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Business Organization, International Business Law, and Intellectual Property

I have chosen to create an online news agency that will provide coverage to the recent developments that take place on New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. The decided type of organization is selected because the business does not pose substantial investment needs in front of the entrepreneur.
I am planning to open an international business because I have a plan to increase my revenues by taking advantage of differential in currency rates between my home and host country (Hofstede, 10). The business will generate revenue in dollars that will assist me in terms of wealth creation of substantial nature in the local economy.
International business law does not significantly impact my business because the organizational setup of my entrepreneurial adventure will have an informal stature (Gereffi, 58), and therefore, I will not have to adhere with international and global rules of business that much. However, I have to abide by the laws that govern quality of information and ethics in corporate journalism.

Part 2

The government is responsible to provide safety to an organization that might undergo identity theft due to infringement of the trademark. However, a trademark is a logo that signifies the identity of an organization. Patent laws are there to protect the designs of products that an organization has created, and then, management has to protect the basic idea of the offering so that copycats cannot steal it in order to develop similar articles. In UAE, Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPR) enforces the intellectual property rights.
The trademark presents the organization with the sense of identity in the local and international society. The organizational name and logo legitimizes its existence in governmental sector for taxation purposes, and the same inventory is used in order to promote the company’s products and services in general public as well.
The stealing and snatching of trademark is equivalent to identity theft, and the original name-bearer will have to share its clientele with another one that carries the same term as a tool of identity as a result of trademark infringement.


The intellectual property laws and trademark protection is not significantly effective in the country because the national mindset does not correspond well with the philosophical background of the concept, and the masters of the society can do whatever comes in their minds and hearts, and no law can stand in their way. No, the law is not effective with respect to its ability and power to control future crimes because of prevalent technological backwardness in the law enforcement.

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