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Religion can be termed as a belief that is associated with a number of cultural beliefs and general views from different communities around the world. These beliefs are expected to be based on human nature and the need to believe in something. Religions are characterized by different symbols, stories and sacred histories that are aimed at explaining the existence of life. Other factors such as the creation of the universe are also put through by the use of religion depending on the religious belief. It is through religion that most people base their livelihood in relation to ethics and morality. Religions are organized in the essence that there are leaders who are mostly clergies who coordinate a particular place. Religion has advanced to the extent where there are numerous worship places that are strategically placed in different locations. Religions are expected to conduct sermons, rituals and different social ceremonies, which are expected to be conducted in an organized manner. However, despite the faith that a lot of people have put on religion, it is important to acknowledge that there is mythology associated with different religions. It is, therefore, important to ensure that people are well informed about a religion before partaking in their activities. Through this, people will be in a position to individually and confidently associate themselves with their religion of choice; this is because democracies serve powerful interests.

The Spread of Religion

Religions seems to have been developed in efforts to try and give a more convincing answer to different issues that were not being clearly answered through daily encounters (Chen, 2013). Religion came to gain a lot of favor and be institutionalized due to the comfort that it provided in giving answers that had been left unsolved for a long period of time. Religion has been seen to vary in different cultures. This is because different cultures have different emphasis about religion. Most cultures base their emphasis on practice while a number of cultures have solely based their religion on belief. The importance of religion varies based on the practice which is evaluated on individualism while other regions base it on community belief. Through such differences, it is clear that there are serious controversies about religion that have failed to match up to the whole idea of religion (Chen, 2013). Religions have come to be universal whereby there are a number of religions that have gained worldwide recognition. This is due to the approach that different religions have taken in ensuring that their regulations and beliefs are fit for a majority of the world’s population. Religion has also come to make ties with different social structures where it has in turn affected operations (Hedges, 2010).

Different Controversies and Theories Associated With Religion

It is through religions, Christianity to be precise that there has been the development of social constructionism which states that religion is a modern concept associated with different biblical teachings. Through this theory, there has been a lot of controversies since it states that religion is a modern belief that was meant for western countries. It is further stated that the stated that the spread of religion to other non-western countries was uncalled for. Through such theories, it is clear that there are a number of issues surrounding religion that need to be resolved. Religion has also been seen to undergo a lot of changes with time; this is evident in the changes which have almost eliminated the role of history in religion.
Various critiques have been written trying to illustrate how religion is a western belief and how it was developed through Christianity. It speared to other countries apart from the West is continuously condemned. Through such critiques, there are a lot of controversies since religion, and the teachings that are found in the different religions state that religion is universal. It is clear that there are issues which need to be addressed that will put to test the competence of the western critiques on why religion has continuously been contradicting by the same people who developed it. This is because religion as it has been stated in different constitution across different countries should be an individual choice (Hedges, 2010). This is because religion has no proper explanation as to elaborate the need for its practice and beliefs. Religion should not be forcefully expected to be imposed on a person since it is a personal choice. This is due to the different controversies about religion, which have given for speculations which have made people lock themselves away from religion.
It is also inevitable not to note the different social aspects that have been affected by religion. This is because most societies have incorporated religion into health care systems leading to the development of more hospitals that belong to different religious groups. Through this, it is clear that there is economical development that has been associated with religion. However, there have been questions that have cropped the question the way the different social amenities and facilities are being operated. This is due to different critiques which state that the church should not be involved with the construction of their independent facilities. This is attributed to the various financial games that have been associated with such facilities where they are said to be exploiting people.
Through analyzing such aspects, it is clear that there is social disorder. This is because the different religious groups are putting too much effort into works that should be left out for other people to handle. Social change has also been experienced where there are a number of people who are discriminating against the minority religion. This is based on the individual belief that has been instilled in people that have made people have a certain notion regarding different religions. Through such notions, it is clear to state that religion has affected the society negatively when there are cases of social disorder and change.
Religion as a form of community should be indirectly involved in the management of social facilities rather than direct involvement (Hedges, 2010). This should be done by voluntary work and the contribution of resources; this is the kind of image that different religions should create. This would relevant in making sure that there are few damages made to religion than the already existing controversies (Hedges, 2010). It is evident that religion unlike in previous times has come to be biased due to the many efforts that have been made to fund its activities. This has in the long run ended up making religion loose cause since religion is not intended to be a means of acquiring financial aid to the individuals who participate in spreading it. It is evident through numerous critiques that there has been social change and disorder since region has been turned into a business seeking enterprise where people have continuously been misled.

