of all, in opposition between the union of Germany, Italy, Japan and the union of England, France and the United States.
Important role for the start of World War II have implications end of the First World War. Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, Germany has returned all captured during the First World War the territory of other States recognized the complete independence of Poland, Austria and Czechoslovakia. The entire Germany from the left side of Rhine and of the thirty-kilometer strip of the right must be completely demilitarized. Germany also deprived of all their colonies, which were separated from each other by the victorious powers. Of course, such a peace treaty could not satisfy Germany.
Also among the causes of an enabling environment for the outbreak of war called weak control over those severe restrictions in militaristic terms, which imposed on Germany by the Versailles Treaty. It is believed that the controls are carried out in a purely formal or non-existent due to the fact that the European powers used the Hitler regime as a means to intimidate the Soviet Union, which feared no less.
At the same time, Japan has since 1931 occupied Manchuria and North China, and since 1937 is attempting to move into the Chinese territory. In response, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Netherlands announced economic sanctions against Japan. USSR joins the more that the military conflict with Japan in the Far East has long threatened to go into full-scale war. Nevertheless, Japan could not yet at war on two fronts: against the USSR and the US and its allies. Japan has chosen the direction of the south, which apparently seemed to her more productive and concluded in April 13, 1941 a peace treaty with the Soviet Union for a period of 5 years. Apparently, during this period, Japan had intended to deal with the rest of their opponents in order to return to the question of the attack on the USSR.
As we know, December 7, 1941, already after the Great Patriotic War between the USSR and Germany, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, thereby forcing the US to enter the war. Between December 1941 and the Sino-Japanese War as well considered as part of the Second World War.

Question #2

In the political and business world, the United States maintained a significant influence circles to bet on the expansion of the war on the European continent and the Far East in the hope of mutual weakening of the major imperialist rivals. Isolationists said that in the postwar world America is not difficult to dictate their terms to the war-torn world. But this will only be the case if they abstain for some time from entry into the war. And to make this move will need to be precisely when the warring parties will be fully depleted and when the situation will fully meet the interests of the country. These people believed that sooner or later all of aggression directed against the USSR.
Historian Daniel McInerney believes that in fact the United States has never held entirely "isolationist" position in international affairs. Nation consistently and actively conducting its own foreign policy, vigilantly guarding the freedom of action, and not bound by any obligations with respect to other countries. Lacking sufficient military power, it is in no hurry to engage in dubious arguments about world domination, and prefer to be guided by the fact that its leaders regarded as a high moral principles.
The President Roosevelt had no political support, nor a strong army, no legal grounds to prove little more than a formal condemnation of Nazi aggression. His personal beliefs are rooted in Wilsonian internationalism, but a sense of responsibility to the world receded where it was a question of restoring native country after a severe depression. In addition, Roosevelt had to reckon with the opinion of the voters, and they in no way did not want to see America embroiled in another war. Defense system of the United States left much to be desired, and the laws passed by the Congress of the Neutrality prevented the president to distinguish victim from aggressor.


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