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This paper details an analysis of the best IP PBX solution for a new call center at a company’s headquarters. The evaluation will lead to a selection of the best vendor based on its offerings and the requirements of the company. The analysis will involve a number of vendors including Avaya, Genesys Telecommunication Laboratory, Interactive Intelligence, Mitel Networks and Siemens.

Chosen vendor

Genesys 7 Suite is the preferred solution for this contact center. Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories offers advanced IP-oriented, multimedia contact center package in the 7 Suite. It has a high scalability to support thousands of agents running over any already installed telephony infrastructure. Notably, there is possibility to mix different PBXs in multiple distributed locations. Additionally, there is advanced capabilities to run any of the packages software modules on the same or different servers distributed over multiple servers. This solution is so superior over the rest because it runs on the leading server platforms and qualifies as the most scalable, distributed IP contact center.

Complete contact center solution

Any contact center will require to have services and solutions that will enable the agents to have enhanced solutions for a contact center. It is important to have a PBX provider that will meet the requirements and the services that are needed for the business entity. Quality and reliability are the leading requirements that are sought after in any business entity when looking for business solutions. Genesys as a vendor for the IP PBX solution will provide the solutions and the features that have been stated. It will provide a way in which the contact center will provide all the services that are required by the company. With the use of Genesys services, the contact center will have flexibility that is needed and the SIP solution that is needed in the company. One of the advantages is that it can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated with the telephony services that have been provided for in the company infrastructure. It will be seamless without the need to have some structural adjustments in the company infrastructure. There is complete server support which enables the customers to have a rich experience in the process of processing information. It enables the customers to have interactions which is rich in experience. In any contact center, there is a need to provide supervisory roles and be able to monitor the progress of communications. It is provided by Genesys SIP which enables the companies to have ways in which they will be able to have monitoring and checking of the communications with their clients. The benefits of using Genesys SIP is that it enables the users to deploy this solution in a pure IP network. The other option is that it can be deployed in an environment which is mixed, that is TDM/IP environment. In this situation, both technologies are able to co-exist until a time when there is full migration. It is important to understand the issues and the requirements of the cases that have been provided.

Experience and Connectivity

Genesys IP PBX is among the largest installations in the region. In the US, the contact centers support between 1,000 and 1,500 agent seats with almost the same amount supported in Europe. It has a wide range of customers which have used the services from the company. It is a significant development that has been seen to be working in the company.

Experience of the company

The company has shipped 1.25 million center seats in 3000 contact centers worldwide. It has more than 3000 customer in 80 countries. Going by its distribution in global contexts, the company is the right choice to support the needs of any company in any location. Genesys is a capable company given that it originally did not make PBX on its own. The company is owned by Alcatel but their packages are highly transparent.

Enterprise-wide resource collaboration

Since the company has many branches in many locations, it will be important to have ways in which the resources in the entire enterprises are collaborated together. These benefits will be realized with the use of Genesys SIP vendor. The resources in the entire enterprise will be collaborated together so that there is synergy in the working of the resources together. One of the benefits that will be achieved with this feature is that the agents so that they will be experts will not be needed. It is a process which takes time and consumes a lot of resources. It is a process which will be avoided with the use of Genesys SIP. It is achieved by bringing the users in the back office so that they are able to provide the services that they need in the entire organization. The back-office staff, and users that are found in remote sites will be able to provide services as customer service agents. It will enable the company to reduce the costs that could have been incurred in this process. The company will also be able to reduce the repetitions of the calls that are made in the different locations. In many time, many other vendors have redundant calls which can be avoided and thus save time. In this service, it will be able to provide these services where the redundant calls will be reduced and eliminated completely. The company will also be able to divert customer calls during peak hours. One of the principles that is needed when operating any business is that the calls of the customers will be handled well for good customer experience. During peak hours, it is common to have vendor systems which will disconnect customer calls when there is no operator to attend.it is a bad experience for the customers. It is a requirement that the calls of the customers will be attended during peak hours. It is important to have ways in which the customers will be able to have a better and enhanced experience that will enable the customers to have their calls going through even during peak hours. It also increases first contact resolution (FCR). The customer experience is enriched with the use of the vendor when compared to other vendors. It is because of the understanding of the customer needs that there is a need to have an experience and understanding of what the customers have and want in the use of the services that are provided. There is also the benefit of increasing the sources of revenue for the company because of the links that will be made available to the company on enterprise sales and sale of specialist services.
There is also the provision of many channels and multimedia in the management and enhancement of services. There is the provision of video in addition to the voice that is provided by vendor. With the use of multiple channels from the vendor, it will enable the company to have many features and capabilities in their operations. It is a way in which the services have been enriched in its entirety. There is also the support of IM/UC and the provision of flash communications which enables the customers to have some form of underactivity. With the interactivity and the enablement of the customers and clients to interact, it enables the users to have better and enhanced way of interacting together. With the use of the integrated services that have been described, there is high differentiation of the services from the customers, and will enable the clients to have ways in which they will be able to have a rich experience with the use of the services that are provided by the company.

