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Knowledge sharing is the process of exchanging knowledge and ideas among people either between friends and family whereas personal knowledge is the ideas and knowledge that a person has in the mind. Shared knowledge can shapes personal knowledge through a number of ways that include artistic movements, cultural memes, conformity and socialization. Socialization
Socialization refers to the process of acquiring and passing of norms, customs and ideologies among people thereby providing someone with the skills and capabilities of participating in the society. The most obvious way in which shared knowledge influences personal knowledge is the primary and secondary socialization and this is evidenced by various researches such as Bandura Bobo doll research. Through shared knowledge especially impacted by our parents and through school helps us to distinguish good from bad (Atran, 4). Our personal knowledge itself may not be sufficient as one maybe doing wrong deed thinking that it is right; hence knowledge gained or shared to someone plays a role in enhancing personal knowledge.


Culturalisation refers to the exposure and subjection to the influence of culture. Socialization helps to build somebody’s personal reality as a result of productive building of both interior and exterior realities. The most fundamental aspect of culture is at personal level and this is possible after one has been socialized by his or her own parents. Hence one gets to know knowledge about their culture. Socialization is the main influence on a person’s behavior, action and beliefs on both adults this is a result of what of what they have gained from shared knowledge (Cialdini &Goldstein, 7). Culturalisation affects personal knowledge, where one acquires knowledge about the institutions and how the people they have come into contact with adapt to their behaviors based on what they have learnt.


Conformity refers to the change in thinking, feeling or action following pressure, real or imaginary exercised by the group. Sometimes we find ourselves copying or conforming to other people’s behavior to gain knowledge about something or a situation that helps us to act accordingly(Cialdini &Goldstein, 8).Hence one is able improve their knowledge on a situation indicating how conformity plays a role in shaping someone’s knowledge. Conformity can occur either in the presence of others or when you are alone
Conformity is associated with adolescence or youth culture, but all in all it affects human of all ages. When someone reaches a certain age they start behaving like their friends of the same age group and in the process they get to learn many things improving their personal knowledge though what they might have learnt might not be all positive.

Artistic movements

This refers to movements made by someone based on predecessor movements. It can also be defined as the tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy and goal. It was followed by artists during a restricted period of time as is the case in visual arts (Pepe, 26). One can explore how social cultural changes during a certain place and time fed into the artistic world and through this an individual is able to understand how such changes fed into the world. Students can use interpretation of art to show a bi-directional relationship between shared knowledge and personal knowledge.

Cultural Memes

Cultural Memes refers to an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. If you have been observant you will notice that most societies pass knowledge from one generation to the next. In light of that once somebody is born in a society such knowledge is introduced to them commonly by parents and this forms part of their personal knowledge and it has its various effects be it positive or negative (Atran, 5). Some other example of memes include the internet memes whereby one can acquire or learn something not known by many put in the internet and people get to learn hence this helps to improve personal knowledge of people. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing and speech (Cialdini &Goldstein, 10).
Sharing of knowledge helps to shape personal knowledge where one gets to know or have more information than they already have, for instance I might be knowing something that my friend has no idea of and vice versa. Shared knowledge is the building block of personal knowledge. If the shared knowledge gets you to consider how the personal knowledge you had affects the original knowledge for instance it makes you see a connection you had not seen before for instance, if the shared knowledge adds more knowledge there by affecting the origin knowledge. Helps to keep people aware of things that they did not know and hence improving the knowledge they currently had like an upgrade (Cialdini &Goldstein, 14).For businesses shared knowledge is very important in that they get to get more information could be about size of the market, better ways to improve their businesses, how their competitors are performing hence they can upgrade their previous knowledge about the business and this helps in decision making among many other advantages.
In schools knowledge sharing is done by teachers through the process of teaching and learning and this helps students to acquire the necessary knowledge besides their basic knowledge and this can helps to be knowledgeable people in the society. Knowledge passed down by elders’ especially religious studies and teachings to young children helps to shape personal knowledge in that they get to learn what is right and wrong. For this reason their personal knowledge faces the right direction/shaped in the right direction.
Making information abstract means making the information simpler by hiding the inner information hence this makes it easier for one to understand information and this enhances someone’s personal knowledge without having to go through the trouble of contemplating any information given. Through the sharing of knowledge inventors from all over the world are able to invent new thing. Shared information is a key ingredient in inventions. For instance one might acquire a small portion of knowledge which without it they may not be able what they did hence it helps to shape their personal knowledge.


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