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Published: 2021/02/17

Critical thinking is necessary to solve any problem of the society. A desired solution is achieved by means of closely probing reasoning and suppositions, examining basic ideas, and drawing out inferences not merely of what is supposed or thought but of what is prepared too. This particular concept means that one should use disciplined thinking so that inevitable circumstances will be confronted squarely. There should be a systematic and logical approach to any problem so that the gathered information or data will be analyzed and examined appropriately and to be able to formulate the right and possible alleviation to the complication. Complete intellectual standards are principles which must be useful to thinking at whatever time one is involved in examining the value of reasoning about a predicament, problem, or circumstances. Thinking critically involve having control of these standards. There is an existing problem in the society about racism. Racism is the idea that a specific race is better or lesser to another, that an individuals’ social and ethical qualities are prearranged by his or her innate biological personality. Racial self-rule is the idea, most of the time founded on racism, that diverse races should continue separated and at a distance from one another. There exists an irrefutable problem about the police officers exhibiting violence on black people. This paper is a discussion on an existing problem about racism and poorly trained police officers using intellectual standards that will help or suggests resolution for the issue.
The first step is to identify the problem. There is an existing problem about racism. Racism has subsisted all the way through human history. It may be identified as the abhorrence of one being by a different one or the idea that another individual is lesser being in terms of value because of its color, speech, traditions, birthplace or any issue that apparently discloses the fundamental nature of that individual. It has caused and instigated wars, slavery, the creation of countries, and legal systems. Specifically, there has much talk about policemen inflicting tremendous violence against black people. Some individuals fight and disagree that discussion about taking sides on racial discrimination. Clarity is the access criterion for solving the case. It is because of the fact that if a particular statement is unclear, then the desired outcome will not be achieve. A question posed on the idea that people should be aware of the existing problem of policemen exhibiting violence against the black race. But thanks to the help of cameras because it has provided a strong evidence for thorough investigation on it. Americans, whether black or white,have very dissimilar levels of self-confidence that their neighboring police armed forces care for racial clusters in the same way, employ the right sum of force for every condition, and grasp officers answerable for bad conduct. It is very evident anywhere that a person's race might influence how they scrutinize the police or maybe it's because a individual’s race influences how the law enforcement treat a particular person (USA Today). By means of the cameras, the suspected abuse or exercise of racism against black people can be detected or shown to the public. The people would then be aware of the existing problem basing on a solid evidence and not merely on gossips.It clearly implies that there should be a campaign against any form of excessive form of violence against any race by any police officers or armed groups. The government should also pay attention on the possible enhancement or improvement on laws against the exercise of this racial discrimination. Racial discrimination has inflicted too much suffering and pain to the black people and today’s society must not allow such a deplorable act.
The elements of reasoning correspondingly should be used to identify the cause of the problem and not for shallow reasons. This analysis differs from a student’s minimalist point of view because it has followed the essential elements on reasoning and fairly pursued the universal intellectual principles necessary to arrive at a comprehensive and logical presentation of a particular problem faced by the society nowadays. It also presents relevance to the society’s predominant concerns. The combination of thoughts and ideas are also presented to serve as support for the description of the problem. These factors comprehensively results a deep learning on the truth that racial discrimination is still existing despite numerous efforts of some concern sectors to eliminate it.
Without a doubt there are numerous selections of scrutiny exact to specific disciplines and procedural preparation. These structures of analysis frequently necessitate technical instruction of a particular nature. A guideline can be provided but all structures necessitate considerate application and all thinking assumes the fundamentals of thinking. For instance, one cannot consider, think or analyze without a particular purpose. One has to provide himself or herself with a question to serve as a guideline at what point one is trying to arrived into. Those who would build up logical intellects require guidance, training, and preparation in keeping an eye on their thoughts by means of intellectual gears appropriate to each discipline. They require to gain knowledge of problem purposes, objectives, problem descriptions, information, notions, and other aspects (Edler, 2007). Through these interdisciplinary logical gears that enable those experts in them to appreciate and measure their logical thinking, whether in a greatly technical part or in an on a daily basis individual purpose. It is these logical gears that allow one to obtain at the most basic logic of one discipline, topic, problem, or matter. They provide the resources for conveyance of knowledge between and along with areas under discussion and disciplines. They allow motivated individuals to achieve an impression or general idea of their knowledge in any and every circumstances analyzed, to reflect their means into and elsewhere of different intellectual areas.


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