Free Essay On Effects Of Global Warming On The Marine Environment

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Published: 2020/11/14

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Global warming is having derogatory effects on the marine environment. Even an increase of 1 degree Celsius of temperature in the sea will lead to wiping out of the coral reefs which are natural homes for many underwater animals (, 2015). Increase in temperature leads to “coral bleaching” or separation of algae from the corals (, 2015). The algae and the coral reefs otherwise have a symbiotic relationship between the two, but the increase in the temperature of the oceanic water the algae gets detached from the coral reefs, thus making the corals white in color. The corals this way are losing the color and becoming more and more degraded. The increasing global temperature is equally impacting the marine environment, leading to acidification of the oceanic water and thus harming the marine lives inside. Human activities or anthropogenic activities have a great role in causing the destruction to the world under the water. The results of the activities are decreased ocean productivity, disturbed food web dynamics, reduction in the number of habitat forming species and more chances of disease occurrence (Hoegh Guldberg and Bruno, 2010). The increase in primary productions has lead to an increase in the spreading of the dead zones. In a study conducted and reported in 2008, they showed that the dead zones have been reported from more than 400 systems, this high number signifies that almost 245,000 square kilometers of area have become dead zone, thus posing a great threat to the marine life (Diaz and Rosenberg, 2008). With each passing year the risk is increasing manifolds, thus threatening the marine life and the biodiversity.
The global marine program by WWF is working towards the betterment of the marine environment. They are insisting the Governments and different forums all over the world to frame policies and regulations in order to reduce the carbon dioxide levels on the Earth and thus save the marine life (, 2015). An article by the UN chronicle suggests that the marine environment, especially the coral reefs can be protected by taking adaptation measures, as for example, restoration of the reefs, looking for stress tolerant species, decreasing the incidences of over fishing and developing marine protected areas. Not just these measures, exhaustive efforts are required to improve energy efficiency, reducing deforestation, and reducing emission of harmful substances in the environment and water bodies (Creary, 2013).
Common people can reduce the global warming and hence its impacts by putting in some efforts which will reduce the overall temperature of the Earth. On a personal level people should employ habits which will have beneficial effects for the environment. Deforestation needs to be reduced, as a matter of fact; the major cause of global warming is deforestation. Human beings are cutting down forests for their own benefits, and thus ignoring the Mother Nature and harming her.
The usage of aerosol sprays, CFC related products and other substances which lead to thinning of the ozone layer needs to be stopped at the earliest. Although a lot has been done in this regard, but more efforts are required to be taken. The use of plastic bags are still going on in certain parts of the world, this is a serious issue and should be looked after by the Government and other organizations for a healthier environment.
Children, the future of every country can contribute a lot in this regard. They need to be taught the importance the afforestation, they should be encouraged to plant more and more trees, not only in the school campus but also at their homes. They are the generation who can influence the grownups and thus have a major contribution in the betterment of the environment.


Global warming is a serious issue which is harming the whole world. The people all over the world need to be more sensitive and concerned towards the issue and take every step that they can for the betterment of the environment. Global warming is causing havocs all over the Earth. The increasing Earth’s temperature is not just hampering loves under the water, but is also affecting lives and the natural resources on the land. The melting ice of the poles due to the rise in temperature is a sign of great destruction that can occur in few more years to come. We as the present generation are risking the lives of the future generation. Industrialization, modernization and civilization are becoming heavy burdens for our lives. The people are paying the cost of these things with their and their children’s lives. The nature is being harmed ruthlessly. Steps are taken indeed, but they are still not sufficient. A lot more needs to be done, people need to get more sensitive and sensible regarding the issue of global warming. Only a sensitive population can help in reducing the global warming and hence its impacts. Lastly, it is all in the hands of the common people to combat the menace, it is them who have to decide the steps and abide by them.


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