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Pick any two of the values and explain how those values would influence the way employees do their work.

The two values of Zappos that will be discussed are:
Pursue growth and learning
At Zappos, the employees are encouraged to challenge themselves continually and stretch their work responsibilities and not merely be stuck in a stagnant rate of work where there is no opportunity to learn and grow further. At the heart of this value is the belief that every employee has a potential to an extent that he does not even realize it. Polishing this potential and using it to the utmost level is the work of the senior management at Zappos, but they believe it is a two-way effort and both employee and management has to work hard in this utilizing the full benefits of this potential (Zappos, 2014).

Built a positive team and family spirit.

The environment that is encouraged at Zappos is that to create a team environment and develop a family spirit within employees. This will encourage a positive workforce and enhance the productivity level of employees because they will remain focused on their main goals and will try their level best to achieve their targets (Zappos, 2014).
Using the list of Zappos’ Core Values and Exhibit 2-4 from your textbook, describe Zappos’ organizational culture. In which areas would you say that Zappos’ culture is very high (or typical)? Explain.
The organizational culture of Zappos is employee centered, and it focuses towards development of positive team and family spirit. The culture encourages the employees to pursue growth and learning and to promote gaining of more knowledge and expertise and not remain stagnant at one job. This organizational culture is very obvious from how the CEO has developed these family values within the organization and the humor he brings to the company. Since the company is the Internet based organization, there is a focus on innovation, attention to the details and the orientation of the company. Due to the type of organization, it is important that the company is customer focused and provides up-to-date products to their customers along with timely service and technical details (Tony, 2010).

How did Zappos’ corporate culture begin?

The corporate culture within any organization is developed by the top management. In the case of Zappos their CEO, Tony Hsieh is the most influential person in the company. Tony was hired one year after Zappos started their online business operations with a strong opinion of how he wanted the company to operate and implemented the policies that facilitated in his vision (Tony, 2010).

How is Zappos’ corporate culture maintained?

The Zappos is able to maintain its corporate culture mainly due to its strong implementation of core values that are clearly listed on the company’s website and are integrated into the corporate culture. According to what the case states” the culture has to be lived,” which is performed through developing a complex web of human interface which is achieved through social media networks and frequent surveys to maintain the pulse of the company. The company maintains the culture through stories, ceremonies and rituals that exemplify the values of the company (Zappos case, 2010).
The right culture with the right values will always produce the best organizational performance. What do you think of this statement? Do you agree? Why or why not?
Yes, I agree with this statement. It is important that an organization should develop its own culture and the right values that suits the organizational setting rather than following the exemplary organizations. Only then the company will be able to succeed and perform well (Zappos case, 2010).

Why could other companies learn from Tony Hsieh and Zappos experience?

The other companies can learn from the way Tony Hsieh acts as the CEO of the company and the kind of easy going and fun environment he has created and maintained by the company. Other than this the core values that are not only listed on the website, but also well-integrated with the company and practiced throughout is another aspect that other companies can learn and implement within their working environment in order to succeed (Zappos case, 2010).


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