Good Example Of Critical Thinking On Drug Slavery

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Slavery is a broad term that has various meanings and definitions concerning the context being referred to; it is associated with loss free will. Slavery has been with human kind since time immemorial, slavery has haunted the human race through its negative effects it has on the affected and the society. Modern slavery exists in different forms but has similar characteristics in the lives of the slaves (Martin et al 2011). The most rampant form of slavery in the modern times is the addiction to substance or drug abuse. Authorities and society have made efforts in the fight against vice for instance: the controversial legalization and proposal for legalization of drugs like marijuana in most states with an aim of controlling substance use. Legalization will reduce the grip it has over the society especially the youths; in this case, they are exploited and end up engaging in illegal and dangerous activities like theft and drug peddling to sustain acquisition of drugs.

Dr. Rosenthal`s argument

Rosenthal views the addiction to drugs as a phenomenon that cannot be solved by legalizing the use of drugs. Since drug use is a behavior that is passed from generation to generation, if it is legalized, the number of people addicted will soar up. She explains with the view that most of the children who are raised near people addicted to various drug addiction, will tend to view drug uses as a normal activity and by the time they mature, most of them will have started engaging in drug use. A family made up of many drug addicts will end up having a good picture of a family since most drug addicts tend to engage in illegal activities. An example of an illegal activity that most of them are likely to engage in is stealing; they steal to acquire the money needed to purchase the drugs needed to satisfy their addiction.

Argument in support of marijuana legalization

Legalization will not only reduce organized crime for instance murder, theft and corruption it will also have economic and social positive significance to the society. Marijuana legalization will result to an orderly society in which laws and policies will be formulated that will help curb, control and regulate the use of marijuana (Gerber, 2004). Professionals will do its production, it will earn its producers as well as the government through licensing, and tax derived from the legal trade that will result from legalization of marijuana. Its usage will be prescribed in the right quantities and quality by licensed and educated professionals, more research and academic courses can be set up to educate and carry out more research to understand marijuana applications in the medicinal field.

Argument against legalization of marijuana

Marijuana legalization though with its positive economic and social aspects has resulted to abuse and additional slavery in the society to marijuana, the push to legalize the usage of marijuana has been based on economic and profits that will benefit the few in the society, this has left a loophole in the regulation and policies that are meant to control its usage (Gerber, 2004). Legalization has made the drug available to children and students; this has resulted to poor performance, suspensions, expulsion from school and increased cases of hospitalization especially in Colorado. This results to negative economic effects for instance; rising medical expenses and corruption. Marijuana is far from safe especially to health of its users it damages hearts and lungs, marijuana increases the tendency of anxiety, depression and can also trigger acute psychotic. More and more realities are coming up every day on the negative effects of recreational marijuana legalization (Gerber, 2004).

Personal opinion on drug legalization

In my personal view, although drugs such as marijuana have some positives when legalized, the technical difficulties that arise during implementation may affect more negatively in the society, for instance, on students who may start engaging in early drug use and thereby fail in their studies. I think it would be wise if numerous specialists in the society determine the impact of legalization and non-legalization of drugs such as marijuana by carrying out research facilitated by the government. Legalization of drugs is an issue that is likely to have both positive and negative effects and therefore requires extra care before implementation of a move such as legalizing.


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