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This paper deals with the vehicular accidents specially when relating to car accidents. With a sudden boost in technology and development of better and affordable cars, along with a boost in the world population-the number of cars on roads has increased dramatically. While this may not be a direct contributing factor in the number of cars accidents taking place all over the world, yet this reason that more accidents can happen on the roads. The main causes that lead to car accidents all over the world include factors such as over-speeding, not following traffic rules as they should be followed and obeyed and finally another major reason is the use of cell phones or mobiles and other gadgets during driving. All such habits or behavior can lead to car accidents that can be fatal and even show injuries after many years.
An example of this is a case observed in a journal of Tehran according to which a case of severe cupid regurgitation was observed due to a blunt trauma during a car accident. The most interesting part for the study was that this heart condition was observed after thirteen years but still was caused by the car accident that had occurred thirteen years ago.

Main Body;

Accidents are unplanned events or mishaps that usually lead to loss of property or injury and in extreme cases loss of life.

Car Accidents;

Car accidents are the accident that involves cars. Any injuries in accidents involving cars or other vehicles are called road traffic injuries.

Over Speeding;

One of the most common phrases used as road safety promotion messages and themes across the world is ‘Over Speeding Kills’. This is because indeed over speeding is one of the leading causes of road traffic accidents in general and car accidents in particular. Numbers of these accidents have fats results as well. Thus over speeding does indeed kill.
Different roads have different speed limits which are set and standardized to avoid and prevent any car accidents. Countries usually have upper speed limits, that is, above a certain limit no more over speeding should be done or will be punishable by law. Certain countries have lower limits for speed as well, that is a certain lower limit has been set below which cars should not be driven. Such laws are usually for high speed lanes and roads.
Along with this sleep deprivation in drivers also plays a role in car accidents. According to a research done in Japan, with drivers that are sleep deprived or facing issues in their sleep cycles, single car accidents and rear end accidents are more common. Thus sleep deprivation directly increases risk of car accidents.

Not Following Traffic Rules;

Non-compliance with traffic rules is also a leading cause of road traffic accidents including car accidents. Traffic rules are made after extensive worldwide research and analysis. With evolving technology and better and faster cars, new and improved traffic laws were made and thus traffic laws regulate the movement of vehicles in such a way that any harmful occurrence of accidents or mishaps can be as minimized as humanly possible. These laws include laws such as giving indicators before changing a lane or having working back and front lights and other basic requirements.
According to a research done in Sweden, to understand and reduce the phenomenon of injury and fatalities in car accidents where policemen were concerned it was found that proper following of basic traffic laws to the letter had a great impact in reducing car accidents. Such factors are known as human factors. That is to say that human behavior and respond time and other such factors have a major impact on the outcome of a car accident, or rather even on the occurrence of a car accident. Thus traffic laws and driving laws try to regulate and minimize the human errors to a bare minimum and thus this eventually leads to less car accidents.

Use of Mobile phones and other Gadgets;

With the latest innovation in technology, mobile phones and cellular devices have become very common and are available at very affordable prices due to which a major population of the world owns a mobile device and is in constant contact with one another. While this may have done wonders for connectivity between humans, this technology in the hands of humans has also wreaked havoc with the life of other humans. An increasing number of accidents take place in this modern day and age due to use of mobile phones while driving. While even driving and talking on the phone is considered dangerous, a number of accidents have occurred because the drivers were trying to send text messages while driving.
Another major negative effect of car accidents and crashes is that the people who are involved in the car crash or who witness it may be very disturbed by it. Some people, specially families and younger children may even develop psychological problems such as ‘Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome’ (PTSD).Many families that go through this experience may be marred by it and require systemic family therapy (SFT)


Thus all these factors are proven causes of car accidents worldwide. Religious adherence to traffic laws can drastically reduce the number of mishaps.


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