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Current events bombard our newsrooms every day. They shape and inform our thinking and understanding of the world. Current events influence the attitudes and behaviors of people both directly and indirectly. Thus, it is crucial for the viewers and readers of current events to have objective analysis. Objective analysis helps to avoid misguided responses.

Current event

This application paper analyses the story of a hip-hop artist called Bobby Shmurda in the New York Times. The main application will be the four components of the Kolb learning styles. These are concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. The story is an article by Coscarelli describing the experience of rapper with the label called Epic records. Coscarelli reports that rapper Bobby had been jailed for two months on grounds of gun charges and gang conspiracy (Coscarelli par 1).
Understanding and Analysis of Kolb Concrete Experience/Application of Learning Style/FormattingAccording to Kolb, people internally decide what they want to do or watch. Simultaneously, we also decide whether to think or feel in a particular way (Sternberg and Li-fang 227).Concrete experience is one of the fundamental experiences in Kolb learning. This component entails the feelings and emotions that accompany people’s lives. The article on rapper Shmurda evokes various feelings. Firstly, the title itself evokes a feeling of sympathy and remorse. This is based on the understanding that the rapper was once a street child. Having ended up in jail is a significant blow not only to his career, but also to his family (Coscarelli 2).
Again, the rapper’s experience with his promoters was somewhat disappointing and disheartening. After his incarceration, Epic records failed to help him secure his release from jail (Coscarelli par 1). Despite pleas from rappers such as 50 cent to get Bobby out of jail, Epic records have refused. Interesting to note, prior to his arrest, Bobby had helped Epic records make millions of dollars from the sales of his music. Previously, Epic records had wooed Bobby with a seven figure multi-album package to enter into a deal with them (Coscarelli par 2). Indeed this experience was quite a blow to the tenets of human virtue especially considering the role that Bobby played in bringing business to the Epic records (Coscarelli par 7).Understanding and Analysis of Reflective Observation/Application of Learning Style/Formatting One of the observations in this article is that the rapper uses a name that is not originally his. The actual name of the rapper is Ackquille Pollard (COSCARELLI, par 1). The analysis of this is that artists cover their real identity possibly to safeguard their identity. More likely too, this pseudonyms help to protect their families reputation in the case of a crime or scandal.
Coscarelli does a comparative analysis of Bobby’s predicament in jail with the experiences of other artists. For instance, he reports how 50 cent financed the release of his rappers from jail in a matter of hours. Again, Suge Knight, belonging to Death Row Records paid Tupac’s bail in return for a recording contract (Coscarelli par 6).
Coscarelli confirms that the charges laid on Bobby were indeed true. In the fifteenth paragraph of the article, he quotes the rappers words on his release from penitentiary. Mr. Pollard said,
“I don’t want to sell drugs; I am tired of getting in trouble. ” (Coscarelli par 15). However, according to Mr. Middleton the question of whether or not Bobby was guilty of the crime is still pending in court. In Mr. Middleton’s words, “Bobby has not yet been found guilty of the crime(Coscarelli par 26).Understanding and Analysis of Abstract Conceptualization/Application of Learning Style/Formatting one of the chief reasons for Bobby to get into the life of drug peddling was to get out of the hood(Coscarelli par 17). Bobby said that he got into the drugs- motif songs because they were selling more in his times. Thus, Bobby was willing to do all he could to make as much money as he could (Coscarelli par 26).
Thus, from this description we get to understand and realize that Bobby’s motivation for singing and drugs was to secure a better lifestyle. However, as Coscarelli aptly points out, the record companies are not interested in giving any artist better life. Their interest is on the deliverables of the contract, nothing more. Most interestingly, he states the words of one of the labels personnel Mr. Osse. Mr. Osse said, “ There is no such bridge to carry someone into the safer world.” (Coscarelli par 23). Thus, the standpoint of most labels is that they cannot get involved in personal affairs. They claim that personal involvement and guidance is reserved for the attorney, manager or parents, not the label. According to Mr. Jackson, human compassion would only be realized in the music business when healthier times come. Apparently, according to him, music business is currently in a troubled place. Moreover, people have responsibilities such as their livelihoods to take care of (Coscarelli par 24). Indeed, his mother visited him twice in the week. Rapper Bobby’s hip-hop idols also sent him words of encouragement and solace(Coscarelli par 1).
The thought of Labels offering unyielding loyalty and a guiding hand in all situations proved wrong for Bobby. Indeed, Bobby was trying to use his hard –knock stories to escape the bad world he was in. Disappointingly, he found himself locked up in that very world (Coscarelli par 4). In Mr. Middleton’s words, taking advantage of the plight of street children, exploiting them financially, and then turning once back on them is disingenuous to say the least (Coscarelli par 5).Understanding and Analysis of Active Experimentation/Application of Learning Style/Formatting
Rapper Bobby’s music contained strong sentiments and narrations of the street life. For instance, Coscarelli notes that his dark, gun-heavy renditions were celebrated since they were reflective of the street life. Interestingly, according to Kolb’s theory of learning, what we see affects what we do. Thus, the rapper’s alleged involvement in crime was a clear result of his observations in the street. Indeed, it was an application of what he saw (Coscarelli par 16).
Further analysis of the actions of Epic Records reveals a strong theme of selfishness and avarice. For instance, Coscarelli pointed out in his article that Epic records made more than twice in terms of profit from rapper Bobby. However, the remunerations they gave to the rapper were in the low six figures (Coscarelli 25). This reveals the kind of disposition and character in the music industry, especially from the recording companies.
Because of his experience with the Epic records, rapper Bobby became quite disillusioned. His experience has dealt a deathblow to his music career. Apparently, he has not yet made a firm decision on whether or not to abandon the music world. However, Bobby said that if he decides to leave the deal, he would give Epic records their music and bounce(Coscarelli 25).
Indeed, Bobby’s story is an example of active experimentation. Several reasons account for the decisions he made. His thinking that drug life and music can improve his life led him into music. However, things ended up differently from his expectation. Rapper Bobby ended up in jail for two months and he is not yet out of the hook (Coscarelli 1).


The derived conclusion of the matter is that Kolb analysis of current events enables us to have a clearer understanding of experiences. It provides a professional outlook of happenings in the world. Thus, it produces objective analysis that guides our focus and perceive events.

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