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Field grade officers lead in the development of organizations and leaders to achieve results.

The 56th armoured brigade combat team(ABCT) after working on different missions over the years in Afghanistan has undergone radical changes in leadership with has greatly affected the teams overall performance on missions. There is clearly a lack of teamwork and support from the officers. This has damaged the soldiers’ wellbeing both in the mission and also at home with their families. This unhealthy pattern that has emerged needs to be dealt with effectively and immediately due to the grave danger it may cause the soldiers during war. I have identified the major problems facing the leadership of the combat team and given solutions to the problems.
In past years, interaction between the highly ranked officials such as the sergeant major and commanders and soldiers was highly encouraged. This fostered as sense of belonging and acceptance which allowed the soldiers to work as an effective team in order to achieve the assigned mission’s goals. However this all this has changed and a domineering sort of dictatorship mode of leadership has developed. This has greatly affected the inner workings of the combat team as most of the soldiers in the team. They feel that they have no say into any decisions made by the top commanders. This has led to loss of team work spirit and overall loss of respect between all members of the combat team. Due to lack of proper coordination, missions such as the Afghanistan deployment that 56th ABCT had poorly prepared for the mission which strained the soldiers and affected the outcome of the mission.
There are many problems facing the 56th ABCT but they all originate from the lack of coordination between the highly ranked officials the sergeants in leadership. Some of the leaders such as senior NCO’s lack leadership skills despite having technical knowhow this in the end affect outcomes of their work as they do not produce results. The lack of consideration for their soldiers is also a problem by extending their missions and not being considerate of their family duties. This mistake has led to disorientation in the soldiers’ lives, as explained most of the soldiers have undergone divorce had DUIs and cases of domestic abuse have all increased, cases of hostility towards the local residents has also been identified. This negative energy created by the disruptions in their personal lives has clearly damaged the working of the soldiers, reducing their effectiveness and efficiency to work as a productive combat team.
The case of sexual harassment has also risen between an officer and a soldier. This clearly shows the lack of professionalism in the work place and lack of complete respect by the officers to the soldiers. The fact that the officers are capable of downgrading a soldier to the point of sexual harassment shows how ignorant they are about the guiding rules and principles of a command team. It is clearly an unacceptable code of conduct that will affect soldiers and create negative attitudes towards the officers leading to a point where cooperation between the officers and soldiers will be difficult.
Generally speaking form all the evidence gathered in the research I would clearly say that the leadership of the 56th ABCT is incompetent and in need of improvement. My vision for the 56th ABCT is to create a safe and accepting environment where all the team members’ opinions are heard out and considered by creating a bottom up approach in solving problems and executing new ideas within the team. A combat team that works together towards achieving a common goal: due to the mutual and personal satisfaction that will be achieved in doing so, and not for selfish desire. A team where leaders are capable of identifying weaknesses in the team create solutions to deal with the weaknesses. A team where each officer and soldier are respected and the leaders are able to have productive meetings on how to run the 56th ABCT efficiently and effectively.
In order to achieve my vision for the 56th ABCT I will need to employ a number of strategies to ensure that I realise my vision. Aristotle in his earlier works identified with regards to governments, that it is not the different types of power in a government that lead to a smooth running but the features that make up an organization. By identifying the various divisions that make up a command team I will be in a position to critically analyse each division and determine the roles played by each sector. Clearly defining the contributions of each of the members of the team will foster effective teamwork. This is especially with regard to the leaders. Identifying their respective role of different leaders in the 56th ABCT will ensure that the person capable of leading a sector with the right qualifications and leadership concerning that particular sector is selected. This will reduce the number of conflict between the soldiers and their leaders and will foster mutual respect due to mutual understanding between the soldiers and officers in what is expected of them.
I will strengthen the basic structures of the 56th ABCT to ensure that the team has a strong base capable of supporting the team even during tough times in war. I will do this by ensuring all the soldiers problems and needs are taken care of in a timely manner. Allowing the soldiers to have sound mind during missions will ensure that they full focus on achieving the goals of the mission and not engage in destructive behaviour. When the basic sectors of the command team are stable the officers can now effectively lead the soldiers through the various missions guaranteeing cooperation and successful completion.
The four frame model is an organisational structure that I will use to improve the 56th ABCT. The model focuses on various aspects in an organization such as the human resource, structural, political and symbolic. All these different aspects need to be balanced in order to ensure that an organization runs smoothly.
In the case of the combat team, by evaluating the human resource aspect, this includes the leaders and the soldiers and other members involved in the team, I will identify ways by which the relationships between the various workers can be improves and fostered. Group activities such as team building activities outside duty will increase the relationships between the soldiers and leaders and it will allow them to set their differences aside and work together.
For the structural aspect of the team, I will evaluate the ranking and hierarchy of all the officers in the 56th ABCT and determine who is doing the work and producing results, and who is not. This will help me identify the competencies of the leaders and ensure that the leaders chosen are able to lead the soldiers and not be dictatorial. I will also establish mutual respect between the leaders by ensuring there is a clear definition of who is ranked higher than the other. This will ensure that orders are carried out effectively but at the same time contradictions or different opinions from lower ranked officials are also considered in decision making. This will also ensure that no officer is overloaded with work making them less effective leaders.
Every organization has political discrepancies, it maybe from within the internal or external environment. I will handle internal negative politics with democracy; this is most evidenced with regards to acquisition of power. I will ensure that the most deserving officer acquires the leadership role. By carrying out the procedure democratically as possible I will reduce conflict and negativity form the other members of the team and ensure acceptance. I will also ensure the 56th ABCT has code of conduct where all members of the team are expected to adhere to. This will ensure that there are set out rules for the team in conducting themselves in an acceptable manner.
The Neustadt’s approach to the abuse of power by those in high positions, will allow me to evaluate how each of the leaders utilises their power with regard to how they treat the soldiers. I will ensure that the leaders realise that they are in power to serve the soldiers and not for the soldiers to serve them. It is critical that the officers realise that their role is to guide that soldiers through the assigned war missions and not use the soldiers for their own personal needs. By observing how the officers treat the soldiers during missions I will be able to identify which officers are good leaders and who cannot perform the duties of a leader. Mutual respect will need to be evident in all activities of the 56th ABCT.


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