ACD based on Windows

There is also the flexibility of using windows in the management and enhancement of the services that are provided by the vendor. The provision of the ACD services which are based on windows makes is it accessible and simple to use by many users. It is important to understand the requirements and the issues that are needed for the entire process. Many clients tend to have windows operating systems. Having ACD which are enabled through the windows platform is an advantage for the many users who make use of the systems that are in place.

Call center support for 400 agents

There is also the advantage where the call center is able to offer support for a large number of support agents. The headquarters is able to offer many services and will need that there are many agents offering the customer service to the clients. There is a need to have a PBX vendor which will have provision of more than 400 support agents. It is possible to have these services and possibilities with the use of Genesys SIP vendor. There is also the possibility of having expansion of the support agents in the future. Many of the vendors that could have been an alternative do not have the provision that has been provided and that is needed for additional features in the world.

Connectivity to current Avaya PBX

Genesys support connectivity to other PBX through CTI interfaces. Vendor PBX such as Cisco, Avaya and Nortel among dozens others are supported and hence this company would not have problems integrating with them.

Multimedia Support

Such functionalities such as e-mail, web chat and co-browsing are well integrated with the Genesys system. A light web-based agent interface is used to bring all these functionalities into use. There is a notable feature that is included in Genesys systems. Every data file is attached to every transaction. A data record is created, for instance, when a call is received and accompanies it to all other interactions such as forwarding. The data file displays pertinent information such the initiator of the call, call to each agent along the way and any other data collected by the IVR. Genesys have perfected this although it is possessed by other PBX systems. Finally, there is the callback service that allows customers to arrange timely callbacks instead of hanging out in the queue.


Like it has been stated in the previous features, there are advanced features that have been developed and integrated in the Genesys system. One of the most important development and enhancement of the system is the use of chat systems. With the sophistication of the current users and clients, it is important to understand the interaction and the need by the clients on the use of the current social networking tools that have been developed. It is important to understand the requirements and the features that have been put in place in the entire development. Chat functionality is a significant feature that is required to be integrated in VoIP solutions. The availability of this feature is a significant integration of the Genesys because it enables clients to have text answers and will not be limited in terms of the available bandwidth. The communication is not real-time, and thus, enables the company to have other means of communicating with their clients. It is one of the ways of reducing costs with the use of the method that is preferred.

Voice Mail

It is one of the requirements that has been needed in the recommendation of Genesys. The Voice Mail is a perfect opportunity that enables the clients to have the conversation in case they are not available to answer to the question. There is clarity of the message and enhancement of the saving features. The voice mails that I am talking about are biblical and have been useful to many people.


Genesys packages have popular add-on subsystems that can be integrated with other systems required by customers in a call center. There are numerous IVR systems that can be integrated with the 7 Suite. Also, there is the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) which features Nuance or ScanSoft-based ASR or TTS handling. Additionally, there is the support of the common Witness system which provides multimedia recording and interaction-quality monitoring.

Outbound dial

There is also the possibility to have outbound calls. They are important clients that continue to bring visiotrs. Outbound calls is a new development that has enabled the company to retain most of the current list

CTI Integration

Genesys uses IBM’s-developed CTI to facilitate interaction on a telephone and computer. CTI applications provide call routing, advanced reporting and voice recording integration.

URL Browsing

This is among the latest features that have been integrated into Genesys product. The company is able to offer URL browsing and be able to have interaction with o=internet users. It is one of the features that will enable the company to have such events.

URL sharing is supported using the URL push functionality.

Apart from the offering of the URL browsing, there is a sharing feature in the URL component which enables the users to share the content they have with their peers. The push functionality is one of the developments in the system. It has a huge potential and will have enhanced benefits in the end.

CRM support

Genesys Suite 7 offers standard software connectors for CRM applications such as Microsoft CRM, SAP and Siebel. Customers have the flexibility to choose between the WorkForce Management application and pre-integration support for other types of CRM. One of them is the popular Blue Pumpkin.

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