Comparison between the Middle Eastern Societies and Western Societies

Religion has been seen to preach about the need for love and peace. However, this is not the case; it is evident that there are a number of violent issues that have fueled by religion. The western societies have spread the need for love as they have learned in their religion. This is not the case since the western countries are seen discriminating against Eastern and other countries that they do not find fit to believe in their beliefs. This goes against any teachings that they seem to have been trying to emphasize. History records that there has been a number of wars that have been fueled by religion. This is particularly common in the Western countries since the need to practice self-righteousness is common. These stated issues are the ones that have contributed to different wars that have been witnessed across members of different religious faiths. Such wars have left a lot to be questioned since it is expected that religion and the western countries civilization should facilitate democracy.
Despite the spread of a common religion with Christianity being one of the most common religions in the world, it is inevitable not to acknowledge the differences that do exist. These differences are evident in the different countries across the world (Chen, 2013). It is impossible not to notice the significant difference in belief and practices between the western and eastern countries. Despite the existence of a common belief, it should be noted that religion in many instances is affected by the different cultural practices that a certain community is accustomed to.
It is through the differences in cultural practices that individualism is developed and maintained since despite taking up a certain religion there is a need to maintain a sense of belonging. This is what has led to the development of the differences experienced in religion; Western countries, unlike eastern countries try to maintain some modernity into their religion. However, eastern countries have over the years ensured that their cultural belief and practices have carefully been integrated to religion. Religion in many instances is Christianity, Muslim, and Indus. Through incorporating different cultural practices to these religions by Eastern countries, there is a possibility that there are likely to be some controversies.
Eastern countries have also been noted to take up religion based on ethnicity. This is unlike in western countries where ethnicity is not highly regarded in faith. It is clearly put across in different religions that equality is valued and needs to be maintained to promote harmony. It is stated that these factors are likely to affect the competence of the religion theory. These changes in belief have led to the degradation questioning of the role that religion has played in the society. This is contrary to the belief that should be held where religion should be left unchallenged. The whole essence of the development of religion was to try and credit religion with things that had failed to be well understood. Therefore, questioning religion creates a serious controversy that should be avoided at all costs.
Controversies have also been fueled in the western countries by science. This has been ignited by the existence of educational classes across schools where evolution is taught which in turn contradict religion to a very serious extent. This is because, through these kinds of studies, the credibility of religion is seriously challenged since science is used to account for most of the things that had previously been left unanswered (Hedges, 2010). The possibility of a scientific explanation that explains matters such as creation, a majority of people have differed from religion since they find the scientific explanations more credible. Western countries are among the top country that have over recent years taken up the evolution theory and doing away with religion to a certain extent.
Despite the existence of the evolution theory, it is clear that the Eastern countries have failed to recognize the possibility that lies with the evolution theory. This is due to the difference in culture where a majority of eastern countries have tried to not to go against their cultural practices and beliefs. This is because their beliefs have a long history which they value and see the need to continuously pass it over to other generations. Through proper analyzing the eastern countries religion, it is clear that the existence of a super natural being that over saw creation has been maintained. Therefore, it would be against all beliefs to try and disrespect this by giving credit to scientist who have developed different theories to explain creation.


Through the different theories and controversies surrounding religion that have been evaluated, it is clear that there lie a number of differences in belief. The differences vary depending on communities and cultural practices of a country. This has been well put through the differences that are in existent and particularly among western and eastern countries. It is clear that there despite religion being related to some extent, there are a number of differences that have been developed which question religion and various beliefs.


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