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That the Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans, there are a number of general factors that must be considered in drafting an informative risk assessment. First, being one of the most popular sporting events of the year, there will naturally be an increased risk of a large-scale emergency, terrorist attack or heighten criminal activity in and around the stadium. Second, because New Orleans has historically been one of the nation’s top tourist attractions with a general and broad “party atmosphere” there is the additional possibility of encountering a number of more common issues such as public drunkenness, drunken driving incidents, fights between fans as well as traffic congestion. While federal, state and local authorities as well as the event organizers have been tasked with employing safety and security measures that address these issues, they still will play a role in the specific risks associated with providing security for the entertainer prior to, during and after her performance at the Super Bowl Half-time Show.
Accordingly, the following risk assessment has been prepared in order to assist our staff in providing the most effective protection to the entertainer. It lists the currently known risks associated that would affect the entertainer. It is important to note that, the assessment should not be considered the final; circumstances may change up to and during the event and the assessment will be updated as necessary.

Crowd Management (Unruly or Crazy Fans)

Perhaps the most fundamental threat facing the entertainer is her interaction with fans. Generally, large crowds of people increase the possibility that something unexpected will happen. This is even more true because, as mentioned, it’s the Super Bowl and it’s New Orleans. Not only will the entertainer’s fans want to talk or contact with her but so will tourists or sports fans that simply run into a famous person. Alternatively, there will be those that dislike the entertainer and want to let her know about it. Additionally, the likelihood of excessive alcohol consumption may make fans more confident or aggressive in trying to meet the entertainer. Crowd contact will most likely occur at the hotel, restaurants and shops the entertainer will stay at or be visiting. To limit these threats, access to the entertainer must be tightly controlled. When the entertainer is out, access must be limited to only authorized personnel (family, trusted friends, staff and security). This can be accomplished by provided a security details that accompanies the entertainer where she goes. Moreover, site control areas must be maintained so that entertainer is not exposed to any undue risks. This can be accomplished by pre-arranging arrival and departures, hotel and private restaurant rooms, as well as transport routes.

Traffic Accident

Traffic congestion will be major issue facing the movement of the entertainer before, and after her Super Bowl performance. Not only will there be fans specifically travelling to and from the stadium on game day but there will also be tourists, commuters and locals traveling around the city either via the city’s public transportation system (commuter and light-rail as intra- and inter-city buses) or by private or commercial vehicles. Accordingly, there is the possibility that she or her motorcade will be involved in a traffic accident that may injure her or at least cause her delay her performance. To avoid this risk, a primary and alternate route to and from the stadium that avoids known traffic chokepoints or high-volume areas must be planned. Furthermore, the time of the routes must be calculated and parking areas secured so that the entertainer can arrive and depart in a timely and secure manner.

Terrorist Activity

As the recent “Charlie Hedbo” events in Paris illustrate, terrorist activity can occur without notice in the most unlikely area. Moreover, the Super Bowl is one of the most desirable targets for terrorists. While the likelihood of a terrorist act specifically targeting the entertainer is remote, there is a chance that a terrorist act will occur at a venue where the entertainer is located namely, the stadium, the airport, or the hotel area where the entertainer will be staying. All three venues provide a target rich environment for terrorist wanting to inflict casualties, damage or destroy property, disrupt the game or cause chaos. If the entertainer is present when the terrorist act occurs, there is the possibility that she will also be killed, injured or otherwise adversely affected by the act. Although the responsibility for managing these risks will be fulfilled by other authorities, considering the high symbolic and intrinsic value that the death or injury of the entertainer would bring for a terrorist attack, the security detail should be kept aware of events as much as is necessary to keep her protected.


Weather is a basic consideration in any risk assessment. Regardless of if the game will be played indoors or outdoors, there are a number of weather scenarios that can affect the local area including flooding, severe storms, tornadoes or even earthquakes. Non-local weather can also play a role. For example, the entertainer may be delayed by weather from flying out of her hometown airport. While no one can be absolutely sure of what the weather will bring; to be sure, weather is one of the hardest risks to accurately predict. It is, however, possible to map out the possible weather patterns by using historical weather data and consulting verified weather services. Accordingly, primary, secondary and tertiary plans will be made for transportation to and from New Orleans, to and from the stadium and to potential safety zones in case of an emergency. These plans will be made taking into consideration a number of weather scenarios.


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