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Question 1:
I aim to gain enough experience that I can take up any task assigned to me. Usually, I think I get worried when I think of the end result. I think it is because of my fears of not meeting the desired log or target which is expected of me. I want to practice so that I am not making any mistakes.

Question 2:

I am keen on this belief that continues practice throughout the sessions will help me understand the practical demands. Obviously, practical life brings a lot of instants where decision-making and problem-solving must be considered an integral approach. At the same time, I am getting to know about my weaknesses such as not able to focus on one task. My attention is seemingly diverted to various things around me.

Question 3:

Like I mentioned before, I want to be able to get hold of every challenge and task that is assigned to me. I need to be sure that I am open to learning which is only possible when I am not thinking negatively about the task. Also, I think I want to be able to take up managerial skills within me. It is because it allows you to look at the situation from an upfront level. I am aware that it will have increased pressure at the same time. With the help of the sessions, I believe I will be able to get through and meet my goal of being flexible and effective in terms of tasks assigned.


The above questions are indicative of the goals that the coachee has set for himself. Also, it can also be noted that performance measures can also be measured using the answers of the questions. It comes to understanding that the coachee is a person who has a lot of knowledge and talent but there seems to be a need of practice. The answers provided in above will help in understanding the goals and performance to be set for the coachee.


Question 1:
I am sure to get a lot of projects at the same time, but there will be a matter of controlling quality. One should be able to deliver the project with quality. Therefore, I can only have five projects at a time to work. At the same time, I am aware of the fact that if one takes more than six projects then there will be better experience, learning and perks. However, I think one should be able to evaluate the need of the delivery.
Question 2:
I think the major aspect that is needed to be looked after while managing projects is the priority chart. One can never be able to complete projects if they do not know the severity or need of projects. Therefore, there needs to be a chart in which the projects can be placed in order. Hierarchy of the projects is much needed because the avid performance measures are directly associated with the way in which projects are taken under consideration.
Question 3:
I have a capability to get the work done with a quick pace. However, I have never been able to finish work in advance. I think that with the focused vision and goal chart, I will be able to manage work in advance. Working in advance seems to be an efficient level of a person. To achieve such a level will require a lot of focus and vision and making use of alternatives. I evaluate myself as a person who has yet to learn a lot of things. If I am able to manage time then it is likely that I will work in advance.


Question 1:
I think that personal deadlines remain a very significant subject. I think I should be able to work during the day when I will be active to manage to finish work on time. Also, making a to-do list is more likely to bring better results when it comes to managing work. In addition, I tend to stay unaware of the time that is left to meet a specific deadline.
Question 2:
There are many tables and templates that one should use in order to manage the to-do list. I will try to keep a journal of myself and check it on a daily basis. In this, I will be able to work before time and solve issue before the deadline expires.
Question 3:
There are many software and applications that I can download on my systems i.e. smart phone and laptop. It will keep me posted about the deadlines and the remaining time in the completion of work. I have noticed that such alternatives have always helped my peers and colleagues. Therefore, I will consider them as my options to meet the deadlines.


It is very important to understand that a person should be able to understand the weaknesses when it comes to work. It is because of such an indication that alternatives and changes can be appointed to make differences in approach or conduct. Therefore, the coach can make a plan for the coachee to follow. Looking at the weakness will allow better results and in the conduct of the coachee.


Question 1:
I do not wish to start new activities right away because often it is noted that one wants to make change but ultimately fail because of no plan or approach. Therefore, I would like to prepare myself mentally as well as planning wise so that I can bring effective change within my working schema. I would like to make use of this week to plan out things as well as manage my time. In this way, I will manage and test my performance on a weekly basis.
Question 2:
I am aware of my prospects and skills. I know I have not been able to meet my target and achieve goals. Thus, I am aware that if I have to make a change then it will be realistic as well as possible. If I stay determined and focused then I will be able to achieve my goals that I aspire to fulfill. In fact, it will not be incorrect to state that I can finish my work with a speed that I can take double amount of my projects. Overall, I would state that the goals that I wish to achieve are quiet possible and not unrealistic at all.
Question 3:
In the overall process, there are some of the barriers or obstacles that I am likely to undergo. For instance, I think I will not be able to manage time because I would forget the tasks. It is because that major projects will be a part of the to-do list but there are many sub tasks that are associated with the work as well. Therefore, for that I need to be active and fully aware of the deadline so that I may not forget the tasks as well. Secondly, I might forget to add up some tasks in my to-do list and if I will make such a big mistake then I will end up in a difficult situation. Therefore, I also foresee myself to check the calendar that I will make for myself.


At this point, it is very easy to understand that the coachee wants to make positive changes in his habits. Some of the people would not try to make such a positive remark about their routine. Herein, the coachee is quiet aware of the weakness and strengths that can either break or break his work. Using such a confidence that the coachee has within himself, it comes to understanding that making a new plan will not be so difficult.


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