Good Example Of Essay On An Upsurge In Discrimination Against The Prostitutes

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Philosophy 3I03 Women’s Studies

For a long time, most countries have ignored the women’s contributions to the country. In addition, males consider women as inferior beings who should always take orders from the male counterparts without further questioning. Therefore, the state created fear in most women, and it inhibited the recognition and exploitation of talents in the women. On the other hand, the women were denied their rights and freedoms due to the male chauvinism in the communities. Nonetheless, the rise of feminists resulted in women empowerment, and it resulted in equal treatment without any discrimination.

Many countries exercised discrimination how they treated the prostitute women especially the Indians in the United States. However, the discrimination had to do with racism in the country. On the other hand, the Canadian government legalized the sex workers thereby leading to an increase in the number of the sex workers. The state argued that the imposition of the rules and the regulations would increase the agitation in people because most of the citizenry believe that the legislators formulate rules for people to break. Therefore, lack of regulation would leave many questions to the sex commercial workers, and it discouraged them (Barnes, 2014).

Motives of the Bill C-36

However, Bill C-36 aimed at protecting the prostitutes in Canada, but different people had different reactions towards it. The feminists argued that the bill denied the women their rights and freedoms because it criminalized most of the activities (Moran, 2013). Why should the bill incline to the women prostitutes and ignore the men who also participate in the industry? Therefore, the feminist wanted the bill to make it legal to sell sex but illegal to buy it in order to target the men who paid the prostitutes after getting the services. However, the government was inclined to the effects on the girls and the women because it exposed many females to greater dangers as compared to the male counterparts. Conversely, the prostitution issue aimed at defending the girl child because it led to exploitation of many people. For a long time, the Canadian government treated prostitution as a nuisance and never accorded it the resources to address it. Therefore, the government perceived that the bill would help in women protection.

Factors that lead to the rise in prostitution

Most of the women who engage in prostitution came from poor backgrounds and marginalized groups (Moran, 2013). How many girls from well up families turn to prostitution? There have been cases where the girls from the rich families opt for prostitution due to other factors. Therefore, no one should generalize that poverty is the reason for many girls’ joining prostitution. Some of these factors include; drug abuse and psychological factors. However, the bill also created stigmatization in the prostitutes because they feared that the bill subjected them to discrimination. Should the government legalize prostitution and treat it like any other business? As much as the feminists would state they were advocating equal rights for the women, what message would they send to the young adults?

Effects of the Bill

Nonetheless, the bill greatly affected the different races that lived in Canada. The law also affected the migrants due to the lack of conversant with the new prostitutes in the country. Nevertheless, the government should scrap off the law due to its unconstitutionality. The legislators criminalized most of the prostitution activities because it denied the women prostitutes the rights and freedoms. The government adopted the confrontation methods with the prostitutes thereby creating a strained relationship with the other people (Moran, 2013). Additionally, the methods would not help the situation because the prostitutes would conduct their businesses with the motive of showing the ineffectiveness of the government.

Ways to curb prostitution

On the other hand, people also earn a living by engaging in prostitution. For this reason, the Canadian government needed to decriminalize the sex work. As a result, it would increase the recognition of commercial sex workers as business people whose main aim revolves around making profits. Therefore, decriminalizing prostitution would give more freedom to the sex workers thereby developing a sense of belonging to one’s country. Nonetheless, why would the government decriminalize the immoral activities in the country? Therefore, some critics especially the feminists would argue the action would increase the prostitution rates thereby leading to the high rate of abortions and criminal activities. Legalizing the act would bring about ethical issues among the leaders because it portrayed a negative message to the future leaders (Barnes, 2014). Additionally, it would lure the young adults to discredit the education because there was the prostitution business that attracted a lot of income.
Alternatively, the government could also formulate rules and regulations that aimed at protecting the prostitutes from discrimination from the other society members. However, it is essential to befriend the prostitutes because the people could use it as an avenue to convince the prostitutes to stop from engaging in such businesses. As a result, the feminists would agree with the proposal because no one deserves to face discrimination. Why would people discriminate the women prostitutes, but embrace the men prostitutes? For this reason, the feminists advocated the eradication of the discrimination among the women because it limited their freedom of rights. However, the women in power would help the feminists achieve the objective and especially the legislators (Moran, 2013). Alternatively, the women could also conduct demonstrations in the country to air their grievances thereby leading to the state addressing it appropriately.
Therefore, before criminalizing prostitution, the government needed first to address the cause factors that drove women to prostitution. In addition, the women in power should also advocate and pressurize the government on allocating funds to provide the basic needs to the citizenry in order to control the prostitution. For this reason, the government needed to address, the provision of the social amenities and affordable housing as a way of curbing prostitution. With the provision of the factors above, it would help make life bearable and affordable to most people. Therefore, the availability of the basic needs would curb the prostitution menace because most women turn to prostitution in order to earn a living to meet their daily and basic needs.
However, the women organizations and the feminists should consider the plights that the prostitutes go through before supporting or rejecting the bill. For instance, the prostitutes face a lot of challenges in the line of duty like, lack of pay from the other party, physical and emotional abuse. For this reason, before the government also decriminalizes prostitution, they needed to address the above factors because it resulted to a double loss to the women (Barnes, 2014). That is the consideration of the actions as illegal and the other challenges they face from the other parties.
Nonetheless, many feminists would argue on the basis of women exploitation. However, no one forces one to indulge in such activities. Alternatively, the prostitutes also possess adequate information about what goes on in the industry; therefore, they should not blame anyone for their predicaments. The women could also avoid such activities because most of the women in the prostitution do not get contented with the little money they get thereby opting for prostitution. For this reason, they should learn to get satisfied with the little money they get and work harder for more (Moran, 2013). Consequently, stating that prostitution led to women exploitation does not paint a clear picture at hand because; the same women indulge in such activities with the clear knowledge of the consequences.
However, the issue of the prostitution came at the helm of many individuals where some opposed women and feminists opposed the bill C-36. Nonetheless, Barnes says that some women get in to prostitution for business purposes thereby differing with the feminists who argued that patriarchy enforced women into prostitution. On the other hand, Moran states that poverty was the main force behind prostitutes because she got in to it when she was 15 but managed to deliver herself at the age of 22. Nevertheless, I think that people should never discriminate the prostitutes because there are different factors that force people into it. Nonetheless, no country should encourage prostitution because it leads to the moral decay of the societies. Therefore, people should come together to provide solution to prostitutions. However, it shows that the prostitutes who get there involuntary have a chance to liberate themselves if they wish. Consequently, she encouraged many prostitutes that it was possible to withdraw from the immoral acts.


In summation, the different approaches concerning feminism in the prostitution issue, and it creates division among the women. The disagreements on how the people should treat the bill widened the gap between the supporters and the opponents of the bill. Nonetheless, the women in prostitution should never face discrimination because the male counterparts also enjoy the rights and freedoms as the rest. On the other hand, the lack of regulation of prostitution would lead to the moral decay of the communities would the country rubberstamp the actions. Therefore, there were two critical issues that the government and the feminists needed to look into in order to come with the best solutions (Moran, 2013). The two groups needed to eliminate the disagreements that arose from the issue via arriving at a consensus. All in all, all parties should work towards addressing the cause factors to prostitution.


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