Electrocardiogram (EKG) Essays Examples

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Electrocardiography or electrocardiogram is a medical method or procedure which records the heart’s electrical activity for analysis. It is the fastest and the simplest method for the analysis and evaluation of the heart (Agatston np). The electrical activity is recorded using the electrodes or small patches which are distributed in certain locations in the arms, legs and in the chest. The electrical activity recorded by the machine is printed in the paper to be analysed by the physician. The electrodes are connected at the EKG machine to interpret the electrical activity of the heart. The analysis of the heart condition using the EKG is not complete since it could not reflect the heart’s electrical activity if the patient is under stress. In order to analyse thoroughly the condition of the patient, further tests must be done (Electrocardiogram np).
When a person experiences chest pains, the physician or the doctor usually request for an EKG examination. The main reason for the EKG examination is to determine the cause of the patient’s chest pain (Agatston np). The EKG could also analyse some of the symptoms that the patient experience such as dizziness, fatigue and shortness of breathing. The medical procedure could also identify the cause of the patient’s irregular heartbeats. The basic condition of the heart could be analysed using the electrocardiogram (Electrocardiogram np). In most cases, EKG is done to patients before other medical procedures such as surgery in order to evaluate if the patient is in good condition. The EKG is also done to patients after the medial conditions such as myocardial infarction and endocarditis (Agatston np). When the person is in medication, EKG could also be used in the determination of the effectiveness of the medicine. (Electrocardiogram np)

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