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The fabric vendor unbuttoned a silk blouse, making no effort to shield her large breasts, which were a few shades lighter than her face (22). Small Claire lost her mother when she was a small a girl. She needs someone to take care of her. Her father Nozias finds a fabric vendor. She woman is impersonalized to show the importance of action rather than person.
Surrounding her was dazzling glow. It was as though her patch of the sea were being lit from below (33). This moment shows that Claire is in the center of the action. Also, it proves her love to the sea. And that she is very important to her father.
Without thinking, she wiped a warm mist from her face and stuffed the koki into her mouth (59).Gaelle is pregnant is this moment. Her tastes are different from tastes of an ordinary people. Besides, she wanted to see who will win – the frog or her daughter. It was a symbolic act of further struggle for life.
My name is Pamaxime Voltaire (97).This name is given to a son of Flore Voltaire. She was raped and had a son after it. The Creole prefix means both his and not his. This means that only mother can be sure of his mane and origin.
Sometimes, with all his pedagogical lecturing, framed by his sweet-faced smile, she even wanted to hit Max Ardin. Not hard and not often, just one quick slap (128).This quote relates to Louise George, who works on the radio. She was a lover of Max Ardin in her youth. He was a very devoted lecturer and did not pay much attention to her. She needed it, though. The slap is a way to turn his attention
So she accepted the offer of two Special Forces policemen--childhood friends of both hers and her husband's--to seek another type of justice (145).Haiti is depicted as a cruel place, where corruption can be traced everywhere. Besides, friendly relationship also plays an important role there. Hence, the policemen would break the law but restore justice.
No one will ever love you more than you love your pain (153).This quote is very important for the whole novel. It is said to Gaelle, the fabric vendor, after her daughter dies. The character understands that it is true because her losses still keep her in the town and do not let her to start a new life.
But that night, she sensed, was different. He seemed lost (167). This quote refers to Max Ardin Junior. It was said by Flore before he raped her in her room. Flore is expecting something to be changed but cannot influence this.
But hadn't she just told him that her phone wasn't working? (188).This is moment is important for the life of Max Junior. Jessamine and Louise should appear in his life. He is missing. The author wants to show his indecisiveness in this situation.
He was a strong swimmer, but was always worried that he would be caught in a current and towed away. That he would disappear forever (196).This quote refers to Max Junior. He comes to the sea in the end of the story. He thinks about his life and his future. His main fear is that he will not be remembered, that there would be nothing left after him.
You could just as easily lie down in the sea as you might in the woods, and simply fall asleep (199). The sea is a metaphor of human being. The life is always related to death. You can do whatever you want in the sea and in your life but it will end with death one day.

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