The Death Of Money: Project Prophecy 2.0 Movie Review Samples

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Published: 2020/12/30

The Death of Money: Project Prophecy 2.0 provides a frightening look at the imminent collapse of the American, as well as the global economy that is expected to occur in the fairly near future. Jim Rickards, who once worked with the CIA and Pentagon to advise them against financial threat and warfare, is interviewed regarding the impending devastation that Americans should prepare for. The collapse of the dollar leading to the end of America as the world super power is a reality to prepare for. Jim Rickards and his colleagues are warning the politicians and the Federal Reserve of their predictions of one of America’s “darkest periods” in history, with a 25 year period of recession. Based on the findings delivered in the interview, Americans must take some steps to prepare for this catastrophe that is unavoidable.
Jim Rickards has an expert in the world of business and Wall Street who was requested to help the Fed and the CIA for threats to the financial system for problems, such as insider trading that occurred just prior to the 9/11 attacks. He, along with other experts helping with the issues, created a plan called Project Prophecy that would use price signals to determine if a threat was present against the United States, which could be recognized and stopped prior to occurring.
The financial crisis has already begun with the Fed having produced 3.1 trillion dollars’ worth of new money since 2008, which has added to the growing burden of the 17.5 trillion dollar debt for the United States, and 127 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities. According to Jim, the dollar is the biggest threat to the nation. One of the problems is of the Fed’s manipulative and unethical decision to print money and suggest that everything is fine, and that people can freely spend. The dollar is continuing to drop at a faster rate than was seen during the Great Depression, and the Fed is trying desperately to course correct, which they are unable to do. Several key warnings are provided to warn the public of the coming fall that include- the increasing debt that is causing the economy to slow down, velocity of money plummeting drastically, and finally the misery index that adds the unemployment rate with the inflations rate to determine the social collapse of the nation. The Intelligence Community is stated to be watching these signs that are present as we await the annihilation.
Unfortunately the Fed is aware that they are insolvent, but will not publicly acknowledge this fact. As the primary lender to the major entities of the nation, this is a big problem. Adding to that is the incredible debt of the private banking systems, almost making the country ‘function’ on imaginary money. The stock market is also predicted to fold at any time. With all these already alarming facts comes another problem involving other countries who purchase the American debt issued by the treasury of the United States. A big portion of this debt has been purchased by countries that do not have the best relations with the U.S. and can then use the debt against the country by dumping the treasuries, which is already happening. Basically, no one is purchasing the debt and the Feds have no means to purchase the American debts, and when no one purchases the debt, the interest rates will sky rocket beginning a vicious cycle of financial ruin for the American economy. To add to this is the problem associated with the ‘petrodollar.’ The petrodollar was creating when the United States made a deal with Saudi Arabia agreeing to set the price of oil in U.S. dollars in exchange for military protection of Saudi Arabia. This decision made the dollar the global reserve currency, and the value increased. However, the relationship with Saudi Arabia has changed putting the petrodollar at risk. The Saudi’s are now working with countries like China instead of the U.S. Naturally this de-values the dollar even further.
The move toward gold as the exchange currency risks ending the era of the dollar. China has been increasing their gold reserves to hedge against the dollar. China working against the American economy is damaging to the Chinese economy too. Complete global economic collapse is on the horizon. Discussion of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) plan to remove the dollar as the global reserve currency and replace it with the SDR ( Special Drawing Rights, aka ‘world money’), which belongs to the IMF is a likely possibility. Jim Rickards has clearly declared that unnerving realities are to be expected by Americans and other citizens of the world. He closes the interview with several suggestions to help protect oneself from the financial disaster that is inevitably around the corner.
My personal ethical analysis of the situation surrounds the overwhelming lack of concern for the well-being of humanity and the majority of the world citizens that is at risk. The large power players involving politicians and the owners of the most valuable resources necessary to the functionality of life are using excessive amounts of greed to feed their pockets and egos. It is the regular people throughout the world that will pay the biggest price as the countries play with the currency and economy as if it were a game. These practices are extremely unethical in my opinion and a solution is not capable without a complete overhaul of the global system. Instead of the division and greed, the desire for a genuine attempt towards a world that cares about the citizens globally and as a unity is required for any change to occur. The suggestions Rickards provides at the end are helpful for the individuals who have investments or retirement plans that they wish to guard as this disaster arrives. But the solutions are only a socially responsible choice provided to those who can take the actions he suggest. The people who are already living in poverty and struggling have even less hope for the future if the facts in the movie are accurate. There are not enough powerful people anywhere in the globe that seem to be working towards an ethically social responsible solution for the global financial disaster that will ensue. The reality is frightening and disheartening for the majority of the world.

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