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Education has played a momentous role in my life. Since time immemorial, I always anticipated pursuing higher education to attain my career of choice. As a child, I had a dream to become a counselor, and this motivated me a lot. I wanted to help the society by offering advice and guidance in solving psychological problems. Again, education improved my spiritual and emotional status, and it was a prestige to be perceived as a role model for young people. At twenty, I had the opportunity to join university and study Bachelor of Arts in counseling psychology. I loved humanities so much, and this made everything so perfect. Attending my lessons at the University instills a sense of pride, self-assurance, and a transformed spirit. Life on campus is enjoyable as it helps me to gain experience and skills to deal with challenging situations in life. Enrolling at the University is an achievement gives me motivation in my daily activities. I ensure that I remain focused enough so that I can excel in my exams.
My family is proud of my progress. Last semester, I was among the best three students in the humanities faculty. The society is happy with me since I act as a motivational factor for the younger generation. Education has exposed to the world, and I have gained knowledge, a very critical aspect of problem-solving and decision-making. Higher education has changed my way of thinking as I stopped believing in illusions and stereotypes. My presence in the university has inspired many people to change how they perceived education. I have gained knowledge, and my self-awareness improved. Also, am enthusiastic since I have attained the highest degree of freedom. The creativity that comes with knowledge has made me optimistic, and I believe I will transform into a wise and wealthy individual in the near future. I am much focused, and I have learned on the best approach to avoid distractions towards my dreams in pursuing my career of choice.
The unemployment rates are growing at an alarming rate and it’s becoming a matter of concern to me. Most families cannot cater for the school fees of their children, and this means many students will miss the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Education has helped me to think about the progress of the society as a whole. I wish that everybody excels in life as this will make the world a better place. Throughout my education, I have realized that egocentric individuals lack the willingness to help the society as a whole. Most of the self-centered beings are illiterate, and they have a low level of understanding. Transformation is happening in my life, and my communication skills are becoming better every day. Currently, I find it easier to interact with individuals from various backgrounds because of my ability to respect their opinions and views. I have developed a network of friends across the globe. Our friendship is based on mutual respect, love, and understanding. My eloquence has improved in several foreign languages as a result of the interaction with friends.
Pursuing higher education has helped me to understand things that happen in the universe. On every encounter, I develop skills that guide me in answering the questions that emerge in life. Most of the things that made me wonder as I was growing up became interesting to study and understand. Education is very different from schooling since it has opened my mind. At times when my life is faced with setbacks, I solve the complexities in a simple and comprehensible manner.
Education is a beautiful aspect of life. Through it, I have grown into a new being and matured in an encouraging way. It gives us the opportunity to try things, rectify mistakes, and stay dedicated. Life at the university exposes me to various encounters with life. I learn the best way to do particular things and the best way to tackle them. The role that education has played in my life cannot go unnoticed. My life has become a better one as I can make better judgments and decisions that shape my deeds. I also learned that excellence is achieved through persistence and the ability to fight for the best. Education is the best thing that happened in my life.
Education has transformed me into an autonomous thinker. I always think big and out of the box. The tendency to blame nature as a cause of our misfortunes is a gone thing. I believe in hard work, persistence, sincerity and transparency. As a student of counseling psychology, am destined at giving guidance to people who suffer from psychological torture or trauma. Counseling Society members eliminates the worry, and this makes them become positive and cope with the challenges that arise. The government must come up with educational reforms that will ensure that education is affordable and mandatory to every citizen. Change is inevitable. From Charles Darwin, we learn that it’s not only the strongest species that survive but the most adaptable to changes. Let’s educate the society so that we can solve the mysteries of poverty and desperation for the future generation. I am still pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in counseling psychology, and the progress is amazing. I am a transformed individual and very optimistic in life.

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