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Published: 2020/09/25

The advancements in technologies have brought changes and impacts on the lives of the people in contemporary world. Some of these changes are positives--as the developments can improve the sectorial statuses, while there are advancements that have brought negative impacts like addiction most especially to the youth groups. One of these technological advancements that are seen to be the source of addiction among the youth sector is the addiction to video games—a more specific addiction which we could get from the internet.


Video games are the ones that we can play over the internet through our computers and laptops. Other video games can also be seen in arcades and we can also play them using our PSPs and Play Station kits. Some popular video games include Tekken, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Hearthstone and DotA. These are the games that the gamer youths have been addicted to nowadays.
Since these video games have just emerged in contemporary times and some people, who have lived without the existence of computers, do not understand and do not agree that the youth have been soaked in these kinds of hobbies and games. They see video games as something that hinder the youth to be more physically sociable and in addition to that, they also consider these video games as one of the factors related to the increased number of out of school youths. That negative perceptions in the field of gaming, as we can see, do not really affect the number of people subscribing and being addicted to playing video games. Despite all these things, what could be the future of video games?
The goal of video games does not include being addicted to it. There is always a reason why things exist. Just like how the internet want to spread information and make sharing ideas more efficient, video games imply lessons that we could not get from just sitting around and watching the birds fly. In reality, some people who hate video games fail to recognize the learning people can get whenever they play. In fact, video games can help us improve our grammar as we communicate and read the instructions and the graphics on the game. It also boosts our creative skills as we become inspired to its animations. Another is that, it helps us become more sociable as we play with strangers from different places.
In the future, video games will still be upholding the goals and objectives it offer to its players, but of course, since there are on-going advancements and improvements in the field of gaming, it is possible that its impact would be bigger that it is today. Taking the sectors of economy and politics for example, video games can actually have impact on these. Video games help out in improving the status of economy especially of countries where they develop video games that will be sold in the market. Countries like Japan have invested so much in this field and it can be seen in their economy that it is beneficial to them. On the other hand, video games are also used in political purposes in a way that games can show what the possible impacts of the different actions are. It can be used to predict and analyze what are the trickle down effects in one action will take place. Some examples of video games that are useful in politics are Democracy and C.O.M.P.A.S.


Video games will be helpful and better in the future but we should always remember that addiction must not be tolerated. We just have to enjoy and learn things from playing them so we can see how beneficial it is to us.


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high quality gadgets games and gadgets of video gaming

Improved gadgets Technology savvy Knowledgeable and

Monetary investments environment considerate management
will be beneficial.


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