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Overview of Hilton Hotel

The Hilton hotels now known as the Hilton hotel and resort center is a global brand in the world and has been ranked as the best brands among other big hotels. The Hotel has branches all over the world. This company was set up by an entrepreneur by the name Conrad Hilton based in the United States. The hotel was among the first that had set up a coast hotel chain in the year 1943. According to the statistics that was conducted in the year 2010 it showed that the global brand had its branches in all over 78 countries in the six continents of the world with a total of 530 branches in these countries ( The Hotel is in a competitive market that is classified with stiff competition from competitors in the industry and the company has greatly emphasized on their marketing strategy that has enabled the retain their customers and also by providing quality services to their customers hence they have been relevant in the market over the past years and have recorded the best performances and even classified among the best hotels in the world.
The hotel in the year 2013 had built a 300 room in Yangon and they also have a loyalty guest program and also it has built mergers with airlines as many of them are located in the city centers (Phalippou). They also provide quality executive lounge for gold and diamond for those who are willing and able to pay for. They have also come up with a membership program where the members can access the other branches of the hotel in the other parts of the world. The overview of the hotel is large as it branches are in countries like Kenya, South Africa and many others in the world. And up to date the Hotel has over 64200 rooms in 91 countries in the world.

Without organizational restructure of an organization is like the organization is planning to fail. The structure is important to the brand as it has enabled them to perform well in the market. Their structure is well organized and even according to the Forbes magazine the hotel has been classified as the most successful hotel in the world. Since the company is global it has come up with a global structure that has enabled them to perform their duties and responsibilities (Zhou). The following is an overview of the structure of the organization.

Size and type of the organization

The human resource duties and responsibilities and the financial statements and any matters concerning the finance of the organization are usually done in the head office of the organization. The boards of directors are the ones responsible for making the company decisions and then pass the decisions to the rest of the managers across the world and from there the managers can pass the decisions to the members that they head in the branches that they have been put. The branch managers of the hotel are answerable to the board of directors for any action or the steps that they take while in operation.

The environmental factors

The environmental factor in an organization comprises both the internal and external factors in the organization. Among internal factors include the following, staffing, training, safety among others. The internal factors are under the managers who are in the branches of the hotel (Tranter, Stuart-Hill and Parker). For instance the managers are the ones responsible for recruiting members in the organization and ensuring that the staffs are well trained to ensure that their customers get the best and quality services to their customers. They are also responsible in providing expertise and promotion of the staffs of the company and there are a set of rules that should be followed in the process.
On the side of the external factors include the suppliers of the company that are responsible of bringing input to the company. They also include the middle men who link the hotel to other people. The public is also considered as one of the external people and they are the most important stakeholders to the company. This is because the public is the target of the company as it includes the media, and the citizens in the particular company. The company also has put up a well relationship with the political organization of the country. A good relation enables a well coordinated environment that is suitable for the company to perform well in the market. There are other structures that the company also uses like rewarding their emp0loyees on the basis of their performance in the organization. This can be by making them feel secured in their work place and building hope in the organization and building a nice relationship with the employees of the company.

Planning and control

Planning and control go hand in hand and very critical issues that an organization should follow to the latter. Planning has the areas that involve the finances of the business and the financial system of the organization. As finances are one of the important areas in which a business should focus on because without finance the Hotel can be forced to close down as it will be difficult to meet their operational cost. The Hilton hotel has also build up on their information management system that enables them to implement on the organizational structures of the company ('Hotel Reservation Form'). The hotel has a good HRM system in its branches and this has been the best strategy as it has enabled to achieve the organizations goals. The company has planned well in their goals that are set in every financial year; the goals are divided into two as the official goals are left to the top management of the hotels d the operative goals are left to the managers that are put in the branches of the hotel.

Central Reservation System (CRS)

The CRs involves an information system where an organization transmits its information to its other branches and even to their potential customers. The Hilton hotel has built up a well organized CRS that has even enabled the Hotel to communicate to its managers who are situated in different parts of the world. This has helped in the hotel even in their marketing as they have reached a wide range of the market as they can easily advertise themselves by putting their offers in the internet and also stating their rates in their websites. This has been successful as the hotel has recorded high revenue turnover in the recent years and this has been as a result of the proper CSR system that the Hilton Hotel has been using in their operations.
Analyze the Revenue Management System Revenue management is another important aspect in any organization because misuse of revenue from the operations of a business can lead to slow growth and even closure of the business. In the case of Hilton hotel revenue management is a critical aspect and is left and dealt by the top management in the organization. They have put a proper revenue management and example in terms of the profit that the organization makes after incurring all its expenses they put some of the profits back to the business in order to give room for expansion and due to this the Hotel branches are always increasing and this is due to the proper management of the resources by the managers of the company. They also have different strategies that enable them diversify in other lines of business investment that are in line or related in the same industry (Tranter, Stuart-Hill and Parker). This is done after a team of experts sit down and analyze the market well and advice the hotel the areas where they need to open branches after realizing the market gaps in the economy. This has helped the Hotel as it has been able even to open more branches from the revenue that they get from the customers that they deal with in business. In conclusion the Hilton hotel is a good example of a global hotel that is performing well in the global market and the one that I would like to join and work for. This has been portrayed by the good management from the top hence other small hotels should borrow a leaf from them.

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