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Ethics involves organizing, defending and advocating concepts of right and wrong actions. Responsibility is when a person accepts that through his way of thinking, how he feels and behave are in control of how he experiences life. We discussed the how ethics and responsibility are defined and why. We learned the role of communication in ethics and responsibility as well. These three systems constitute and explain the importance of understanding social responsibility.


Ethics is defined as a structure of moral principles because it deals with values that are related to human conduct, and how good and bad the motives of behavior are. Currently, philosophers categorize ethics into three general theories, which are metaethics, normative, and applied ethics.
Metaethics studies what our ethical principle means, and where they come from. The concept of metaethics involves an unattached, bird’s eye view of the whole task of ethics. This theory of ethics covers concerns from moral definition to moral theory. Metaethics also covers two issues of moral definition, which are metaphysical issues about whether morality subsists alone of humans, and psychological issues about the primary mental basis of our moral conduct and judgments.
Normative ethics involves appearing at moral values that control right and wrong judgments. This type of ethics is a search for an appropriate litmus test of proper conduct. A good example is, we should do to others what we want them to do to us. With this example, we can determine if an action is right or wrong. This example creates a sole principle against judging all actions.
Applied ethics is the type of ethics that is involves the analysis of controversial, moral issues concerning animal rights, abortion, and euthanasia. In the past years, applied ethical issues have been divided into conductive groups such as business ethics, medical ethics, sexual ethics and environmental ethics. Generally, two aspects are essential for an issue to be considered an applied ethics. First, the issue should be controversial in a way that there are important groups of people that are for and against the said issue. Second, the issue should be a particularly moral issue such as gays in the military, confirmatory action policies, socialistic versus capitalistic business practices, or energy conservation. For an issue to be considered an applied ethical issue, the issue should have more than of plain social policy, and it should also be morally relevant.


Some people falsely link responsibility with obligation, burden, and duty. We think it invades on our freedoms. We also worry that if we do not perform our responsibilities, we will feel guilty. We think responsibility means a uninspiring and boring reality, but the true definition is the opposite because adherent and performing the responsibilities we assign for ourselves is the entrance to our true freedom. Each person has his own inner voice or what we call conscience, which guides us to the way. We have our own devotions, even if they are hiding behind anxiety, confusion, fatigue and depression. It is our basic responsibility in life to listen to this conscience. No matter how lost or destructed you are, all the time you have is the right time to get back on your right way. For some of us, this process may mean doing many and big changes. When we listen to our conscience, we finally accept that our experiences are within our control. Instead of blaming others, we start making decisions, we find ourselves solving big and small problems, instead of withdrawing from the situation or just coping, and we start pursuing what we really want in life.
Responsibility is also associated with success. Having a great sense of responsibility is vital in order to achieve success in life because it is we who makes the quality of the lives we lead and the results we produce. One example is social responsibility. This responsibility is what a company or a leader needs so that the business would contribute to society in lasting and meaningful ways. Companies are encouraged to be involved in programs that are socially responsible because of the possible benefits to the business such as brand improvement, contrast in market, and employee satisfaction.
Responsibility is the act of refraining from blaming. For example, a grown-up blames his parents for his failures in life. He blames them for not doing their responsibility as parents in the sense that they did not teach him the right ways to live. In this example, we surrender our responsibility to build the lives we dream of because we incorrectly distinguish there to be permanent effects in the nature of the people around us. If a person thinks that his situation is the worst, then this is a way to avoid self responsibility.
Part of responsibility is changing core beliefs that are not doing any good to a person’s life. One belief is thinking that we are not good enough for something, without even trying something to prove it wrong. Sometimes, we desire for a thing, but instantly think that we do not have enough strength to have it, which prevents us from our happiness and keep us small.

Role of Communication in Ethics and Responsibility

Communication is the interchange or imparting of opinions, thoughts, or information through speaking, writing, or giving out signs. Communication ethics is the way of regulating communication, the right and wrong features of it, the moral and immoral aspects associated with interpersonal communication.
The role of communication in ethics is correctly balancing the features of speaking and listening and the measure of praise and criticism. In communication ethics, the rule of honesty on both speaking and listening must be completely applied because if there would be even a small part of insincerity or dishonesty from either the speaker or the listener, the communication would be sensible.
The role of communication in responsibility is necessary in order to correctly perform the tasks and responsibilities of a person, a group, or a company. Communication provides appropriate space for every communicative partner to supply in the responsibility. Communication also provides necessary information that each member of the group needs to be able to fulfill the responsibility. Communication also plays a vital role in interpersonal responsibility. This starts with every person’s commitment to lively care for the interpersonal relationship, possessed by and disciplined with or without the support of the other person. Interpersonal responsibility involves caring and concern for an interpersonal relationship.


Ethics is the process of evaluating and controlling the concepts of right and wrong actions or deeds. Ethics determines if the behavior is simply social inventions. Responsibility is a plan we establish about what to do and how our lives should become. Although responsibility is often challenging, it is worth it. Therefore, if we release our irrational thoughts, we can create the life we dream of and have a right self responsibility. Finally, in communication, as we seek our path in our lives, interpersonal responsibility encourages a balance between each relationship, which defines the value of our interpersonal lives.

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