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Hypothesis for Module 1 and 2

Social change paves the way to the conduction of research through which behaviors of people living in the society can be measured and observed.

Dependent Variable

Research- Research is a valid and reliable method for determining behavior of people.
Response categories are: Yes or No
Independent Variable
Social Change - People are becoming more concerned about their social, political, and economic right.
Response Categories are: Yes or No
Symbolic Interaction Paradigm
The society undergoes changes and these changes have to be considered in detail in order to determine the advantages and disadvantages associated with the change. Some changes in the society exert significant influence on the attitudes and behaviors of individuals, while some changes do not affect the behaviors of individuals to a larger extent. The Symbolic Interaction paradigm would argue that the society undergoes change continuously such as the economic system, political system, and social system changes, so different research methods can be used in order to analyze the behaviors of people that also change because of the social change. It can be justified with the fact that the Symbolic Interactionists are of the view that society is complex and a shared reality, which is formed by people as a result of the change or interacting with different people. Thinking of most of people change with the social change, they interact with people and adopt the style in accordance with the requirements of society so that their survival can be easy in the society. Research can play an effective role in determining the subjective meaning and the modification in the behaviors of people as a result of the social change.

Hypothesis for Module 3 and 4

Socialization ensures that the features of culture are effectively transmitted from old generation to the new generation
Dependent Variable

Culture – People prefer to follow their own traditions, customs, beliefs, ways of acting and thinking.

Response Categories are: Yes or No
Independent Variable

Socialization-The major socializing agent is:

Response categories are: Family, Peers, Schools, Media
The Structural-Functional Approach
People living in society acquire their individual identity, behavior, norms, and social skills that are adequate for their social position at individual level. The customs, traditions, ideologies, and norms are transferred from one generation to the other. Old generations transmit their cultural values, traditions, and beliefs to the new generation so that proper functioning can be ensured in the society and the beliefs and traditions can be maintained in the society. In this regard, the Structural Functional Approach would explain that different parts of the culture work together in order to ensure stability and solidarity within the society, and the transmission of the culture from one generation to other would help in building effective social structure and proper functioning of the society. The stability and the instability in the society are because of the social structures, and they can maintain the equilibrium in the society only when all the parts of the culture work properly and the cultural features are transmitted effectively. Every social structure comprises of the social functions in order to perform the operations of the society so that cultural patterns can be followed and transmitted in the society. The effective accomplishment of the social functions is essential for maintaining the balance and order in the society, and preventing disruption. Disruption in single part of the system can disrupt the whole system by affecting other parts of the system.

Hypothesis for Module 5 and 6

Statuses in society are responsible for deviant behaviors.
Dependent Variable

Deviant Behavior

Lack of the formal social control compels people towards adoption of the deviant behavior.
Response Categories are: Yes or No
Independent Variable

Statuses- People enjoying high socio-economic and political statuses exerts undue influence on other people who are deprived from high status.

Response Categories are: Yes or No

The Social Conflict Theory

There exists inequality in the society, and this inequality is because of the fact that the society consists of unequal opportunities, incentives and rewards for people belonging to different statuses and position. Some people get more while others get less, and even some remain totally deprive of even the basic necessities. The people who get more become dominant and they exert undue influence on others. In the society, usually the rich get more and the poor lack the basic amenities of life. The Social Conflict Theory would argue that the inequality creates conflict within the society as people who get more do not give to the poor, and the poor will adopt the alternative methods such as robbery, theft, and murder in order to get whatever they want. The capitalist class exerts their influence on the working class, and not let the working class to enjoy its rights. the capitalistic class comprise of those people that have power, wealth, have their own, access, or control the means of production. Whereas, the working class comprises of the powerless people who sell their labor and work for the capitalistic class. Improper access to the means of protection, and preventing people to freely exercise the rights compels them to the adoption of the deviant behavior.

Hypothesis for Module 7 and 8

The class system allows people to get more education for ensuring economic development.
Response Categories are: Yes or No
Dependent Variable

Economic Development- Education is the most important factor for ensuring growth of the economy.

Response Categories are: Yes or No
Independent Variable

The existence of different classes in the society promotes constructive and positive competition.

Response Categories are: Yes or No

The Race Conflict Approach

Most of the societies encourage diversity. The society consists of different classes, ethnicities, religions, and races. The presence of the different classes in the society creates healthy completion in the society. The Race Conflict Approach would argue that the people belonging to different races and classes play an important role in the development of the society and economy by educating people in effective manner. Considering the fact that in the educational institutions people of different classes get education, they compete with each other in order to perform better as a result of which they become aware of each other, and about the facts, they work at individual level by keeping the facts into consideration that paves the way to the economic growth and development. The Race Conflict Approach would also explain that the social life is a representation of the competition and it emphasize on the distribution of power, resources, and the inequality prevailing in the society. People compete in a constructive manner for attaining the power, so that they can have everything that they want in order to spend a healthy and comfortable life, and this effort leads to the social growth, which contribute to the growth of economy as a whole.

Hypothesis for Module 9 and 10

Racial Stratification emerge in the society because of the gender differences prevailing in the society
Dependent Variable
Racial Stratification – People belonging to superior race enjoy more benefits as compared to people who belong to inferior race, and this leads to discrimination and prejudice.
Response Categories are: Yes or No
Independent Variable

Gender Differences- What do you think most of the societies are:

Response Categories are: Patriarchal, Matriarchal
Feminism and Gender Conflict Approach
In most of the societies, patriarchal system is common, i.e., men have dominant positions; they just want that women obey their orders, and they do not let women to make progress in their life. They want to oppress women. Further, women are given lower wages, lower political participation, and lower education as compared to men. This is also true in case of different races existing in the society. People belonging to different races are discriminated for the employment, health facilities, wages, and the political participation. The Feminism and Gender Conflict Approach would explain that the inequality between men and women deprive women of their rights, as a result of which they raise their voice against men by indicating the class, and race of men so that they can get justice. They highlight the race and class of men as a result of which people are prejudiced on the basis of their race, which paves the way to the racial stratification and racial conflict in the society. Controlling gender inequality can play a significant role in controlling the gender stratification in the society.

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