Examining Customers Preferences By Tracking Online Buying History Essays Examples

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The internet that has undoubtedly removed communication boundaries has also resulted in the emergence of several businesses (Pieters, 2008: 127). Online advertising is one such example that uses internet for marketing and promoting services and products for customers. The main aim of the advertisements continues to be the same i.e. branding and direct selling (Briggs & Hollis, 1997: 40). However, the disparity is that the audience contact is virtually spread across the world. However, at the same time individuals should also not overlook the drawbacks associated with the concept of online advertising approach. Further, the continuing sections mirror the benefits and drawbacks associated with the conception of online advertising. The paper chiefly attempts to mirror whether advertisers are invading customers’ privacy or making their life more productive. Based on the findings of the analysis, considering the advantages associated with the approach of online advertisements and despite the fact that online advertisements invade shopping behaviour of the customers, it can be stated that they overweigh the drawbacks associated with it and is an effective way of speedily interacting with the potential customers.


Online advertising
Online advertising is considered as effective approach, which could enhance the visibility of brand and product (Jansen and Mullen, 2008, pp. 114). It is a sound means, which could help in adapting with the present demands and developing a successful marketing plan and approach. The total number of internet users is on a continuous rise all over the globe and the internet is being employed by individuals of different ages and kinds (Goldfarb and Tucker, 2011: pp. 69).  Internet has turned out to be one among the chief means for entertainment, communication and is certainly in the procedure of reinstating traditional entertainment, informative means and promo products (Briggs and Hollis, 1997, pp. 35). Similarly, traditional marketing strategies like television, newspaper, radio, magazines, etc., are turning out to be a thing of the past (Briggs and Hollis, 1997, pp. 39). The majority of corporations are relying upon internet advertising as well as marketing techniques for improving their overall revenue and sales.

Advantages of Online Advertisements

The advantages of online advertising are many at the time when contrasted with other marketing and advertising approaches. The scenario of online advertising and marketing is significantly entering a broader sphere and in the coming time there would be no corporate promotion without the assistance of internet advertising (Pieters, 2008: 131). Online advertisements are making advertisers are making consumers life more productive by offering them more options. The advantages associated with online advertising include: 

Wider Coverage

The online advertising offers advertisements quite broader worldwide coverage and this aid in making the reach of online advertisements among higher audiences that might eventually help in getting superior outcomes by way of online advertising campaign (Briggs & Hollis, 1997: 40).  Moreover, with the help of online advertising, one could also detail the range of advertisement coverage.

Targeted Audiences

Online advertising at all times aids in reaching the intended customers and aids in making the campaign highly profitable and obtaining more appropriate leads (Goldfarb & Tucker, 2011: 63).


Other chief benefit of online advertising is the much reasonable price at the time when contrasted to the traditional advertising expenses. With a quite lower cost one could advertise online to a broader array of geographical locations and audience (Pieters, 2008: 131).

Simple to Track and Measure Conversion

Easiness and measurability of tracking the conversion makes internet advertising quite superior. Several efficient analytics means are available for measuring online advertising campaigns that help in higher improvisation of the advertisements.


Online advertising is faster as compared to offline advertising means and one could begin sending out online advertisements to a broader audience, the time when one starts advertising campaign (Briggs & Hollis, 1997: 39). Thus, in case if the company has a wide targeted audience online when triggering the online advertisements, then the advertisement would be served to several people in no time.


In online advertising, the advertiser is capable of conveying greater details regarding the advertisement to the people and at comparatively less price. The majority of the online advertising campaigns include a click-able link for a particular landing page, where people obtain higher information regarding the product mentioned within the advertisement (Goldfarb and Tucker, 2011: 68).

Simple Audience Engagement

The majority of online advertisements make is simple for the people to connect with a company’s products or adverts (Pieters, 2008). In such a case, the advertiser is capable of getting higher response from the audience and thus, improving the quality of advertisements going ahead.

Superior Branding

Any kind of advertising aids in enhancing the branding and internet advertising approach stands a quite high in enhancing a company’s brand, service or items. In case if online advertising is planned effectively, one holds the chance of getting the brand name extended virally over a greater audience (Goldfarb & Tucker, 2011: 69).


In spite of the fact that the approach of online advertising holds several benefits, there are few drawbacks that should not be overlooked by the companies. Few individuals hold the view that online advertisements are invading their privacy. The drawbacks include:


Online advertisements have been criticized for affecting the privacy of users. They are thought to make use of buying and shopping information of customers and share it with third parties as well (Goldfarb & Tucker, 2011: 70).

Customers Overlook Advertisements

Customers are highly used towards viewing advertisements on television, flipping through adverts within magazines and hearing radio commercials. They have devised an aversion towards all kinds of advertising. Also, this is the situation with online advertising, where customers could prevent clicking banner adverts, avoid adverts in online videos they view and shut pop-up adverts when they arise on their screens (Goldfarb & Tucker, 2011: 70).

Viewing Issues

Website downtime, video loading and browser issues and lastly, lags in website could trim down the total times customers view online adverts and how effectively they view them (Briggs & Hollis, 1997: 44). At the time when technical concerns take place, corporations lose the chance for broadcasting adverts for their offered services and products and might lose likely sales. Viewing issues could happen due to issues with a website or in case if a customer is making use of a smart phone or any other mobile device for viewing a website.

Customers Get Distracted

At the time when consumers visit a website, they generally hold an objective in mind, whether it is related to catching up on the most recent celebrity gossip, chat with friends, read the news, music download or shop for a particular product. Websites offer consumers several options which could without difficulty distract them and drag their focus from online advertisements.

Several Options

The Internet puts forward a huge array of websites where corporations could position adverts. This could prove to be overwhelming, particularly for small business owners. With several choices, it becomes hard to narrow down the options to the websites which could catch the attention of the majority of potential consumers as well as sales (Briggs and Hollis, 1997, pp. 41). Once an organization chooses a website, it’s after that presented with several manners it could advertise its services or products on the website, like through banner adverts, video marketing or through assisting a post (Jansen and Mullen, 2008, pp. 120). Corporations must decide which kind of advert results in the best reaction from their intended markets.


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