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In the context of Debra's moral dilemma describe the basic tenets of Glaucon and Socrates' philosophies and explain how each theorist would solve the problem.
In the context of Debra’s moral dilemma, there are many tenets of Glaucon and Socrates philosophies. In Socrates philosophy, one of the fundamental principles is that people always act immorally, but he, however, stated that when they do so they do not do it willingly (Laird). This fact can be seen from Debra’s actions when she does not report John for mishandling the painting to the artist or the buyer. She does this in order not to create problems with John or with the painter. This theory will help Debra in understanding that her actions of not reporting the mismanagement of the painting was so that she could not betray her business partner (Harman). John was in a foul mood, therefore, when he mishandled the painting he did not do it on purpose. The theory, therefore, enables Debra to understand that the actions done by John was not done intentionally especially when it came to the painting.
One of Glaucon tenets is that he believes that morality among human beings is based on ones reputation and desires (Moors). He claimed that people prefer the unjust life instead of the just. It is a fact that the unjust man will always be rewarded while the just man will be persecuted. This theory can clearly explain to Debra what caused John to handle the situation the way he did to the painter. John is the one that destroys the painting but the blame goes to Debra. Debra is angered by these events. In her heart, she knows that she is innocent but she has no way of proving this fact to the painter. The painter on the other hand believes that in a fit of rage, Debra destroyed her painting. The real culprit is believed to be a saint while the saint is perceived to be the villain.

What are the fundamental principles of moral relativists and how would they solve the problem?

Moral relativism is defined as the moral view that varies from one person to another which, are equal, and there is no room for an individual to claim that it is right or wrong (Luke). This therefore means that moral relativism has the firm assumptions that right and wrong are based on ones beliefs. Its principles do not judge ones behaviors or choices they make in life (Wong). This information, will therefore, help in solving some of Debra’s moral dilemmas. According to Debra, she believed that what John did was morally wrong. The principles of moral relativism will help Debra to understand the reasons why John betrayed her and did all the things that he did. She will be able to stop judging him and try to understand his predicament. In looking at the situation, Debra should ask herself what she would have done in similar situations. It is in everyone’s nature to do whatever it takes to ruin his or her reputation. This fact is exactly what John did. By not judging, Debra will be able to come up with a good solution for the mess.

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