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Part 2

The main reason and factor that made some European countries to be powerful was the improved technologies in military, trade, naval technology and the idea of mapping and map reading. Through these, they were able to expand their territories and at the same time expand their trades in different parts of the world. Their movements were facilitated by the knowledge in marine where they had experienced individual in this field which included; Vasco da Gama who was the first European from Portugal to sail directly from Europe to India; Ferdinand Magellan also anther sailor who had vast knowledge of navigation and map making, with the help of King Charles V of Spain, he guided a fleet of ship in finding a better route to Spice island; James Cook a naval British captain, navigator, and explorer managed to explore the coast of Canada and the Pacific Ocean.
These great people managed to explore many different routes for movement of their people in exploring their areas of trade. The ideas and expertise kept them ahead of the rest hence more powerful. This interaction during trade resulted in both cultural and biological exchange but all these worked in favor of the Europeans as these indigenous people they interacted were exposed to infectious diseases like smallpox which the Europeans had already developed immunities to. In this case, they were able to control these people and become more powerful since the cure for these diseases could only be found in them, the areas more affected by this was America population where most of the societies were weakened and destroyed. Tis destruction made most of these communities so vulnerable to exploitation and conquered.
These European countries also explored their advanced military experience and technological advancements which they gained from their past conflicts with other native communities in forcing their will on the people. During the seven-year war, which was first experienced in Europe between Prussia and Austria, while the second war was between Britain, France, and Spain which is known in America as French and Indian War. Through these wars, the European countries gained a lot of experience in dealing with other native communities they were able to conquer.
The combination of all the experience they had and the techniques plus all the resources like the steel-edged tools, gunpowder weapons, diseases made it had for other native communities from staging strong resistance to European exploration and almost impossible in most of the cases. At the same time, the Europeans had well-developed printing press made them t spread information easily amongst them encouraging further exploration in search of basic resources, land for cultivation and the desire of opening other trade routes to Asian markets at the same time in spreading Christianity. Their effort fostered the development of increasingly independent world which placed a good groundwork for other European people to dominate most of the affairs of the world.

Part 3

The motive of the European exploration was mostly in search of basic resources, suitable land for their cash crops, the desire of opening new routes for trade and lastly in search of market for their product and not forgetting the spread of Christianity.
The new trade goods entering the market at this time included African slaves, rum, sugar wool, silk, textile, pepper and spices, cotton, tea, coffee, tobacco as well as manufactured goods such as utensils, clocks and weapons. The demand of these gods in every market facilitated colonization and trade in that the goods created opportunity for profits which encouraged Europeans investments in these areas.

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