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Published: 2020/11/13

Article Title: Surgical hand sepsis: the evidence

Authors: Professor Judith Tanner
1. How were the data analyzed in the research article?
The above article presents and discusses data that gives evidence around hand scrubbing. The data is analyzed by meta-analysis and sometimes the clinical trials are discussed. The aim of the article is to determine the effectiveness of 1. aqueous scrub vs. alcohol rubs 2.chlorhexidine gluconate vs. povidone iodine 3. duration of surgical scrub. The data is presented in the form of a detailed systematic review. Some of the findings in this paper are as follows. There was no difference between an alcohol rub and aqueous scrub in reducing surgical site infection. Hurruzo reported N-duopropenide rubs to be more effective than chlorhexidine based scrubs in reducing the number of colony forming units on surgical site of participants. Like wise, another study claims that rubbing with 45% propanol-2, 30% propanol-1 with 0.2%Sterilium rub is more effective in surgery related antisepsis than 4% chlorhexidine gluconate scrub. Of the four studies that were analyzed to know the effectiveness of alcohol rub vs. aqueous scrub, alcohol rubs were more effective in reducing surgical site infection. (Parienti et al, 2002; Herruzo et al., 2000; Pietsch, 2001; Gupta et al., 2007)
Four studies were analyzed to know the effectiveness of chlorhexidine gluconate vs. povidone iodine. The conclusion from this analysis is that chlorhexidine was more effective than povidone iodine. However these studies had the limitation that, they measured the bacteria on hands after antisepsis rather than the colony forming unit from the surgical site. (Pereira et al., 1990; Pereira et al., 1997; Herruzo et al., 2000; Furukawa et al., 2005)
Four trials were again compared to determine the effectiveness of a 2 minute antisepsis vs. 5 minutes antisepsis in reducing bacteria load on the hands. Two minutes was as effective as 5 minutes in reducing the bacterial load. (Kappstein et al., 1993; Wheelock & Lookinland, 1997)
2. Now that you have reviewed the entire article, what other studies do you think need to be done in order to bring this solution into practice?
Most studies in the review determine the effectiveness of the hand antisepsis protocol, based on colony forming unit in the hands rather than in the surgical site. We need to know if there is any significant impact of bacterial load on hand in causing surgical site infection. We also need to compare the effectiveness of surgical hand sepsis with wearing gloves, before we implement these solutions into practice. The surgeons and the surgical team must be motivated to follow surgical hand antisepsis. A defined protocol can be made available, which everyone can adhere to.


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