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Islamism: The Divide of Sunnism and Shiaism Deepens in the Middle East

The sectarian trends are historic in Islam, and the Muslims failed to resolve the issue of choosing leadership after the death of Mohammad (Hamilton, 175). There were two factions in this regard, one arguably ceased government of Medina after electing Abu Bakar as predecessor of the Prophet. However, the Arabian regime (sunnis) led the Muslim world while Iranians (shias) kept on groveling about unlawful takeover of the right that belonged to Ali who was the first cousin of Mohammad. The sectarian trends did more damage to the internal system of the nation than any external force could have ever done. With the passage of time, the shias remain in constant search of taking control of the vital national systems operating in the Muslim world. The Middle East is the key towards establishing powerful presence in the Islamic collective because the area is having enriched deposits of crude oil and minerals (Mikesell, 4). The geographical location is known to be having vast fields those supposedly store natural gems as well. The economic experts are calling the Middle East the golden sparrow so the possibilities of wealth creation are immense to say the least after establishing government in the region. However, the need to apply Islamic philosophy is least of the concerns those are driving the decisional process of the current Islamic leadership.
The Saudis are providing financial support to their favorite sect in Bahrain, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations, and Iran is doing the same with shias as well. The countries are fighting useless battles over a theological matter that had occurred centuries ago. Both sunnis and shias are forced to consider each other as enemies of Islam, and therefore, two groups are fighting to clean the religion from insurgents. In other words, the war between followers of Abu Bakar and those of Ali is enraging based on hatred that both of the sects feel for each other. However, Iran and Arab are looking to achieve their filthy political agendas through causing extreme level of bloodshed in the Gulf States.
The upper social class of the Muslim states have created island of wealth around those their fellowmen are dying out due to hunger and poverty. The unemployment rates are off the chart, and prostitution rings have become one of the defining attributes of the societies. Secondly, the social setups are disintegrating because people have developed deep mental issues. The ethics are going down as well because majority of the people do not earn enough so that they can meet their food requirements (Dhanani and Islam, 1229). The sunnis and shias are fighting a political war, and they are reigning over the minds of the masses through the mechanism of illiteracy. They are not providing resources in order to let the next generation develop mental and analytical skills in order to decipher the deeper realities of life. In the meanwhile, the entire nations are plunged into darkest realms of superstitions and ignorance, the elite social generations are living extravagant lives because they are not facing any competition in the local job market. The financial system of the Islamic nations is running on the basis of interest that Mohammad forbids in his last address. The racism is more than prevalent in the communities those were formed in the name of Islam. The youth is dying out due to various kinds of addictions, there is no educational initiative to provide the youngsters with the awareness about unprotected sex, and therefore, AIDS and Hepatitis are growing with leaps and bounds. The governments are pressing the relevant data so that it would not get out because the international community of the nations will not take these issues lightly, and the global institutions might terminate trade relations with the Muslim world as well. The Muslims do not have to blame infidels for their condition because they are doing a pretty good job in order to destroy their own national, religious, and social identities. They are thinking in economic terms, and they have to endorse divides in the societies because they will allow them to get rid of the poor and weak.

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