Good Example Of Native American Vs. Euro-American Essay

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Looking at the current American society, nobody can ever imagine that the nation has people with deep cultural ties. United States has been considered to be one of the most accommodative nation in the world, a big percentage of its being immigrants from other regions. Its accommodative nature brought about a mix in cultural aspects where nobody seems to care about their cultural backgrounds. Each person seems to be concerned about their personal economic and social growth that is reflected in the general growth of the country’s economy. Apart from racial segregation that has topped the list of the worst issues that face America, cultural roots and differences are rarely mentioned. What most people don’t know is that within the classy faces of American citizens, lie people who have cultural backgrounds that have since defined them in this paper; we shall be comparing the cultural aspects of Native Americans and Euro-Americans.
Native Americans have been associated with the English language, which has since been their mode of communication. Euro-Americans on the other hand are associated with numerous languages that range from Spanish, Mexican and the likes, considering their known countries of origin. Looking through the books of history, we realize that Native Americans were not born as English speakers. Native America is composed of various indigenous tribes, of which only a few of them can speak (King & Springwood, 2001). English to America is mainly a language of unification which subsequent generations have since come to adopt as their main language of communication. Native Americans seem to be less concerned about their cultural backgrounds and want to be associated with the modern American lifestyle. This is contrary to Euro-Americans who are in fact proud to be associated with their countries and even tribes of origin. Most Euro-Americans, even those who have been born in America are still concerned about their origin and will do all they can, to learn and even adopt cultural aspects of their native land.
Apart from he old forks that are proud of their Native American cultures and are able to speak in their native languages, most of the Native Americans have no idea of their cultural roots. They are ill informed of their language, let alone knowing how to speak it. This has made it difficult for a distinction to be made on the Native Americans that originate from a certain place, basing on the language they speak. All that such natives know is that they are Americans and English is their language of communication. Euro-Americans are a different breed of people who, despite the fact that they are in a ‘foreign’ land, they are proud to be associated with their native cultures. Most of them, even those born in America make effort to learn their native language, which they use for communication. In fact, most of the civil; wars that broke up in America were due to a clash in cultural values and beliefs. Native Americans sis not want to be associated with native tribes, while Euro-Americans were determined to ensure that they had the freedom to express themselves in their cultural language and tradition.
Native Americans were earlier hunters and gatherers, which is reflected in their modern culture of hunting on other nations and communities. They made weapons from stones which they used to hunt down animals they used to eat for food. The weapons were also used to protect them from invaders that came in form of world animals and communities. Native-Americans are people who loved top do things their own way and hence did all they could to ensure they are protected from any form of invasion (King & Springwood, 2001). With improvement in technology, they moved from making stone weapons to other sophisticated materials such as iron and the likes. Euro-Americans on the other hand were traders and this perfectly explains why they moved to America and even settled there. Euro-Americans are explorers by nature, and their exploration was mainly to find a better place and environment to carry out their trade practices. Since Native Americans were not necessarily interested in trade practices, they found an opportunity to sell them their products and hence market for their goods. Initially, the Americans found such an exchange worth, but felt threatened when the Euro-Americans started influencing and draining their cultural beliefs (King & Springwood, 2001). This subsequently led to a series of civil wars between Native Americans, who didn’t want anything to do with foreign culture and the Euro-Americans who could not trade their cultural values for anything.


King, C. R., & Springwood, C. F. (Eds.). (2001). Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy. U of Nebraska Press.

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