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Pain prescription -performance measure for patients on opioid medication was developed by the American Medical Directors Association on 2014 the measurement is geared at seeing that patients on opioid medication are prescribed with an appropriate dosage. The rationale behind the measurement is the fact that pain is considered common in all patients in a long-term care setting. Pain affects the ability a patient has to perform his duty and the moods of different patients. In order for one to soften the side effects that come with opioid medication, it is important to induce a stool softener when the medication has begun. The measure also focuses on older patients since they suffer from dehydration, which might induce constipation.
The American Physical Therapy Association developed physical functional status on June 2005. The rationale behind it was to find a way to measure the physical development of patience and examine the efficacy of the method of treatment that a patient was using. The adoption procedure was through examination of the prescription, which was thought of as being critical to the enrolment of the necessary method of treatment. The performance method was based on the fact that therapist needed to examine working methods based on the extermination of different methods that were prescribed to patients suffering from physical movement. The best measure is based on the efficacy of the prevention method.
Stroke rehabilitation-performance measure was developed by the American Academy of Neurology on September 2010. The measure looks at the use of antiplatelet as prescriptions for people aged eighteen and older who have been diagnosed with TIA or ischemic stroke. The measure looks at examining the eligibility rate of the patients that are prescribed with the medicine. Some of the measurements suggested include Radiology imaging and stenosis measurements. The rationale behind this is a patient should be put on antiplatelet to reduce the risks that exist of suffering from another attack. It is recommended that the patient receives a regular dosage of antiplatelet in the intention of reducing attacks. The measure is considered to be evident based.
Preoperative care performance measure was developed by the American College of Surgeons on October 2006l. The measure primarily assesses the patients going for surgery with an order to receive parenteral antibiotics within one hour and two hours for those with an order for fluoroquinolone and vancomycin. The rationale behind the measurement is that timing is important in the administering of prophylactics antibiotics. Considering the drug is an anti-infective drug it should be given within a period of thirty to one hour periods. This is important to ensure that there is appropriate circulation of the drug during the anaesthesia period to avoid infection from patients.
Melanoma performance measure was developed by American Academy of Dermatology on November 2012. The measure takes into account new patients with melanoma as a new occurrence. A chart recorded is seen as vital to observe the medication of the patient. The measure takes into account the measurements that should be taken to introduce the communication needed for treatment. In addition, provides a regular audit of the occurrence of the illness in the patient. Medication is considered as being critical in the first stage. Hence, doctors are asked to take into consideration the necessary steps that need to be taken to ensure full treatment.


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