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Personal Branding

Personal Branding

“Sound bites” or “key insights” from my research on Havas Media
Havas Media belongs to the family of Havas Media group, which has three more brands: Forward Media, Havas Sports and Entertainment, and Arena Media.
Havas Media focuses on meeting the needs of the client by creating a unified culture that has teams that focus on delivering quality work for clients.
Havas Media has a wide range of clients that revolve around most of the industries like Coca-Cola, LG, McDonalds, Philips, Nike, Hyundai among others

The mission of Havas Media is uniting brands with people by using meaningful connections and steer businesses into success.

The Managing Director, Debi Kleiman, has a great reputation among Boston’s community because of her thoughtful leadership plans.
Debi is a graduate of Harvard Business School, ranked among the 25 most influential women by the Venture Fizz’s at the Boston Tech and Innovation Community.

Before the change of names, Havas Media group was known as Media Planning group, finding its roots in Spain

Digitals Inc., Grey Global and Euro RSCG 4D seems like they want to shake the investors of the Havas Media umbrella.
Havas Media are among the sponsors of the REFOOD organization that provides meals to the needy people from restaurant’s unused food.
Havas Media caters for the future through their El Mundo al Reves; an initiative that gives children better opportunities in life.
2. Blogger for a Day
Communication is a vital to any business or organization that wants to work effectively. With the change in technology, communication has become easier and faster. A few years ago, people suffered a lot because of the slow communication from one point to the other. For instance, my dad wanted to deliver some goods to one of his important clients. However, the delivery company he uses failed him. The problem was they did not give him advance notification, and he had to ask the center for a plan B. It took him almost half the day trying g to locate a reliable person to deliver the goods. Eventually, they were sent to the customer who later terminated the contact with my dad. The major problem at the time was the reliable people were elsewhere doing their errands. The only way they could communicate back was when they reported to their desks. However, times changed and everyone is at reach with his or her clients because they are only a phone call away.
The advance in technology brought about video conferencing, which allows people to hold meetings across the globe without the unnecessary movement. Companies are the major beneficiaries of the technology, as they will put most of the funds for better use. However, there are downsides of communication. Mobile phones have become a part of the biggest lies people say. People have taken the blind side of mobile phone communication to their advantage. It is common to hear someone say he or she is in a certain location, like a hotel, yet he or she is in a bus headed to the city. The lies people do brings about frustrations to the concerned parties, as they have to bare the lies being told to them. Clear communication between people leads to success. The ability for an employee to talk to the manager about everything that concerns the company will bring the possibilities of success in the future.
3. Personal Brand Performance Measures
Starting of a brand is the hardest part a company or individual can do. The best way to kick-start is through aggressive marketing. Putting your brand out there without giving a boost will not that people will purchase it. In terms of data collection, the first process is issuing questionnaires. The questionnaires will give at least a fraction of how people value the brand. From the questionnaire, one can adjust their products to suit people’s expectations. The next area to focus on is feedback allows people to communicate back to the producers or owners and give information in regards to their products. To move to the next stage, one can look at the media and see how they fair among their competitors. Media is important to the people as it gives them insight of what happens at the ground. Researchers will be handy in collecting data on the ground and get back to the producers. They collect more than just figures, but effects they have on the people, such as the good and bad sides of the product and what the producer can do to improve the brand further. The social media is another measure that can help a brand. The number of people logged into sites or subscribed to the brand will communicate back positively or negatively about it. The higher the number, the better as it shows people are slowly accepting the brand. One has to be unique at what they do if they want to reach out to people across the various lifestyles and come up with suitable solutions.
4. Storytelling Worst Practices

Being a ‘Jack of all Trades’

It feels great when one has many skills in doing various things. One can be a computer geek, phone nerd, play the guitar, write poems, and perhaps be a mechanic. However, when telling a story, one has to pick the best of all the skills. People might see the others afterwards but not when telling people what you do. I lost a networking client after telling them I can do everything that involves computers

Show off

Some people love the habit of boasting about their achievements. They extend their pride and make people feel envious of them. Without them knowing, they are spoiling their name more than they currently have. People know a good brand when they hear of it. A simple description of what one has achieved throughout the years is enough for people to know. It is advisable for people who want to market themselves to walk the talk and not talk the walk. Simplicity in life takes a person to greater levels.


Everyone knows a person or two who talks extensively about the various achievements concerning their lives. They tell it as if they are the only one who has such kind of credentials. One of my cousins has such a behavior. She is the ‘brightest’ among us since she has one degree and two diplomas yet she is in her early 20s. It is quite annoying listening to her boasting yet there are people who have done very much better than she has yet they do not boast about it. Achievements are just papers and objects; what lies inside a person determines how people view them.

Short Bio

When trying to sell yourself, give people a glimpse of some of the achievements you have done. A simple line as ‘I can solve a problem with a few calculations’ does not in any way tells who you are. Give a small information about what you have been in a position to do, will interest people. However, keep the bio brief but straight. No need to bore people with how all the process went down. Some bits of information here and there will be perfect

Stage fright

It is common for people to get scared when in front of a large crowd. One has to think so much about how they look, what will they say and whether the crowd will like them or not. It is in these moments that a person will feel nausea and start stammering. It will communicate a bad picture to the potential client. Most of the clients want someone who can stand up for their points and be confident at it. The best way to counter stage fright is by practicing with smaller crowds or on a mirror at home. It eventually goes away.
5. American Personal Brands in China


Chinese nationalities prefer their culture their others. The hardest people to convince are the elderly. The younger ones are easy since they have slowly joined the western culture and are well conversant with the products. There is a high chance of people eventually accepting the brand if one develops a good marketing strategy.
China has the highest number of copyright infringement cases. They range from clothing, phones, and cars. The laws in China are not that strict enough to keep copyright infringement at bay. Taking a brand to China might result in the infringement. The lucky brands are the food chains because there is a low chance of people impersonating a food chain. Care should be taken in reviewing the brands in the market.

High costs

Prices in China are quite high because of the high taxes on the products within the country. Buying products in China is more expensive than outsourcing it. Through the world does not believe so because most of the items come from China. However, most of the items are fake but they are made to look so real that at times it is hard for people to note the difference. Coming up with lucrative methods to try to make up for the high expenses will take the brand another level in securing itself in China.


The media in China tends to favor their brands more than the international ones. The competition would ensure that negative comments are said of the international brands. It is a common but cruel way of competing with other brands. Consequently, the protectionism comes from the Chinese selfishness in not accepting other brands in the country. It does not affect the Chinese people but affects the brands that think of setting camp in China.

Qualified Staff

China is among the countries that have people earning the least wages in the world. The population of people in China leads to companies lowering their wages to cater for people who want to enroll in their companies. However, most of them have the qualifications for the jobs and similarly most of them drop out of school and are only good for manual labor.

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