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Advertising is a form of product marketing. It ensures that better profits are earned by creating awareness and selling the product. A comprehensive advertising plan or campaign comprises of all the aspects of marketing blended with creativity. This article discusses the advertisement of a mobile network. Through this network, citizens communicate to friends and relatives. Every business has the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis for the mobile network business should come as a great concern. The analysis gives a clear outline of the market. Mobile communication has been a fundamental need for most people and companies.
Competition exists in this market, making it healthy for business. It also brings significant challenges in the industry too. Other challenges include the significant amount of money required to start (capital). This mobile network service mainly targets mobile users, internet users, and other communication businesses.

Demographic Strategies

This business depends wholly on the human population in the state or nation. It also depends on the trends and changes this targeted population undergoes during certain periods. Communication is a concept of exchanging information between entities. It is necessary for the development of humanity and a society as a whole. Mobile network business is a good and lucrative business for this generation where communication is a foundation for global and individual relationships.
The target group is of age 14 and above. Numerous researches indicate that the demand of mobile phone in the country is high, and every 99 out of 100 adults own a cell phone. This trait in human population gives the open market to this business.

Advertising Strategy

Advertising will determine the success of services to clients. It should support the marketing steps laid by the company. Proper strategies for advertising will ensure optimal use of capital with greater results (Piaget, 2002). Better advertising strategies include promotional plans, agency selections, preliminary product targets, marketing consideration, and better budgeting of publicity funds.
The best part of a business is starting. The actions are taken regarding the clients’ status. The following must be taken into consideration: flexibility to technology, competition, media trends, and positioning. Therefore, the strategies to develop better results should include creating a unique brand personality; it should be stronger compared to other competitors. The personality should be based on a financial upscale.
The position of the service should create a mindset of good quality to clients with the help of positioning slogans that attract interest (Grahams & Frankenberger, 2011). Placing the services through expanded social media platforms, direct marketing methods, and involvement of introductory offers would help, in this case.

Promotional Plans

These are plans that are laid on paper to outline analyzed steps to position the services and improve sales. These methods include media selection, agency selection, demographics strategies, and budget of the business plan.

Agency Selection

It is a tricky task to do, and many agencies have no quality to marketing. To consider an agency, then, deep research is required. Marketing a mobile communication business requires a well-established agency. Many agencies rely on their staff to perform advertising and other marketing activities, but in marketing networking is the primary step to growth and success. To select a better or reliable agency, then the following ideas are crucial to making the last decision.
Does the agency fit the desired qualifications? The targeted agency should be ready to work with the company’s long-term and short-term goals. Its history should support the quality of work that the agency have done in previous years.

Media Selection

In this step, the planning strategy should select better media to advertising its services. It is the step of choosing a most reliable, cost-effective, and efficient media for marketing (Likens, 1992). Best media selection achieves the required number of client’s attention. The performance of media used is measured in two ways: overall awareness and spread of this advertisements or information

Overall awareness

This involves maximizing overall knowledge whereby the media advertising must attain the optimum number of targeted audience. Some of the media are expensive to use, but a few percentages of the targeted population get the opportunity to see the advert. Such media should be avoided to cut the cost of advertising. The media selection decision depends on the company’s desired number of coverage, and the cost paid for media advertisement. In marketing, the irony is ‘you get for what you pay.’ Therefore, the company should be advised that a large budget rewards high coverage. On the other hand, smaller budgets limit desired coverage.
Advertisement requires that clients targeted should have access to the media used to advertise the services. The media should be sufficient for clients with minimum opportunity to see the advert. To achieve better results, a significant amount of information must appear or be inserted in the media. Commercials are not frequently viewed by clients, and this is due to ads used many times, and that turns out to be boring. According to OGuinn, Allen & Semenik (2009), good advertisements are repeated couple of times until it does not sell anymore. These advertisements should popup or be aired at peak-time transmissions of a commercial to get the most out of the media of choice.

Rationales for creative visual

It is the field of art significantly used to advertise and promote products and services. It involves creating visual representations that convey a message. This method explores and a creative way to communicate that attracts attention of targeted clients.

Spread of the advertisement

The frequency of how this information spreads to targeted clients is a primary concern to look at when selecting a media for advertising. The targeted audience should receive a fair average of this advertisement. Clients are insufficiently motivated when less information is received. Again the advertising becomes less attractive when viewed many times. Therefore, the publication pattern is majorly focused on heavy viewers or readers.
Considering that spread of information is dependent on time, it becomes more complicated than any advertising issue. For instance, an advert appearing 15 times a week is more effective than that appearing 15 times a month. The shorter time to advertising means getting attention of most viewers.
According to the type of audience targeted, types of media suggestions that play a significant role in passing information to the audience include:

Television advertising

It offers the opportunity to cover a large number of audiences in a single advertisement. Multiple advertisements ensure a much greater number of views from the targeted clients though their targets are not the highly targeted customers compared to other media outlets. It targets a specific interested group. This media is insufficient when audiences are from a different geographical location. TV advertisement focuses on local geographic areas.

Radio advertising

It is the oldest method of publicity. Similar to TV advertisement, it targets the local audience. It broadcasts to a limited number of audiences. The advantage of using radio as a media of advertisement is that many radio waves use distinct stations to advertise or broadcast. Examples are ESPN, Disney, and BBC.

Internet advertising

It is rated as the fastest and efficient media for advertising. It is cheaper but effective compared to other advertising media. Numerous researches indicate that internet influences expansion for marketers and advertising agencies.

Publications advertisement

This includes reading materials such as magazines, newspapers, guides, and fliers. A brief description of the idea and services from the company in these reading materials provide an excellent platform for awareness. They should be attractive, precise, short, and interesting to read. Magazines are appealing outlets to advertise the mobile communications services. They are more appealing to look at or read. Magazines offer advertising opportunities at a broad geographical level.

Billboard advertising

The use of billboards requires strategic position of the signs. High traffic areas are a vital place to place the signs. They mainly intend to attract people travelling on public roads. The size of billboard matters with the content and desired coverage that the company targets. These methods of advertising should cover the desires of the company. The selected media should ensure maximum outreach to clients. Awareness should be the primary goal for advertisements. Advertising of the mobile communication service business can take more than one advertising media. Choosing more than one media outlet means maximum outreach to the targeted audience.

Public Relations

It is the process of managing and regulating the spread of information to an individual or organization. It is different from advertising in such a way that there is no direct payment. It aims at educating or informing the public about goals or mission of the company. In this case, the PR officer persuades customers, stakeholders, employees, and investors to maintain a positive view about the communication services offered by the company. This aspect of promotion will be developed by creating awareness of the services and employing professionals in the public relations department. Greater emphasis should be on the company’s goal to improve communication to the public (Richardson, 2000). Emphasis explains the actions taken by the company to help consumers understand its goals and mission.
Employment of qualified staffs is also an important consideration when laying the ground effort of advertising. The professional staffs should show confidence and creativity to handle advertising or marketing of the services. Release of these services would focus on urban towns, developed companies, government companies, private companies, and individuals. The network will cover a national wide area and also offer data roaming services outside the targeted area.
With these strategies followed, and the explained steps to incorporate a comprehensive adverting campaign, the campaign would be a success. The success of this campaign is also supported by the fact that the current generation wholly depends on communication as a way of development. The dire need for communicating makes this campaign an easy task to partake. The availability of media is an added advantage to advertising the services offered by the mobile network services. Awareness is catered for when there is a variety of platforms to advertise the services.


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