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First of all, you need to determine what constitutes a broom. Broom and consists of a base of flexible rods, which are attached to the base. Broom can be wood or plastic, with plastic or natural bristles. Since the purpose of this assignment is to find a method of recycling plastic waste, we will make a plastic broom with plastic bristles (Recycle, 2015).
As a basis for the broom, you can choose any old shoe brush, floor brush or just a piece of wood with holes in it. The length, width and thickness of this wooden bar are chosen as the most suitable. I recommend 25 centimeters in length and 6 centimeters in width and about 2 centimeters in thickness. If you do not want to make the bar, you can use an old brush. It is necessary to clean this brush from the old bristle, cut off it by scissors or a knife. A bristle should be cut to the ground. The main element of our brooms is plastic bottles. This can be bottle of any displacement. The form of the bottles should be smooth and cylindrical. When selecting the bottle you should consider the thickness of the bottle’s walls. Firstly, a plastic bottle should be washed and dried. After that, cut the neck. Then you need to separate the central cylinder of the bottle from the bottom side of the bottle and from the restriction of the neck. The next step is to get the material for the manufacture of bristle broom. Take the cylinder and cut it on a flat strip. This can be done either with scissors or a special cutter. I must say that this process is long and requires patience. As a result, we made a long ribbon of the cylinder bottle. The resulting plastic tape may not serve more bristle broom. This is due to the fact that it is soft and twists in the ring. The tape became resilient and smooth, it is necessary to heat it. Heat the tape carefully over any fire source - gas burner, a candle, a blowtorch. It is necessary to smoothly and evenly stretching the tape over the fire to heat it enough, but do not burn and do not melt. As a result, you should get a firm plastic bristles for brushes. Now we need to collect bristle panicle. Number of brushes in the broom everyone defines for himself, depending on the size of the base. A plastic tape should be cut into strips with the length of 20-25 centimeters. Take the necks of the bottles and glue them together. Insert a beam of panicle in the glued necks hole. It is necessary to tightly fill the hole. After that daub the hole and adjacent part of the beam with glue (101 Uses For a Plastic Bottle, 2015).
The pre-form should be dried. The next stage is to prepare the grounds for a broom. Take the cork from the bottle and attach them with screws to the bottom of the broom. Plugs should be attached along the base of the broom. I recommend attaching the plug in two or three rows to the broom was more stable and durable. Then connect the panicle and the base, attach the handle and broom ready.
Practical tests have shown that the broom has excellent working quality! It perfectly cleans hard surfaces – concrete or asphalt. For one or two passes a broom rips even compacted by road wheels snow, which often unable to do by even the snow shovel. Using bottles of different colors, you can get different color combinations in panicles, and, most importantly, this is an exclusive device, which no one of your neighbors can get! I'm not talking about the environment – we’ve constructed a new broom and recycle the empty bottles. The environment is not polluted.
If you have unused manufacturing brooms necks with plugs - do not rush to throw them away. Glued together two neck with traffic jams is a beautiful container for all sorts of little things. The main thing is that it is hermetic. This means that it can save, for example, matches, tablets, salt, pepper to stay them dry. In such container you may also put AAA batteries. To avoid confusion, in which a container that is - you cannot even sign them, enough to make their necks and caps of different colors. Then just do not forget that the white, for example, is for salt and orange is for matches.
It should be noted that the above algorithm is quite difficult to manufacture brooms. There is another way, which is simpler. However, in my experience, the broom gets a lower quality. A broom from plastic is very light and durable and will serve you for a long time. We need for manufacturing plastic bottles of different size. On the number of bottles will depend on the density, and hence, the strength of the broom. Try to take the bottles with similar top part, for ease of assembly. Bottles must be prepared. For this it is necessary first to cut top and bottom of the bottle. But for the one smaller bottle we only cut the bedplate and the top is not cut. Then slice pre-forms ​​into strips from 0.5 to 2 cm in width. Also, we need to prepare for assembly a pair of covers. To do this, from a plastic bottle caps cut the ring with a thread and a little white cap on the jar to make the holes. Then assemble a broom. On the smallest bottle strung all the other cut workpieces. Fix the broom - put on little white top cover and tighten the ring. The next step - flatten our billet. By the nail, warmed on the fire, a hole should be drilled on the very panicle, and one hole should be drilled on the neck of the bottle. For strengthening it is necessary to seal the broom. I have not found a handy wire and fasten the entire assembly by plastic rope. This broom from plastic bottles can serve for a long time. In other case, you can easily make a new one. The scheme below shows the steps of constructing the broom from plastic bottles (Making Broom From Used Plastic Bottles, 2015):

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