Good Literature Review On Genetic Selection And Its Impact On Improving Animal Welfare

Type of paper: Literature Review

Topic: Genetics, Selection, Animals, Health, Disease, Medicine, Livestock, Resistance

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Published: 2020/10/05

Literature Review

The definition of genetic selection and animal welfare.
The parameters for the assessment of animal welfare.
The importance of genetic selection for the safety and health of livestock.
How genetic selection contributes to the general production levels of livestock.
The contribution of genetic selection to the development of positive emotions in livestock.
Rate of production and profitability indices due to genetic selection in animals.
A brief outline of the topics and areas of interest:
Considerations for animal welfare
Benefits of genetic selection
Methods of genetic selection
Genetic profiling and analysis for resistance
Considerations for animal welfare

Standards for proper animal welfare.

How genetic selection helps meet the conventional standards for animal welfare.
Legal provisions for proper animal standards.
Identification and integration of best animal care practices in animal farming
Animal welfare audit services and scientific investigations into genetic and DNA procedures.
Resource-based measures that assess the risk factors in animal welfare.
Handling animal health concerns
The benefits of genetic selection
The contribution of genetic selection for high production of livestock.
The combination of hierarchical breeding structure to increase homozygosity.
Positive impact of genetic selection on animal behavior
Aggression, feather pecking and cannibalism in chicken
Damaging behavior in pigs such as mutual fighting, tail, flank, and ear biting.
Potential impact of genetic selection for small ruminant breeding programs.
A cost-benefit analysis of genetic selection for small-scale farmers
Economic benefits of genetic selection.
The social benefits of genetic selection
The cost implications for genetic selection
Modern methods of genetic selection
Examples of the conventional and contemporary processes of genetic selection
Ongoing studies on genomic selection
Technological advances and modifications in genetic selection
The advantages of using the modern genetic selection procedures
How to conduct genetic selection
Stages of genetic selection
Factors to consider while administering genetic selection
Considerations for the appropriate breeding schemes
Meat breeding programs
Dairy breeding programs
Genetic selection and its contribution to the resistance of disease in livestock
An overview of disease-causing agents
Viruses and TSEs
Parasites and Vectors
Genetic structure
How genetic selection can contribute to disease alleviation in livestock
Genetic profiling and analysis and genetic selection for resistance to disease
Genetic aspects of disease resistance:
Examination of livestock transcripts for resistance.
Differential expressions and analysis of the immunity of livestock.
Identification of disease resistant animals and qualities that explain their disease resistance.
Gene ontology and intestine structure as vital components of animal resistance to disease.
Cross-breeding for resistance
Factors to consider while cross-breeding the livestock in genetic selection.
Modern methods of cross-breeding and their implications for disease resistance.
High disease-resistant cross-breeds and their modes of management
Models of genetic selection and their contribution to animal health
Genetic factors contributing to disease resistance
Temperament of animals
Management of highly reactive animals
Body structure of animals
Immune structure of the most resistant breeds
How to quantitatively measure the impact of genetic selection for animal production
Pragmatic assessment methods
How the estimation of genetic breeding values for livestock using genetic selection helps to take stock of the production levels.
Summary of the importance of genetic selection in reducing animal vulnerability to disease
The long-term and short-term benefits of genetic selection.
Recommendations for proper genetic selection in small-scale and large –scale farming
A brief restatement of the modern methods of genetic selection and their contribution to animal welfare.
Restatement of genetic selection and its contribution to livestock production.


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