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Chapter Twelve

This chapter—chapter twelve—was about production in broadcast media. The first part of the chapter I found only a little interesting, because I feel that radio is a form of media that is largely falling out of use. Although there are still online radio stations, these stations have very different marketing platforms than traditional radio stations do. It was, however, interesting to consider that the absurd is really what sells in radio, because the listener cannot see the actors; it is up to the writer to make the commercials and the programming on the radio worthwhile and interesting to the viewer.
I found the techniques for television much more applicable to today’s world, because the techniques for television can be used in many different forms of media. The idea that the writer should be power writing for television is an interesting one; I also found the fact that this chapter broke down the creative process into steps that were easy to follow very helpful. So much goes into creating television advertisements, and so many of those ads have to be created now, because they are used on more than just television: advertisements like television advertisements are used in Internet advertising as well. The salient points for advertising are to make sure the writer has identified the product, told the story well, identified all major stage directions, and provided a strong visualization that will stay in the viewer’s memory.

Chapter Thirteen

The book suggests that there are three important parts to online marketing. The online marketing professional has to get people to come to the site, stay on the site, and then come back to the site again later. This seems like an almost impossible task at first, but the chapter provides some useful information for the writer of an online marketing strategy.
A lot of the future in advertising is in digital media, which means being able to make digital media is fundamentally important. The chapter suggests that digital media is a lot like having billboards on a site; they must be simple, engaging, and varied. The viewer must be able to respond to these billboards, and they will become “blind” to digital marketing if the marketing does not change. The digital media marketer must also ensure that he or she regularly changes banner ads to ensure that the viewer is not getting bored or blind to these advertisements.
One thing that this chapter really emphasizes about copywriting is that text on the Internet should be split up into blocks as much as possible. People have a hard time reading large blocks of text, so providing them with large headings and subheadings can be an excellent way to ensure that they are able to navigate the site with ease. Simplicity is the overall goal with online writing; although there are many tools that allow the writer to integrate other sites and other pieces of information into a document on the Internet, too many bells and whistles will be irritating to readers, and they will be unwilling to finish reading the copy, which is the opposite of the ultimate goal of any copywriter or website owner.

Chapter Fourteen

Social media marketing is, essentially, just word of mouth marketing expanded to a huge number of people. A company’s social media presence can make or break the company itself; as a culture, we have seen this before. Companies with good social media management teams can create content that goes viral, or content that appeals to large numbers of people. This is very important for the overall success of a business, and creating content that goes viral is something that any marketing professional can be proud of.
Understanding what makes something go viral is more complicated, however. Customers can’t be predicted in the realm of viral marketing, which is what makes it so difficult. Ideally, making a well-produced video or writing an excellent blog is more likely to allow the copywriter to create viral content than creating a video that is designed to go viral. I also learned that in web marketing, transparency is one of the most important things to customers; if they feel they are being manipulated, their level of trust for the company declines.

Chapter Fifteen

Direct marketing has three steps. First, the marketer solicits a direct order; he or she then generates a lead and drives store traffic. This sounds simple, but it takes a lot of work for the marketer or copywriter to design a campaign that suits a specific business and that business’ needs. It has been proven to be highly effective in certain businesses, especially when a business does not have a brick and mortar store. However, the writer has to keep in mind that when he or she is doing direct marketing, he or she is selling everything about the brand to a single individual or a group of individuals, and the marketing materials must feel as though they are targeted specifically to that group of people. Direct marketing relies on making people feel special.

Chapter Sixteen

Out of home advertising is advertising we do not really think about a lot of the time, because it is just always there. It has a low cost per impression, but it is not as effective, necessarily, as something like social media marketing. Because it is so prevalent, to be really impactful, it has to be very different from anything anyone has seen before; this can be extremely difficult but very rewarding for the marketer or copywriter.
One tip that was important in this chapter was the tip to create a breakout character for companies who are interested in guerilla marketing. This character serves as the face of the company. The book gives the example of the Aflac duck, but the Geico gecko is another example that immediately comes to mind. It may be difficult to create a likeable character, but the impression of this character stays in the viewer’s mind.

Chapter Eighteen

One thing I learned from this chapter in particular is that I really need to begin to fill my portfolio. I have some things that are necessary for my portfolio, but expanding it to include full campaigns and digital media is important for finding a job once I am in the industry. I am also going to start creating long-copy ads so that I can perfect the strategy of writing them, because I believe having that skill will be fundamentally important in the media and marketing copywriting world. Writing more blogs is an easy way to build my portfolio, so I will also begin to do that.

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