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Healthcare Finance

It is very common to every federal state to address the medical aspect of its people. Today’s modern take on medical care has been very diverse all through-out the world. In the United States, the health care industry has been divided into two categories the public and the private.
It is differentiated with the cost, type of service and the target audience. The public healthcare organizations were built to cater the low-income families, orphans as well as late adults’ population. The United States Department of Health and Human Services has been formed in 1944 and underwent various changes including functions. Under the department and one of the primary functions of the agency is the United States Public Health Service and was founded on 1978. Under them are also the private healthcare agencies of the State which have been growing in the following years.
It is also fact that about 78% of healthcare facilities are privately owned. Additionally, only %21 of those facilities are for profit, and 58% are non-profit and another 21% owned by the government. There are many debates about the comparison of private and public health care agencies these recent times. Private healthcare has been provided by most employers. Individuals are lucky enough to have a healthcare insurance if they are employed on a regular basis ( HHS, 2013).
The goal of this essay is to thoroughly inspect the entirety of public and private healthcare agencies, the challenges and opportunities faced by the agencies, as well as the quality and cost, and lastly the implications of these particulars to staff nurses and other health workers.

Comparison: Public vs. Private Healthcare Agencies:

It is very evident that the US department of health system of pursuing their population has been very uneven. However, the state has also been establishing its own way to defer such weakness to their services. The US Department of Health and Human services had developed an online website that lists the available services offered by various public healthcare agencies. It is a system that tracks the efficiency of policies and services offered by the agencies.
One of the major insurance given by HHS is the Medicare. Almost 1 billion individuals in the United States are covered by this insurance. There are various aspects are covered for the Medicare insurance the same with private healthcare agencies. Dental, specialist care, consultation, and Care giving insurances are part of Medicare and Medicaid depending on the individuals applied insurance cost. The Accountable Care Organizations are one of those agencies that give the public Medicare insurance. It is a group of doctors and healthcare workers that gives affordable healthcare insurances to the citizen of the United States and governed by the Medicare Shared Savings Program. They have been improving there services to pass the standards given by the Department of Health and Human services, namely; accountability of the total insurance cost, the 3-year period participation on the program, leadership management, minimum beneficiaries of 1500, responsibility to distribute the savings to participating parties and lastly the evaluation of health needs of its catered population. The major challenges faced by these public healthcare providers are the reinforcement of labor force and the access of the insurance to common people. According to Savage (2009), the efficiency of health workers depends on the quality of the available trainings and facilities. Additionally, the fight for high basic salary is also a hindrance for this aspect. Thus, it is a fight between the quality healthcare and employee satisfaction for major public healthcare agencies.
As for the private healthcare agencies, they are basing their fees to the individual cost of the services and the duration of the covered insurance. An example agency is the University of Dayton Facility; they are giving private healthcare insurance to their students inside and outside of the campus. Alumni can also avail of the insurance however additional cost is expected. About $45-75 is the fee for each consultation.
The problem with private healthcare agencies is that it is only autonomous to a certain region and covers a limited scope of medical aid. However, if the private healthcare agency is located in a more progressive state, then the quality of services is more guaranteed.
According to statistics, the expenses of the healthcare agencies have reached $1.2 trillion up to $2.3 trillion in the year 2001-2011. The unfortunate news is that it is declining as of the year 2013 (Martin , 2012).


In conclusion, there are various challenges and opportunities the healthcare industry in the US that hinders the quality of service the citizens may receive. Insurances can be very costly and lengthy to apply for some individuals.
As an effect to staff nurse and other healthcare workers, the declining budget for the expenditure in this field could really be a bad sign for them. However, it is also true that the government is making reforms to address these problems. Staff nurses that are working in a public agency are also having difficulty in achieving employee satisfaction. It is up to further developments in the industry to further conclude about the satisfaction of most healthcare workers. Over-all there are various changes and developments, positive and negative for both public and private healthcare agencies.


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