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Published: 2021/01/02

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Technology is unique and the best things that happened to human beings. It is worth noting that technology has changed the way individuals do things. Technology is dynamic and keeps on changing from simple to complex. Human beings cannot imagine living without technology. There are various examples that show how technology has changed how people do things. The facts are that human beings use technology on a daily basis. There are emerging technological advancement that continue to change how people do things in the globe. Technology is implemented in every aspect of life. In the general perspective, some of the examples of how technology has changed the word include education, communication, and business.
The use of technology in business is one of the critical ways that technology has changed how people do things. In the manufacturing industry, automated machines and programmed production system are used in the manufacturing process. The use of technology in the manufacturing industry is a clear example of how things are done. The management team in industries put less emphasis in hiring of the employee. The automated machines are used to do activities that were done by human beings in the past. The production level is more accurate compared to human production systems. Technology speeds up the production process, which is a clear indication of the changes in how people do things.
Another critical example that demonstrate how technology has changed human life is on communication. Communication plays a crucial role in society and technology has made it possible to communicate with people in the world. Communication in the past was limited to writing letters. The mobile phone is a technological innovation that has changed how people do things. People use mobile phones to communicate with friends, relatives, and business stakeholders. Through the mobile phones, individuals can receive and make calls, send messages, take photos, access internet and other technological services provided by the mobile services. The mobile phone applications keep on changing and the services it provided continue to make life more dynamic.
Technology has also changed how study is carried out in institutions. In the modern society, technology has brought big changes in the education industry. For example, the invention of computer application has changed how students study. The students can access full library through their computers. Before the invention of computers, students used physical libraries to access reading materials and information. The modern computer technology has changed how students access information through invention of library application. The students can also connect and interact with other students in the world. In critical analysis, such technology have changed the study style of students.
Technology has affected human life and continue to draw tremendous changes on how things are done. In the business sector, technology forms the basis of business transaction. The production industries can produce faster and accurately. On the same note, use of technology in the education sector is a major example that demonstrate the essence of technology. Technology has changed how students access information and study. Through technology, communication has become much easier. People over the world can connect using mobile world with necessarily meeting physically. Analytically, technology has changed how things are done. In fact, the dynamic nature of technology is an indicator of how things change in the future. Technology affects every aspect of human life, and changes are expected despite the complexity of technology.

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