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The stories selected for the project includes, ‘The story of an hour’ by Kate Chopin, and the ‘Battle Royal’ by Ralph Ellison. The story of an hour is a beautiful depiction of emotional periphery in which the central character Louise Mallard is depicted as a heart patient. She is shown to have received the news of her husband’s death in a railroad accident. The entire story revolves around the responses of Louise to the incident and the emotional confusion, she went through after the demise of her husband. In the end, her husband has revealed to have survived from the railroad as he was not in the train, which had the accident. The other story Battle Royal is the narration in which a dying grandfather revealed his will, as an advice to his grandson. His will refers to the endeavors of gaining the right of equality with a fight. The theme of the story Battle Royal and the central characters of the story are basically the black people, who are struggling against the discrimination and racism. The illustrated stories could be compared from a number of dimensions.
The plot of both the stories primarily revolves around the urge of gaining independence, hope and a different perspective of life that urges an individual on revolution. As mentioned before, the two stories can be compared with their respective themes, one of the themes shared by these stories is the urge of independence. While in ‘The story of an hour’, Louise, who is shown to be in love with her husband is also oppressed by his position in the marital life. After the news of the demise of her husband, she starts feeling the freedom she aspired. She gets excited for the forthcoming days that will allow her to do things in her own way. Initially, she is shown depressed with the news of the demise, posing resistance to cater her thoughts of joy, unleashed on her after the death of her husband. Likewise, the other story the Battle Royal is also caters the same theme that desires independence and urges to gain the same with the fight and resistance to racism. The advices of dying grandfather to his grandson display the courage and enthusiasm of the cause and the transmittance of the same in the next generation. This is the point which is different from The story of an hour, in which Louise is confined to retain her thoughts with her own. Her response to the news and feeling of independence is unacceptable in the society. It is more a kind of freedom and its theme which is known to her only. On the contrary in this story the Battle Royal, the urge of independence pertains to the whole community. The fight against racism is so obvious in the society that the entire generation contribute against the fight and struggle against independence. Thus, it is the most obvious element of the story that comprehends the relation between the essences of independence in between the two stories. In the story Battle Royal independence is socially acceptable by the community, while in the story of an hour the theory of independence from the opinion of Louise cannot be justified in the society. Furthermore, even though, the element of oppression is similar in the two contents, the end of the story wrapping the theme is entirely different. While in the story of an hour Louise died with the thought of cease of her escape. The story the Battle oyal shows the grandfather death as un unwanted surrender form the fight of independence.
The other theme that is similar between the two stories is that of inherence of oppressiveness, the writer of the story of an hour contemplates over the fact that irrespective all the love and affection intact with marriage, the relationship is bound with oppressiveness and abandonment at the same time. Louise is shown to be in love with her husband and admire his kind nature. However, despite of all these elements she received the news of the demise of her husband without any malice. The situation is all sketched with the element of oppression and the epiphany of the nature of the relationship. Similarly, the same inheritance of oppressiveness is evident in the theme of the Battle Royal in which the black community deals with the poisonous effect of oppression across the society from generations.
While, the oppression depicted in the Battle Royal is mature with obvious implications evolved from background, the oppression is depicted in the story of an hour is more the kind of confusing. There is an obvious contrast between the kind of oppression in between the two stories. I ‘the story of an hour’, Louise, have enjoyed the love and kindness of her husband. Herein, oppression is more a kind of psychological factor and partly an element of the entire package of the relationship. On the contrary, the oppression faced under the influence of racism by the black community as depicted in the story Battle Royal is inhumane and painful. It inflicts each aspect of social communication and interaction of the community. It corrupted the personal lives and endeavors of the entire community, it can be regarded that oppression is one element that surpassed all the joys and strengths of the lives of African American genres. Perhaps it is the very elements of distinction that makes the two kinds of oppression socially acceptable/unacceptable.

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