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Since the time when man possessed fire, the vast majority of fires were caused by humans. In the excavations of ancient cities, archaeologists found the causes of numerous fires in Bukhara, Samarkand, Alexandria, Baghdad, and Rome. Because fire is so destructive, mankind began gradually to organize fire services, the purpose of which was to prevent fires and to fight fires.
The first fire pump was created in Ancient Greece in year 200 BC. Greece inventor Heron invented a rotary tube, and the pump was very helpful in fighting fires.The relationship between man and fire was reflected in Babylonian, Sumerian, Greek, Indian and Slavic mythology. Ancient Rome was a country that suffered heavily from fires. Nearly two thirds of Ancient Rome was destroyed by fires. So it is no accident that one of the oldest institutions of fire protection in the world was first founded in the Roman Empire. Large fires that accompanied the life of Romethe city forced the Senate of Rome to organize college of night triumvirs that commanded the team of public slaves. They were responsible for maintaining order in the city, and organizing firefighting. During the time of the Emperor Augustus, seven cohorts united under the name of firefighters were organized in the city to defend the Ancient Rome against the fire . This step enabled them to withstand the avalanche of fires that struck the city in the new millennium. ('History of Fire and Fire Codes', n.d.)
Firefighters of Roman Empire were armed with buckets, ladders, and special blankets that had been soaked in vinegar. The emperor Octavian Augustus has divided Rome into 14 districts. Seven paramilitary forces were set up to fight and prevent fires in these districts. These duties included providing security, fire prevention and stewing. "Laws of XII Tables" forbid kindle pyre near buildings. Thus, every homeowner should have had a supply of water, axe, blankets, shovels, fracture and stairs. ('The firefighter's handbook', n.d.). Paramilitary units being the most organized fought fires in many states of the ancient world such as Egypt, Babylon, and Iran. Gradually two major areas appeared in firefighting: organization of putting out fires and preventing fires. Firefighting in Europe was a rudimentary thing until the beginning of the 17th century. A royal King of France, Saint Louis. created the burgess watch in 1254. According to the residents of Paris they were able to establish and organize their own night watches. These night watches were separate from the king's night watches. Their main objectives were to stop and prevent fires and crimes. London suffered from many great fires. The most destructive ones were in 798, 982, 989 and 1212. The most serious fire in London dates to 1666. It was called The Great Fire of London. It destroyed nearly 5 kilometers of the city and left tens of thousands of people homeless, not to mention the people who died in the fire. There was no system of fire protection in London before this tragedy. Afterwards, the private brigades were formed by insurance companies to protect the property of their clients. These brigades fought only fires at houses that the company insured. These buildings were identified by fire insurance marks. It was a first example of fire service in England. (Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Background information, n.d.) A significant breakthrough in the sphere of firefighting was made in the beginning of the 17th century. The discovery of the fire engines stimulated the development of fire services. Manual pumps that were rediscovered after 1500, were as only a force pump. It had a very short range in usage according to the lack of hoses. Hans Hautsch, an inventor from Germany, improved the system of manual pumps. He created the first suction and a force pump;, he alsoalso he added flexible hoses to the pump. France was the first country where a first fire brigade in the modern sense was created in the 18th century. François du Mouriez du Périer demonstrated the prototype of new pumps to the king Louis XIV. Soon he achieved the monopoly of selling and making fire-preventing portable pumps on the territory of France. He offered 12 pumps to the first Fire Brigade of Paris that was known as the Company of Pump Guards which was founded in 1716. During the next years other fire brigades were created in the largest cities of France. However, the first organized fire brigade in the world was founded in Scotland, Edinburg. The Edinburgh Fire Engine Establishment was organized in 1824. It was ruled by James Braidwood. In 1832 London followed the idea of creating the fire protecting organization by founding Fire Engine Establishment.
In 1829 the first firefighting horse-drawn steam engine steam engine was invented. It was not accepted in the sphere of firefighting till 1860. Also it was ignored for the next two years. In 1907 the internal combustion engine fire engines was designed in the USA. Its inventing led to the decline of steam engines by 1925. (E. Nelson, 1991)
Today, firefighting is an ordinary and common service in modern society. It remains a mixture of full-time paid, paid-on-call, and volunteer responders. Many urban areas of the world are served by huge teams of volunteers.

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