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Industrial Organizational Psychology

Industrial Organizational Psychology
Understanding the workforce is an important aspect in running any given organization. It offers the management a humble time in running the various duties and roles of an organization. Organizational psychology is an important as it allows a person to understand the behavior patterns of the task force in an organization. The workplace environment and employees are the two crucial resources that an organization has to take care of (Aamodt, 2012). This essay paper looks at the job analysis of a high school guidance counselor. It provides the approaches that are most appropriate for understating the work requirements of a psychologist working in high school environments. KSAOs are characteristics that are requisite for the optimal performance of a given position.

The success and effectiveness of a job analysis are entirely based on the approach and strategy that used in conducting it. Identification of the job to be analyzed is the first step. What follows next is the determination of the procedure and methods to be used in conducting the job analysis. The actual job analysis follows. A review of the information collected follows where the analyst goes through the data collected. The last step is coming up with a summary and report regarding the data collected from the job analysis (Aamodt, 2012).
A number of methods can be used in conducting a job analysis; the methods may range from observing to issuing a questionnaire and using the interview method. The interview method would involve talking to the counselor and trying to understand the dynamics of their job. The information regarding the job and its expectations and demands are all dependent on what the employee will decide to share. The disadvantage that comes with using such a method is that errors may arise, and the employee may choose to conceal information from the interviewer (Aamodt, 2012).
However, on the upper side, it is a method that allows the interview to get to interview more than one individual, thus getting a bigger picture of the organization and its culture. The questionnaire method can also be used, and it involves issuing questionnaires to the employees and their managers. The greatest challenge and disadvantage of this method is that it is greatly affected by personal bias. The questions have to be carefully framed to ensure that they cut across the board in regard to the status in the organization. Lastly, the observation method can also be used in conducting the job analysis. It involves observing and recording the tasks that an employee performs or fails to perform on a typical working day.
The methods and skills that they use at the place of work and the accomplishment of responsibilities are all noted and observed. The analyst is able to observe how the employees handle the various challenges and risks that arise at the place of work. The greatest disadvantage is the personal bias from the analyst’s point of view (Aamodt, 2012). Getting a genuine result might be quite hard, basing on the likes and dislikes of the analysts. It is therefore required that the analyst goes through training before being sent to conduct the actual job analysis.

KSAOs Relevant to a High School Guidance Counselor

The duties and responsibilities of a guidance counselor in a high school may be quite demanding. It is, therefore, important for the counselor to possess a specific set of skills, knowledge and ability to ensure that they competitively and effectively accomplish their duties. Understanding the needs of the high school students is very important. It is a way that allows the counselor to provide guidance from an informed point of view and not a point of not understanding (Ghilani, 2000).
The high school age students have specific needs and demand that the counselor has to understand. However, they have to go beyond the students and also understand their families if possible. Working with groups is a crucial requirement for a high school counselor since the best way of getting to students is often through their peer groups. Counseling theory and practice are important knowledge requirements for such a job (Ghilani, 2000). .
A strong work ethic and a style that includes a collaborative approach are important for ensuring the success of a counselor in his or her duties. Most often students may discourage and demoralize the counselor, and a strong work ethic thus comes in handy in ensuring that they get to continue offering their services. Innovativeness and enthusiasm are also important abilities a high school counselor should possess (Ghilani, 2000).
The attention span for most high schools students is short. They are often easily distracted; innovativeness thus comes in handy in ensuring that the counselor gets to hold their attention for long durations. Speaking and interpersonal skills are highly required in the field of counseling, in general. For the high school counselor, however, these skills are much more crucial since the emotional and psychological needs of this age group are quite demanding.


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