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Sometimes while reading a magazine, one comes across such cliché ideas for articles that one cannot help but put down the magazine and do something else instead.Some movies play the same action and scenes that have probably been shown by a thousand other movies earlier. Sometimes while sitting on a bus, one of the fellow passengers plays a new song on his/her cell phone. The lyrics of the song are so cliché that even the most pathetic writer can claim to be a poet. One starts to wonder whether the ideas have exhausted; too many people in the world are thinking and writing. However, then when we come across a fresh and unique concept, we realize that, fortunately, things have not come to such a pretty pass yet.
One of the clichés that have come to incense me now is “time heals all wounds”. Whenever someone goes to a funeral, every person attending the funeral tries to give solace to the family members. However, the phrase commonly used is this: time heals all wounds. This is one of the worst things to say to a family who is going through the toughest time they have had to see ever. When the mother of a person passes away, initially every moment that passes feels someone is tearing that person apart. For someone who is suffering immense pain at every moment of time, this cliché phrase means naught. Rather, it is an insult to the feelings of the person who has undergone the tragedy.
The cliché “time heals all wounds” is used so frequently that it has lost all its essence. A widow often gets to hear this phrase long after her husband is dead. However, only she can tell how difficult the intervening period has been and to disregard all her efforts to stay on her feet by giving all the credit to time is extremely insensitive. Even though time is a healer in many situations, by using this phrase so often, people have made it lose its importance. Not only is it said as a cliché but the other person also hears it like a cliché, paying almost no attention.
In order to make the above phrase regain the importance it had earlier, a different phrase needs to be conjured up. When we have variegated phrases for the same idea, at least the idea will not become obsolete. Moreover, people who are seeing difficult phases of life should be told to find their feet and stay strong, rather than telling them to rely on time to come and save them. A wife who has seen an unfaithful husband should not be told that time will heal all her problems. What if she stops desiring to stand up for herself and support herself because one day, ‘time’ in shining armor will come to her rescue?
Moreover, all problems cannot automatically be called ‘wounds.' If a student fails in an exam and gets punished by his/her parents, he/she cannot be told that the ‘wound’ will go away with time. In order to be called wounded, one needs to be a victim while being in the right. Therefore, a teenager who gets punished for doing something wrong should not be told that time will heal all his wounds. Rather, he should be told to correct his ways and manners.

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