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Smoking refers to the act where an individual burns a substance and inhales the smoke that comes from the burning substance. In most cases, smoking starts as a simple thing, but it grows to addiction. Nonetheless, people turn to smoking due to different reasons, which include, peer pressure, exploration, pleasure and stress and loneliness. However, it is essential to increase awareness of the effects of smoking for them to reduce the number of people who smoke. However, most of the substances contain a warning message on the packets, for instance; the cigarette packets contain the message that states, and “Cigarette smoking affects your health.” In most cases, the burnt substances include tobacco and bhang (Gilman, Sander & Zhou 198). Examples of the anti-smoking organizations include; Advocacy Institute in the U.S.A, American Legacy Foundation, Action for Smoking and Health, etc. the organization aimed at reducing the rate of smoking in the respective countries.
However, the increase in tobacco usage has led to many humanitarian organizations coming together in order to save many young people trapped in the vice. The substance use and addiction leads to an upsurge in the social evils in the societies, which include; robbery, societal stigma and rape. In addition, smoking affects one's health and it lead to many diseases that comprise; lung cancer, respiratory problems, heart problems and strokes. On the other hand, smoking also has some effects on passive smokers because it leads to asthma and respiratory problems. However, smoking also causes air pollution thereby contributing a percentage of the gasses that lead to the destruction of the ozone layer thereby predisposing the people to skin cancer (Pampel, Fred 265). Therefore, there is the need to put up rehabilitation centers that assimilate the victims because it prevents and reduces most of the smoking effects.
The picture provided shows a lady smoking a cigarette. However, it is necessary to note that smoking is bad especially for pregnant women. However, for the young girls, smoking cause infertility issues to the smokers thereby could create marriage issues when one party cannot conceive. Therefore, it increases the infidelity rates in the families and reduces the population among the citizenry. The picture aims at increasing awareness of the effects of smoking and to offer help to the persons who would want to quit smoking. In most cases, the organizations discourage women from smoking, and it is the reason that the organization used a woman’s picture to help draw the required attention.
On the other hand, the ratio of the men smokers is lower than the women smokers. Therefore, many people find it odd to see a woman smoking because people believed that smoking was for men. However, the women who smoked did it in a secluded place to avoid any identification from the public. For this reason, the societies expected the women to build their homes and perform the household chores. Nonetheless, due to the changes and developments in the world, many women also came to the open and never feared smoking public. Nonetheless, there was the need to emphasize on the effects the smoking had in their lives and the families (Young, Lisa & Everitt 185). Empowering of the women in the societies also contributed to smoking among women because the rights advocated equal rights and freedoms for the men and women. As a result, the women would cite that it was normal, and the constitution protected them
Smoking in women has greater effects on both the society and the individuals. For example, it leads to an upsurge in the mortality rates due to the reduction of the life expectancy rates. Research indicates that 200, 000 women die from the smoking effects annually. The high number also reduces the life expectancy by ten years on average (Gilman, Sander & Zhou 215). The cardiovascular diseases have become prevalent among the smokers because the smoke clogs around the heart were hence making it difficult for the heart to pump the blood. As a result, the reduced blood circulation in the body causes paleness in a victim thereby leading to death.
On the other hand, it takes long time for smoking women to conceive due to the reduction in the fertility levels. Nonetheless, if a woman gets lucky and gets pregnant, there are high chances of the development of the ectopic pregnancy. Additionally, it could also lead to stillbirths, infant deaths and premature births among the women. The other effects include; hip fractures among the women past the menopause age due to the reduced bone mass. Additionally, it also leads to rheumatoid arthritis thereby experiencing pain and swells in the joints (Pampel, Fred 320). On the other hand, it causes blurred vision among the smokers thereby making it hard for them to see. The teeth also get tarnished because it changes the color of the teeth from white to brown. Therefore it increases the chances of gum diseases and teeth loss, and it makes it difficult for the smokers to consume some foods that require heavy chewing.
Therefore, it is essential for all organization to increase awareness of the effects of smoking and how one can quit. Most of the organization advance funds to some rehabilitation centers in order to provide the adequate facilities and services to the victims as a way of preventing the widespread of the number of smokers in the countries. Anti-smoking aims at preventing more people from getting into the vice because it has no benefits on the human lives. Therefore, the anti-smoking organization would use the harsh messages people using the available materials. For instance, they would show the state of a person who died due to smoking hence providing the true messages in order to create fear among the smokers as well as inform the ones without the knowledge of the effects of smoking. Nonetheless, the organization aimed at specific audiences, which are the young girls. The girl in the picture is young because her dressing code also reveals it.
However, the organization uses the picture as the mode of appeal to the rest. Additionally, the individual in the picture could feel ashamed of the other people knowing that she is a smoker. As a result, she could also quit smoking due to the exposure. Therefore, the other girls would fear smoking to avoid the exposure to the friends and families because it causes discrimination and ridicule especially from the women. The picture portrays the current generation as a decayed generation because, in the past, no woman would come to smoke in the open. Additionally, the different cultures viewed women as inferior objects which did not have any authority in the homes, but only took directions from the male counterparts (Young, Lisa & Everitt, 269). Therefore, the equalization of the men and women rights also contributed to the vice because it deprived the men the power to dictate what women should and should not do. Therefore, the picture would also pursue the people to go back to their origin roots that did not allow smoking among the women.
