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Cardiac System

It is evident that one of the world’s dangerous diseases is the coronary artery disease. Millions of people die of a sudden heart attack because of this disease. The disease is characterized by the damaged arteries that supplies oxygen, nutrients and blood to the heart. The damages of the arteries are mainly caused by the cholesterol deposits that are blocking the flow of blood in the arteries. Collectively those cholesterol deposits are called plaque. Based on a medical statement released by the WHO in 2009, CHD is still one of the most dangerous diseases on the list.
So how does this disease affect our system? When the cholesterol deposits increased its presence on the arteries, the passage way for blood flow would be narrowed. This would result decrease blood flow to the heart. Consequently, it could lead to chest pain, breathing difficulty, coronary heart diseases, ischemia as well as sudden heart attack that could lead to death. A heart attack may happen if the entire passage ways of the coronary arteries are blocked 100%. Cholesterol deposits are caused by unbalanced diet; mainly by eating too much cholesterol food such as meat (pork and others) (Faxon, 2004).
If the blood flow to the heart is limited because of plaque it can also cause ischemia. Ischemia is characterized as the starvation of cell from the lack of oxygen supply. These myocardial cells could die and could lead to heart muscle damage. Eventually, if it is not prevented it can cause heart muscle death and could lead to ventricular fibrillation. Evidently, these consequences could lead to death. It is also noted that if the damage is severe there could be no tissue regeneration of the heart muscle tissue. However, if measures are taken such as exercise and balanced diet it could decrease the presence of cholesterol deposits in the coronary arteries.

Relevance to Healthcare workers and Promotion of Exercise and Balanced Diet

It has been a major concern for many healthcare workers the increase number of patients that has coronary artery disease. Thus, they are much into spreading awareness about physical activities and balanced diet that could prevent the development of coronary artery disease.
The lifestyle of a person usually contributes to the presence of cholesterol deposits in the arteries. Most especially if a person is physically inactive and does not do a lot of aerobic exercises, the risk is very high. Regular exercise can decrease the probability of a person having a coronary artery disease (Perk, et al, 2012).
Aerobic exercises as well as regular trainings in cardiovascular mobility increases the functionality of the cardiovascular organs of the body. Additionally, it decreases the myocardial oxygen demand of the body that is a good sign of a healthy and coronary artery disease-free individual. In common language, it means that the capacity of the lungs and the heart to endure physical activities has been increased. However, the physical training must be maintained in order to achieve a healthy body and to prevent the development of any heart disease.
More importantly it can control the lipid abnormalities in the blood. Recent studies have also shown results that the heart is capable of 40%-60% of maximal oxygen uptake. Thus, the individual can show healthiness with active lifestyle (Fletcher, 2013).
In conclusion, the major risk of having coronary artery disease is on the individual. Being physically active as well as having balanced diet can prevent this disease to happen.


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