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It has been already said and written a lot about gobal warming. Almost every day new hypotheses about the essence of this problem appear, and the old ones are refuted. Mankind is constantly frightened by the scientists about its future, and at some point global warming for many has become a global confusion, and scores of people have lost all the interest in the climate change. Lots of articles and publications openly contradict each other, misleading the people, and nowadays the problem of global warming is usually ignored by the public. However, such negligence can result in a global catastrophe; therefore, one must attract people’s attention to the problem, and to let them know about the main causes of the global warming, since when they know what can cause the problem, they can prevent it from happening.
“Global Warming is the increase of Earth's average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. This is a type of greenhouse effect”.( Very often, as a synonym for global warming scientists use the phrase "greenhouse effect", however there is a small difference between these concepts. Greenhouse effect - the increase in average annual temperature of the surface layer of Earth's atmosphere and of the oceans due to rising concentrations in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, etc.).These gases act as a film or a greenhouse glass, passing the Sun’s rays to the surface of the Earth, however trapping the heat, which aims to leave the atmosphere of the planet. Scientists started talking about the problem of global warming for the first time in 1960s, and the global organizations, such as UN, began paying attention to the problem only by 1980s. Since then, many scientists have been scratching their heads about the problem, usually refuting each other’s theories and assumptions. And while they are trying to figure out the ways of solving the problem, let’s take a close look at the things that cause global warming and greenhouse effect.
Until this day the scientists are not 100% certain about the main cause of the climate change. There are scores of theories and assumptions, that try to explain this phenomenon, and only those hypotheses that deserve some attention will be discussed here.
According to the first and one of the most popular hypotheses, the main cause of the global warming is the change in the solar activity. It is a well known fact that all the climatic processes that occur on our planet depend on our main star — the Sun. Therefore, even the small changes in solar activity will certainly affect the weather and climate on the Earth. They say that global warming was caused by the increase of the solar activity, and considering the fact that in the future the activity may go on the wane, there is a small chance that the problem will just disappear. However only in case if this hypothesis is 100% true.
The next possible cause of the global warming is a man. Such a hypothesis is definitely the most popular among the masses, since it caused a huge resonance and made people fee guilty. The very fast going climatic changes during the last couple of decades can be theoretically explained by the ever-increasing intensification of human activities, which might have a tremendous impact on the chemical composition of the atmosphere of our planet in the direction of increasing its content of greenhouse gases. Indeed the increase in average air temperature lower layers of Earth's atmosphere to 0,8 ° C over the past 100 years - the speed is too high for natural processes earlier in Earth's history, such changes have occurred for thousands of years. Recent decades have added even more weight to this argument, since changes in mean air temperature occurred even more rapidly - 0,3-0,4 ° C over the last 15 years.
There are also some thoughts that the main causes of the global warming might lie in oceans or volcanic activity on Earth. Volcanic activity is the source of the Earth's atmosphere aerosols of sulfuric acid and a large amount of carbon dioxide that can also significantly affect the Earth's climate. Large eruptions are accompanied by the original receipt due to cooling of the Earth's atmosphere sulfuric acid aerosols and soot particles. Subsequently, the amount of CO2received by the atmosphere after the volcano eruption might increase the average temperature on Earth.
Looking at all of the aforementioned factors, one can make a conclusion that all of them might be the cause of the global warming, and most likely the climate change on our planet is the result of various factors. It is commonly believed that in the nearest future people will try to take control over the Earth’s climate, and time will show whether or not it will be successful. If the mankind fails to do it, and if people do not change their lifestyle, they are most likely to have the same end as dinosaurs once had.

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