In addition, the direction the smoke takes in the picture would also urge the public to become cautious around the smokers because it resulted to passive smoking, and it had its negative effects on the people’s health. As a result, the public would also support the anti-smoking organizations in fighting smoking. However, the regulatory bodies and the government had the responsibility of regulation the tobacco intake in the public by imposing fines on the industries that manufactured the products. For this reason, the regulation would lead to a forced production rate of the cigarettes of other smoking agents thereby forcing the other people to quit smoking because it would lead to increased prices, which not everyone could afford.
The environmental conservatisms would also help in the fight against smoking because it led to air pollution thereby making life unbearable to most of the living organisms. For this reason, they would also pull the resources together in order to spread warnings and awareness of smoking. Additionally, they would also state the predicament that would befall the smokers if the environment officials found them smoking. Nonetheless, the picture also led to the realization of several problems that could help in the protection of the passive smokers. Therefore, it enhanced the setting aside f specific places where the smokers meet and smoke from there. Therefore, it brought sanity in the countries due to the enforced smoking rules.
However, the use of a beautiful lady could also send chills to most of the women smokers because smoking led to the situation where such beauty went to waste due to the effects of smoking. Therefore, they also showed that the cigarette effects do not discriminate on who to affect and who to pass. Therefore, the implications cut across the different races and ethnicities. It is because; there were some people who would argue that the impacts of the cigarette smoking were different from the different individuals. Nonetheless, it was essential to put clear to them that the effects of smoking are the same, and the intensity of the effects is the only one that differs. Therefore, in the long run, the effects would catch up with the smokers, and in most cases, it led to deaths.
Additionally, the picture also provided an avenue where the young people could seek help because the picture also provided the organization that came up with it. Therefore, it would encourage most of the young people to come to the open to get help and act as the organization agents who would help spread the anti-smoking words to the young people. Nonetheless, the organization could use the picture top call for more young people to provide advice to their peers because they would associate well thereby understanding each other well. As a result, most people would quit smoking due to information gotten from the testimonies of the victims. For this reason, they would understand the realities of the effects of smoking by evaluating the condition of the persons giving the testimonies and comparing them to the non-smokers.
However, the use of the young lady could also send a message to many young smokers. Smoking leads to quick aging in the people, and not many young people would want to hear that. Some of the victims could also quit smoking due to the emotions associated with the effects. However, the picture could bring a lot of emotions than using the words alone. Therefore, it had a greater impact on the people in terms of its influence on the people. Many people become more emotional on visual images than the written messages (Young, Lisa & Everitt 143). Therefore, it became very easy to convey the message of anti-smoking. However, during the campaigns, many males would also come to view the picture and in the process end up listening to the message the anti-smoking agents had for them.
Nonetheless, there are many other avenues that the organizations use to reduce the number of the tobacco intake among the smokers. For instance, the government should strengthen the tobacco regulations efforts through the provision of the information and the monetary support to enable them carry out their campaigns. Additionally, the picture could also motivate other partners to join the fights against tobacco intake because the picture would increase the conscience in many people concerning the many young people getting lost to smoking. Therefore, to protect the current and the future generation, one has to engage in the fight because no one knows whether one’s sister or daughter could fall into the trap. Therefore, it would end up motivating many people in preaching against smoking.
The public also have the power to pressure the government to legislate on the tobacco rules that the leaders needed to implement the rules in order to pass the smoke-free laws. The citizens could also force the state to enforce the tax laws on the tobacco. The public would also impose the fear on the tobacco industries because demonstrations from the public would instill fear on the producers thereby leading to their enhancement of the regulation (Gilman, Sander & Zhou 103). However, the picture could also motivate the rehabilitation centers also to increase their operation thereby coming into the open to partner with the anti-smoking organization to help fight smoking. On the other hand, the rehabilitation centers would also contribute to the campaigns positively through the provision of the recovering smoking addicts. The recovering addicts would lure the other smokers into joining the rehabilitation centers thereby getting the required help and it also lead to a reduction in the smoking rates.
Reduction in the number of the smoking people leads to an upsurge in the production level thereby leading to the growth of a country’s economy. With the help of the economic growth, people also improve their living standards thereby leading to a reduction in the social evils because most of the people meet their basic needs. However, the negative effects of smoking lead to the disintegration and hatred among the community members. Therefore, anti-smoking campaigns also bring people together leading to the strengthening of the social ties. In addition, quitting smoking increases the expectancy levels in a country (Pampel, Fred 307). As a result, people become motivated to stop smoking because no one aspires to die when young.
However, the anti-smoking campaigns lead to the development of the social ties among the nations. As a result, it positively improves on the public image of the countries, and it leads to the trading associations between the countries thereby improving on the economic status. On the other hand, the people also increase awareness in the different countries about the smoking effects.
In summation, the anti-smoking campaigns need combined efforts from all the citizenry. People once stated that two heads are better than one. Therefore, all people should come together to help in the fight again smoking because in increases awareness in the countries. However, the public should avoid stigmatizing the smokers because it widens the gap thereby leading to most of them unwilling to quit smoking.

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