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Police brutality is a psychological outcome, and we have discussed that in the previous paper regarding the same topic. This version will further highlight the issues those work behind in order to cause the violence from police to escalate as a larger than life reality , and with the passage of time, psychologists have studied the phenomenon in an expanded fashion, and therefore, they have successfully identified some behavioral and social factors those contribute towards the manifestation of brutal behavior of police.
Firstly, the police officers have to keep their heads cool while performing their jobs. Secondly, they do not have to bring the problems of their home to work . The police officials have to make an effort regarding controlling their emotions from interfering with the need to fulfill their responsibilities in the society.
The theory of emotional intelligence argues that a person must redirect his or her emotions towards conduction of healthy activities in order to emerge as an effective citizen of the community , and the leaders have to play a valuable role in this regard as well because they have to allow their subordinates to share their problems and difficulties of life so that the prominent organizational figures can identify people who might need psychological help in order to get through a rough patch of their existences, and the social psychological theory has to find application in the setups of police throughout the world.
The educated minds do not have an urge to experience anger, but if they do have that particular mental need then, they divert their emotions in the direction of a person who they are angry with. One should follow the principle of justified anger during his or her life so that he or she does not feel guilt of abusing a person against the misdeeds of another one .
The police have a boundless duty to face stress and tension during the process of meeting their professional responsibilities, and therefore, they require expressing the resultant despair in constructive and creative manners. The development and support of alternative ego are the necessary steps on the path of leading a satisfactory life. The humans have the greatly embedded need and want to appreciate art and love.
Those officers who have families should divert their spare time towards the relevant households in order to have adequate degree of socialization experience, and at the same time, the leadership has to use a firmer hand in order to compel the unassociated individuals to seek out romantic interests in their lives so that they can have the luxury to share their pains and sufferings with the loved ones.
The usage of internet technologies such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger to stay in touch with the close social circle is valuable in terms of having a happy life. The police officers face and confront a lot of anguishes during their professional lives ., and therefore, they become angry subliminally, and after a while, they forget to feel another way. They start to have vengeance for their emotional labor from others, and eventually, develop suicidal urges to say the least. The department of policing has a history filled with incidents those involve a distressed officer who decided to attack his own colleagues. The leaders buried the mishaps of those kinds into the pile of official rubbish, and placed the underlying and empowering issues those the police have to deal with on a daily basis at a backburner.
Anger and sorrow have the combine power to cloud one’s judgment, and therefore, he or she can make a wrongful choice at a professional or personal level, and the emotional climate of the organization has a notable hand in the journey of determining organizational and job commitment amongst the employees. The strong ties between the leadership and subordinates have the strength to alleviate job stress that is no doubt the leading cause of police brutality all over the globe.
The officers must have the courage to smile and laugh during a criminal investigation because they are human beings after all, and they have the right to relax as well. Additionally, the senior management has to step forward, and train the junior ones regarding the need of maintaining emotional distance from the criminals and victims as well.
The abovementioned requirement of distancing from the concerned parties has an importance because the police have to manage their composure in order to reach maximum level of effectiveness resultantly.
The leadership has to create a living environment in the organizations so that the employees can find pleasure in their jobs without letting the element of boredom kick in, and the police officers have to receive a permission to entertain themselves with lighthearted pleasures such as listening to music during office hours. The management cannot eliminate the stressful nature of the job, but they can surely work in order to minimize the effects of tension and burnout in employees.
The practice of police brutality is nothing more than the expression of anger that one might experience due to the prolongation of his or her shift, or a family disturbance cause be a driving force behind an uncivilized act of the officer. The top management has to ensure that they have people with fresh minds working under them.
The induction of physical activity will go a long way in terms of soothing the tensed nerves of those who engage in order to serve the need to have a peaceful society. The failed Cop is the most dangerous due to his or her striking resemblance with a snake filled with venom looking to vent his fluids. The emotionally challenged person should have some time off in order to develop a new perspective, and clear his or her head as well. The leadership has to promote people on just grounds because demeritism will create strong emotional responses those can find a way out on the suspects.
The organizational leaders have to practice great level of care when dealing with the troubles of the police force because any insignificant overlook can attain the form of a horrifying trouble in just the matter of months. The leadership’s effectiveness with the reference to the management of organizational culture and atmosphere is going to determine the reduced degree of police brutality in the particular society.
The legal system does not entertain forced confession as an admissible proof in the court of law, and therefore, the investigative officers and criminologists have to rely on the presence of evidentiary material as a source of winning a conviction from the court. In this way, the police work will not have to include violence of any stature because the ethical side of the criminal investigation has received a powerful attention in the recent years.
However, the scientific application of ethics has placed barring responsibilities on the officers. The tighter regulations have the design to prevent an innocent person from going to jail, and the law is willing to let criminals walk away if the prosecution cannot support its case in the light of empirical evidence. The ethical behavior has become a defining attribute of an ideal officer’s personality, and therefore, he or she has to fight the process of unbecoming on a civic level.


This paper has highlighted the need to eliminate stress from the lives of police officers so that they cannot experience the need to express their feelings and emotions in a brutalizing fashion to say the least.
On the other hand, the top leadership cannot sleep their way through in this regard as well. Human developmental process occurs in a relaxed and conducive atmosphere as well, and the officers have to use their creativity as a meditative tool in the procedure of crime solving.
The employees have to establish the pattern of success that will bless them with needed confidence to muddle through their professional lives. The leadership has to lend a hand regarding creation of team culture in the organizational setups of police worldwide. The managers have to eliminate the operational, cultural and regulatory sources of stress from the organizations in order to cancel the influence of violence from the profession of policing.
The companies of corporate nature have the inspirational inventory that can impress the governmental departments to feel the difference in their capability of serving the attached and relevant public needs.


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